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October 2012 Insert - Rouge et Blanc


  • Rouge et Blanc 2012

  • 2 Thrive Savor the Flavor October 2012



    Nelson R


    Lake Charles

    CHRISTUS St Patrick Hospital

    210 210

    GiGis Fitness Center

    W Sale Rd

    Ryan St.

    Lake St

    SouthLake CharlesCampus1601 CountryClub Rd

    Prien Lake Mall

    Lake Charles

    Getting your mammogram is as easy as

    1 Call CHRISTUS St. Patrick Womens Health Center at (337) 430-4444.

    2 Schedule a convenient day and time.

    3 Come in for your easy, comfortable and private experience. We will provide you with a cotton spa robe and Touch Mammo Pad for added comfort.

    Digital mammography is your best ally in the fight against breast cancer. Located at 1601 Country Club Road, our Womens Health Center is a state-of-the-art facility combining comprehensive womens diagnostic services with compassionate care and a comfortable environment.


    2 3!Cheers to your Heart Health!

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    10% of proceeds from the purchase of wine during Rouge et Blanc will go to benefit the McNeese Banners Series.

    2012 Partners Make Rouge et Blanc a Splash

    Rouge et Blanc Wine and Food Event is one of the most coveted annual events in Southwest Louisiana,

    selling out every year. Now in its seventh year, Rouge et Blanc has increased from 400 attendees to

    1,400; growing from a one-day event to a full week of food and wine experiences. Its all thanks to the

    support weve received from our community as well as generous corporate support. Republic National

    Distributing Company donates all the wines for the entire tasting and brings in wine experts to share

    their knowledge. Rouge et Blanc is proud to donate 10 percent of all wine sales to the McNeese Banners

    Series. Enjoy our 2012 Rouge et Blanc festivities!



    Paradise Florist

    Lake Street Liquor

    Cheers to your Heart Health!

    Red wine has been enjoyed for over 7000 centuries on every continent, and the medical profession has

    recognized the healthful properties of wine for thousands of years.

    But for every article you read about the benefits of alcohol consumption, another seems to warn

    you of its risks, which can be confusing and frustrating to those trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Evidence does suggest that naturally occurring antioxidants in wine can prevent the chain reactions

    that lead to cell damage and disease. The antioxidants in red wine believed to help fight heart disease,

    and possibly other conditions, are known as polyphenols, and are found in grape skins. Because red

    wine is made with the skins, polyphenols are also found in high concentrations in red wine. White

    wine, made without the skin, has fewer antioxidants because the flesh of the grape is not as rich in

    these compounds.

    Arguments for the health benefits of red wine are strongest in the area of heart-disease prevention,

    and evidence continues to mount in this area. The positive relationship between moderate

    consumption of red wine and cardiovascular disease prevention is based on research completed

    across large populations. This makes us more likely to use this evidence in recommendations to our

    patients, says Dr. Thomas Mulhearn, cardiologist with Cardiovascular Specialists.

    Multiple studies have found that those who drank wine in moderation had approximately a 30%

    reduction in the risk of dying from coronary heart disease or stroke as those who never drank wine.

    Those who drank beer and liquor did not exhibit the same advantage. The American Heart Association

    advises that if you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. This means an average of one to two drinks per

    day for men and one drink per day for women. (A drink is one 12-ounce beer, 4 ounces of wine, 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits or 1 ounce of 100-proof spirits.)

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    Its a D-I-Y, do-it-yourself, era, and the homemade brewing of beer and wine is no exception.

    Mike LeBlanc, owner of The Brew Hut, says there are quite a few people locally who make their own wine.

    There is a great little niche audience for this sort of thing, says LeBlanc. Home-brewed fruit wines are especially popular around here because we have access to so many fresh fruits.

    Some of the more popular wines made in homes around Southwest Louisiana include muscadine, strawberry, blackberry, fig, persimmon and peach. LeBlanc says home wine-making is a relatively simple process, but requires three key components.

    Some wines can take up to a year to age or mellow so patience on the part of the wine-maker is key, LeBlanc says. Its also vital to keep all of your materials really clean throughout the process and to start with good, fresh and ripe fruit.

    To get started, LeBlanc says you will need a large, food-grade bucket. You will need to start with an eight-gallon bucket to make five gallons of wine.

    Once youve selected your recipe and gathered all of your ingredients, the next step is to process your fruit and add in your other ingredients, including the yeast. Once everything is mixed together in the bucket, its time to let the fermentation process take place.

    Once the natural fermentation process completes, strain the solid remnants of fruit and pour the liquid into a special glass bottle called a carboy. Cork it with an airtight plug and then let it age.

    The best thing about making homemade wine is that you really have a pretty good chance of having a good end result on your first try, adds LeBlanc.

    For more information or to purchase wine making supplies, The Brew Hut is located inside the Old Towne General Store on Highway 171 in Lake Charles.

    Fine Wines, MADE AT HOME

    What makes VISTA different?

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    Serving the Lake Areas home-brewing needs since 1995

    Beer kits, wine kits, books, beer bottles, wine bottles, carboys, corks, caps, wine bases, filtering equipment and much more

    We now carry 5oz and 10oz hot sauce bottles

    Monday-Saturday: 9am - 6pm


    1705 N. Martin Luther King (Hwy 171)located inside the Old Town General Store

    T he Brew HutIt can take a good deal of education to become a true wine connoisseur, but you dont have to know every vineyard in the world to appreciate a good glass of wine. The American Wine Society provides these wine-tasting guidelines:

    APPEARANCE Hold the wine up to a light or white paper. An excellent glass of wine will appear brilliant with outstanding characteristic color. It will not be cloudy, off-color or tainted with floaters.

    AROMA To fully release the aroma of a glass of wine, you need to oxidize the wine by swirling it in the glass. Aromas are individual smells of the wine; the sum of all the scents is known as a bouquet. An excellent glass of wine will have an unmistakable characteristic aroma of grape-variety or wine-type. The bouquet will be outstanding and complex. A less-than-stellar glass of wine may have only a slight aroma.

    TASTE Take a good sip and hold the wine in your mouth, especially over your tongue. Evaluate the taste and texture of the wine. You have sweet, acid and bitter areas of the tongue. An extraordinary glass of wine will have unmistakable characteristic flavor. The taste will be smooth, full-bodied and overwhelming.

    AFTERTASTE Pay attention to unique aftertastes that you didnt detect earlier and take note to the duration that it lingers in your mouth. An exceptional glass of wine will have a lingering aftertaste that is outstanding and pleasant.

    Learn more about wine at Wine Down, a wine tasting and education event benefitting the Calcasieu Medical Society Foundation. It will take place on Wednesday, October 17, at the Lake Charles Country Club. Call 478-8650 for ticket information.

    Vino 101

    5656 Nelson Rd., Lake Charles | 421.6200 |

    Theres never been a better time. Theres never been a better place.


    Now leasing, with over 35,000

    square feet of build-to-suit

    space available for retail and

    commercial needs.

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    Just because your college days are long behind you doesnt mean you cant enjoy a nice glass of wine from a box. Boxed wine has actually come a long way since the college-favorite Franzia. In fact, boxed wine is experiencing quite the resurgence thanks to some new e

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