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  • 1. I Write Comic Book Scripts!By Raymond Wonsowski

2. What is it? We (me and 8 other writers) pick one comicbook character per week and we each write aone page script with that character in it.We each take a turn at picking which characterwe get and the week starts on Sunday. Ourscript must go up within that week. 3. What is it?One page of script only. That page might be aa done-in-one tale, or a splash at the start of atale, or the end or middle. Must convey enough to an artist to work with. Must convey enough character to hook areader. 4. What is it? Anyone can constructively critique a writerspage. Anyone can submit on that weeks Why?page. 5. Why?Why Captain America?If you havent heard, a film came out this week bya little-known company called Marvel, staring oneSteve Rogers. Hes not a mutant. He wasnt bittenby a radioactive spider. In fact, he doesnt haveany powers what-so-ever! Hes just an averageguy, who wanted to do his part in the war... butcouldnt. He was a runt; a weakling. This didntstop him trying, however, and his determinationcaught the attention of a special program themilitary was running. Steve was chosen tobecome a Super Soldier, and so was born CaptainAmerica.So whats so special about this guy? Well, when it The week starts withcomes to heroes, you dont get much more heroicthan Steve Rogers. A defining trait of a hero is a Why? post, wherealtruism, and Steve has that in spades. He isalways willing to give himself up for his countryand fellow man, no matter the cost. Oh, and did I we give our reasonsmention he has a pretty kick-ass shield? for exploring the character. 6. Some Samples of My Work... 7. Near DeathScene takes place in a corporate board room, with open plan offices outside. Layout:1234567899999999Panel 1 - MARKHAM hides behind the tipped-over conference table, back up against it, kind of in a seatedposition, head down, eyes squeezed shut, a Smith&Wesson 457 in each hand:Unseen gunmen are somewhere on the other side (we cant see them), their bullets blasting through and tearing up the table around MARKHAM. Glass is shattering in the background. SFX: BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! SFX: KSHHH!! SFX: BAM!BAM!BAM! 8. Near DeathPanel 2 - Same as above, but no blasting or crashing. Quiet moment. NO COPYPanel 3 - Same P.O.V., but MARKHAM is now peeking around the table nervously. NO COPYPanel 4 - Same P.O.V. MARKHAM is sitting on the floor again, his back to the table again, and hes swearing athis shoes. MARKHAM: (small lettering) #@$K! 9. Near Death Panel 5 - Same as above, but MARKHAMs eyes look heavenward. His face is like a chid who is admitting he broke the lamp because he was running in the house, sorry eyes, pouty lip...MARKHAM: God? I know youre up there laughinyer ass off... MARKHAM: ...specially with the "no-kill" thing...Panel 6 - Same as Panel 3, peeking around the table again. MARKHAM: ...but help me out here, I swear Ill put twenty in the plate next Sunday... Panel 7 - Same as Panel 5, but with that "oh, yeah, almost forgot" expression.MARKHAM: ...oh, uh...Amen.Panel 8 - MARKHAM rises from his position and swings around, pistols almost leading his body to a firing stance behind the table.NO COPY 10. Near DeathPanel 9 - As seen from MARKHAMs eyes: foreground - MARKHAMs forearms and guns, muzzle-flash trailing in an arc, sweeping from right to left, shells ejecting from the chambers; background - from left to right: gunmanshot in a kneecap and a calf, gunman shot in the foot and hip, gunman shot in the kneecap, gunman shot inthe tenders, gunman shot in the hand and elbow. Their faces are all distorted in agony. SFX: BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!MARKHAM: (to the one he shot in the groin) Sorry! SFX: BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! 11. The Lizard (from The AmazingSpider-Man)Layout: Page divided in thirds: top row - 3 panels, middle row - 2 panels, bottom row - 1 panelPanel 1 - The face of NORMAN OSBORN, seen through the hole of a table headrest, like on a massage table or operating table. His eyes betray his confusion. OSBORN: (small lettering) ...cant...move...CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering) WaKeY-wAkeY. EgGs-aNd-bAkeY. CONNORS: (off-panel, normal lettering) Norman, please...Panel 2 - Same as Panel 1, but Normans eyes show his mind working frantically.OSBORN: Connors? s that you?CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering) CanT dO tHiS wIThOut yOu Wi-i-iDe aWakE. CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering) DoNt mAkE mE sLaP yOu.CONNORS: (off-panel, normal lettering) Norman, you have to keep still... 12. The Lizard (from The AmazingSpider-Man)Panel 3 - Same as above, but now Normans getting angry.OSBORN: Connors, I swear to God, you better - CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering) AmYGdaLa. CrOcoDiLe bRaiN. CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering) WheRE feAr aNd pLeAsuRe aRe sAMe.CONNORS: (off-panel, normal lettering) ...youre anemic. If you tear the incisions, I may not stop you frombleeding out. 13. The Lizard (from The AmazingSpider-Man)Panel 4 - Same as above, but Norman now shows shock. To his right (our left side of the panel), we see the right- side profile of CURT CONNORS.OSBORN: (small lettering) CONNORS: (Lizard lettering) i cAn sMeLL yOuR sWeaT.CONNORS: (Lizard lettering) TaSte oF coPPeR. TerrOr-seX-pAniC.Panel 5 - Same as above, except Normans face now betrays his fear, a drop of blood has started to run from theedge of his cheek toward his eye. CONNORS is gone, but to Normans left, (our right side of the panel), we see the LIZARDs left-side profile.OSBORN: Connors. I can help you... LIZARD: (normal lettering) You are helping.LIZARD: (normal lettering) Youre my faithful assistant, on a journey of discovery, to the inner workings of our mutually abnormal brains.. 14. The Lizard (from The Amazing Spider-Man)Panel 6 - From slightly above, Norman Osborn face-down on an operating table. He is strapped down. The backof his head has been surgically opened, a portion of skull removed, and some pinkish-grey brain is exposed. Wires extend from somewhere off panel into two probes inserted into the brain. We see that he is alsoconnected to an IV drip and a medical monitor. Two surgeons and two nurses are dead on the floor, lying in pools of their own blood. We also see now that CONNORS and the LIZARD share the same body. Hisface/head is split so his left (our right) side is the LIZARD half, and his grin is monstrous. His left arm however, is human; his regrown right one is reptilian. He is naked except for an open lab coat, and we see his body is mottled between human and reptile skin. He is looking down at the open skull, his lizard hand holdinga scalpel, gleaming from the overhead light, ready to dig in. CONNORS/LIZARD: (normal lettering) Trust me. CONNORS/LIZARD: (Lizard lettering) iM a dOcToR... be contd... 15. Godzilla - Arizona BayLayout: 111 234 567Panel 1: Wide shot. Monument Valley, Arizona. Looking West. Between the monolithic rocks, we can see the Pacific Ocean beyond. Thanks to Godzillas rampage fighting magma giants along the San Andreas fault, allof California and Baja California is gone. The sky is clear and blue.CAPTION: ONE YEAR LATER... CAPTION: You would think after something like this, wed be a little smarter. A little wiser. Panel 2: On a city street, Westboro Church protesters are holding picket signs, mouths open in some chant. Some picket signs read: "Godzilla Hates Fags", "You Cant Spell GODZILLA Without GOD", "Zilla 1, L.A. 0".CAPTION: Instead, we just crank up the stupid, blind to what history tries to teach us.Panel 3: In a boardroom, Japanese businessmen are bowing and shaking hands over contracts with threeAmerican lawyers, who look a lot like Gene Hackman, Ned Beatty, and Valerie Perrine from Richard Donners Superman movie. Everyone is smiling billion-dollar smiles.CAPTION: Were blind, even if were not looking in the right direction. And we never suspect who the one-eyed kings are. 16. Godzilla - Arizona BayPanel 4: On the new Arizona beach, Monument Valley in the distant background, mourners of all ages and races stand on red rocks, tossing roses, orchids, and lilies into the ocean in rememberance. The sky is orange from sunset. CAPTION: And we choose to be blind. Blinded by grief, by confusion and anger. By remembered smoke andash.Panel 5: Starry night, long shot. A campfire reflects off a cliff-face wall. People are sitting and standing around it. CAPTION: We never see the warning signs. Abused child becomes abusive parent. Tiger turns on the tamer.Panel 6: Zoom in. We see the Hopi natives around the campfire, listening intently to their chief, who wears a wide-brimmed black hat, and holds his arms wide. Behind the chief, an old man paints figures on the cliff wall with a slender brush.CAPTION: We create our own monsters, and were surprised when they turn on us, hungry for our bones.Panel 7: Zoom in. We see that the old man has crudely painted Godzilla stomping through fire and rubble on the cliff wall. He is just finishing the tail. CAPTION: We have only ourselves to blame if we refuse to read the writing on the wall. FIN 17. See you in the funny pages!