thp-plus/thp+fc monthly conference call

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THP-Plus/THP+FC Monthly Conference Call. Thursday, February 13 th : 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Agenda. Welcome and introductions Medi -Cal Enrollment for Current & Former Foster Youth Guest presenter: Jessica Haspel, Children Now THP+FC Update on the number of providers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Monthly THP-Plus/THP+FC Conference Call

THP-Plus/THP+FC Monthly Conference CallThursday, February 13th: 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.1AgendaWelcome and introductions

Medi-Cal Enrollment for Current & Former Foster YouthGuest presenter: Jessica Haspel, Children Now

THP+FCUpdate on the number of providersUpdate on the location of programs

THP-Plus Quarterly report from the THP-Plus Participant Tracking SystemTHP-Plus Capacity ChartUpdate on advocacy video

Sign-On Letter Regarding Relative Caregivers2Health Coverage for Youth in THP-PlusApproximately 650 youth3Medi-Cal Enrollment for Former Foster YouthGuest Presenter:Jessica Haspel, Child Welfare Policy AssociateChildren Now [email protected] 4Medi-Cal Enrollment for Former Foster YouthThe Affordable Care Act extended Medi-Cal to age 26 for youth who were in foster care at age 18 or older. (Effective 1/1/14)California Dept. of Health Care Services issued Informational Letter 14-05 CWDA Desk Aid Former Foster Care Childrens (FFCC) Program: Then and NowFormer foster youth (FFY) are enrolled in the Medi-Cal coverage group for Former Foster Care Children.Californias instructions to countiesCounties are instructed to enroll youth who were in foster care at age 18 or older in any state.Until the automated systems are reprogrammed eligibility workers must manually override the system to assign the appropriate aid code to former foster youth 21 or older. No income determination conducted (eligibility is based on being in foster care on 18th birthday, age 18-26, and CA residency).Youth who personally attest to having been in foster care at age 18 should be enrolled in Medi-Cal immediately while county verifies eligibility.

7Whats covered for former foster youth under Medi-Cal?Medical careVision examsSubstance abuse treatmentMental health services and counselingDental care starting in May 2014Coverage for youth under 21 also includes Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment services (EPSDT).8How do eligible youth sign up?Best way to apply is directly through the county, in-person at the local Medi-Cal office with the MC 250A form: Children Now developed a list of contacts in each county for Medi-Cal: Right now, youth are likely to experience significant barriers if they try to apply through Covered CA or online

9Children Now Coveredtill26 website has tips for when youth applyFormer foster youth:should be enrolled in the Former Foster Care Child (FFCC) coverage groupshould be assigned the 4M codedo NOT have to provide income informationdo NOT have to fill out the full Medi-Cal application (just MC 250A form) do NOT have to provide proof that they were in foster care at age 18 the county will verify

Additionally, it may help to bring Informational Letter 14-05 and to write down the CA law that expanded coverage (California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 14005.28).10Benefits to enrolling in the former foster youth coverage groupYouth eligible for Medi-Cal based on their former foster youth status are enrolled in Medi-Cal under the 4M aid code. Benefits of Coverage under the 4M Program:Youth are eligible for fee-for-service Medi-Cal, which means they can get care from any Medi-Cal provider. Youth maintain coverage until age 26 (simplified redetermination process) No income requirements = youth stay covered in Medi-Cal regardless of income changes. Additional Resources12Upcoming Web seminar on Medi-Cal Extension for former foster youthChildren Now and Youth Law Center are hosting a web seminar, Medi-Cal coverage until age 26 for former foster youthThursday, February 27th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.Register here:

13THP-Plus Foster Care (THP+FC)THP+FC Provider Growth

20122013201415Location of THP+FC Housing

1 San Joaquin2 Butte4 Contra Costa2 Lassen2 El DoradoGlenn 11 LakeVentura 3 1 MariposaMendocino 1Monterey 2Orange 32 Plumas2 RiversideSan Diego 3San Francisco 2San Luis Obispo 1Santa Barbara 1Shasta 3Santa Cruz 14 Santa ClaraSolano 1Tehama 26 Los AngelesSonoma 11 Del Norte1 Humboldt1 NevadaPlacer 1X SacramentoSiskiyou 1Sutter 1Yolo 1Alameda 61 Stanislaus1 Merced2 Fresno1 TulareX San Bernardino Counties with high # of NMDs Counties with high # of NMDs without THP+FCTHP-PlusTHP-Plus Participant Tracking SystemQuarterly Report Covers period of October 1 December 31, 2013Data on sample of 538 THP-Plus participantsEmployment Status of THP-Plus ParticipantsReport ending December 31, 2013; 538 participantsIncome Status of THP-Plus ParticipantsAverage monthly income: $913.81Average hourly wage: $9.2851% report receiving at least one form of public benefit25% report receiving another form of financial support

Report ending December 31, 2013; 538 participantsEducational Status of THP-Plus ParticipantsReport ending December 31, 2013; 538 participantsOf those enrolled (38%) in school, what degree are they pursuing?Report ending December 31, 2013; 538 participantsStatus of Parenting, Insurance, Permanent Connections and Criminal Justice Involvement21% of participants are custodial parents71% report having health insurance92% report a permanent connection with an adult6% of participants have been incarcerated or detained in adult criminal justice system since entering THP-Plus6% of participants have had an adult misdemeanor or felony conviction since entering THP-PlusReport ending December 31, 2013; 538 participantsChanges from 6 months prior, quarter ending 6/30/13EMPLOYMENT & INCOMEJun. 30, 2013Dec. 31, 2013Decrease in percentage reported they were employed48%46%Increase in reported hourly wage$9.22$9.28Increase in reported average monthly income$895.55$913.81Decrease in percentage reported receipt of public benefits55%51%Increase in percentage reported receipt of other financial support19%25%Changes from 6 months prior, quarter ending 6/30/13EDUCATION

Jun. 30, 2013Dec. 31, 2013Increase in percentage reporting being enrolled in school35%38%Increase in percentage reported having graduated from high school76%78%ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONJun. 30, 2013Dec. 31, 2013Decrease in percentage reported they were custodial parents23%21%Decrease in percentage reported they had health insurance74%71%THP-Plus Capacity ChartTHP-Plus Capacity Chart lists providers with open THP-Plus slots, and providers with waiting lists.Also lists contact info so providers can coordinate with one another about referrals.26Clarifications from CDSS Legal: February 2014The California Department of Social Services has provided the following clarifications regarding accepting out-of-county youth into THP-Plus: Eligible youth may participate in a THP-Plus program in any county with an approved THP-Plus plan. Any county with an approved plan may elect to accept a youth from another county into their program.27thp-plus capacity chartCountyOrganization# Open BedsUpdatedAlamedaBeyond Emancipation101/14/2014AlamedaFred Finch Youth Center31/9/2014Contra CostaContra Costa Co. HSD - Homeless Continuum of Care1 female bed, 1 gender neutral bed12/19/2013El DoradoTahoe Turning Point91/23/2014HumboldtRedwood Community Action Agency51/17/2014Los AngelesRosemary Children's Services112/17/2013Los AngelesSt. Anne's112/17/2013MarinAlternative Family Services112/18/2013MontereyPeacock Acres512/17/2013NapaProgress Foundation212/17/2013OrangeAspiranet712/18/2013OrangeNew Alternatives212/18/2013PlacerWhole Person Learning512/19/2013RiversideAspiranet412/20/2013CountyOrganization# Open BedsUpdatedSan BernardinoAspiranet612/20/2013San DiegoSan Diego Youth Services212/18/2013San DiegoSouth Bay Community Services712/18/2013San DiegoYMCA of San Diego County112/17/2013San FranciscoEdgewood Center for Children and Families3 slots for youth with host families2/6/2014San FranciscoFirst Place for Youth61/20/2014San FranciscoLarkin Street Youth ServicesWill have open beds in March1/28/2014San FranciscoThe Salvation Army812/17/2013San JoaquinAspiranet612/17/2013San Luis ObispoFamily Care Network1012/20/2013San MateoStar Vista51/14/2014SutterChildren's Hope FFA512/19/2013YoloYolo County DESS212/17/2013YubaChildren's Hope FFA212/19/2013CountyOrganization# on WaitlistUpdatedAlamedaAbode Services812/19/2013ButteYouth and Family Programs212/18/2013ButteYouth for Change1-212/17/2013ImperialImperial Valley Regional Occupational Program1012/17/2013Los AngelesC.H.A.I.N. Reaction, Inc.412/21/2013Los AngelesRichstone Family Center2912/18/2013Los AngelesSan Gabriel Children's Services512/30/2013Santa ClaraBill Wilson Centerunknown12/30/2013SonomaTLC Child and Family Services71/9/2014VenturaVentura County Child and Family Services212/19/2013OPEN BEDSWAIT LISTSTHP-Plus Capacity Chart29THp-Plus Advocacy VideoJohn Burton Foundation is developing a 2-3 min. video on THP-Plus:Who does THP-Plus serve?What does THP-Plus provide?Why is THP-Plus necessary?Where would former foster and probation youth be without THP-Plus?

In early March JBF will disseminate to providers for their own advocacy use30Sign-on Letter to California State Legislature Regarding Relative CaregiversSign-on letter to State Legislature RE: Relative CaregiversUnder current foster care funding rules: A relative caregiver receives a foster care benefit only if the child is federally-eligible.If not federally-eligible, relative caregiver applies for state welfare benefit (CalWORKs).If non-federally-eligible child is placed in non-relative foster home or group home, however, they will receive state foster care benefits.32Why Does this matter?By denying relative caregivers foster care benefits, we are placing children into deep poverty the CalWORKs grant for a single child is equal to just 37% of poverty level!33Inequity in monthly ratesRelative Foster ParentNon-Relative Foster ParentFederally-Eligible 15-Year Old$820/month$820/monthNon-Federally-Eligible 15-Year Old$351/month$820/monthNon-Federally-Eligible 15-Year Old Who is a Regional Center Client$351/month$2,162/monthNon-Federally-Eligible Sibling Set of 3 (ages 15, 16 & 17)$714/month$2,460/month34Sign-on to the letter!Sign onto a letter to the California State Legislature asking them to change this arbitrary and irrational foster care funding rule that places many foster children living with relatives into deep poverty.To sign-on, follow this link to enter your organizations contact information. (Individuals can sign on as well). Deadline to sign on to the letter is TUESDAY, FEB. 18th!For more information about this issue, contact Angie Schwartz at [email protected] 35