three easy ways to get a linux desktop

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Three easy ways to get a linux desktop


Three Easy Ways to Get a Linux Desktop

Linux is an alternative to Microsoft Windows operating systems, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Vista. It includes access to free software that provides the same functionality as commonly used Microsoft Windows applications, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Powerpoint. Linux comes in different flavors. The most popular ones are Ubuntu Linux, Mandriva Linux, SuSE Linux, and Fedora Linux.Here are three easy ways for you to get your own Linux system:Buy a computer with Linux pre-installed;

Download a CD image, make an installation CD, and install it on your current computer;

Order an installation CD and install it on your computer;

The pros and cons of each option:When you buy a computer with Linux pre-installed you can immediately start working or playing on it. Personal computers with Linux pre-installed are available from Dell, HP, and other PC manufacturers. They start around $200.

While buying a computer with pre-installed Linux is the most convenient option, the least expensive option would be to use your current computer to download the CD image of a Linux installation CD, burn it onto a writeable CD, and use it as installation CD.

If you like to have it both convenient and free you have the option to order an installation CD from Canonical Ltd. free of charge. The catch is, it can take several weeks for the CD to arrive.