thsp spring 2010 webinar series: engaging higher education for early college success

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THSP Spring 2010 Webinar Series: Engaging Higher Education for Early College Success. D onna E. Ekal , Ph.D. Associate Provost , Office for Un dergraduate Studies The University of Texas at El Paso Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Today’s Agenda. Introduction to El Paso & UTEP ECHS in El Paso - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Donna E. Ekal, Ph.D.Associate Provost, Office for Undergraduate StudiesThe University of Texas at El PasoWednesday, April 21, 2010THSP Spring 2010 Webinar Series:Engaging Higher Education for Early College Success

Todays AgendaIntroduction to El Paso & UTEPECHS in El PasoThings We Had to Figure OutKey PracticesMeet Some StudentsFuture Opportunities

The Tri State Area

El Paso, TexasLas Cruces, New MexicoCiudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico4

21,011 students76% Hispanic10% Mexican nationalsAbout to celebrate our 100th anniversary

UTEP5Two Primary Educational Initiatives Currently in TexasClosing the Gaps 2015 goalsParticipation add 630,000 students to higher education to 5.7%Success award 210,000 degrees and certificatesExcellence increase the number of nationally recognized programsResearch increase the level of federal science and engineering research and development obligations to Texas institutions to 6.5 percentTier OneHouse Bill 51Criteria$100 million external research funding200 doctoral graduates per year

ECHS in El PasoMission ECHSValle Verde ECHSTransmountain ECHSNorthwest ECHSCotton Valley ECHSClint ECHSMission, VV, TM, & NW are all on EPCC campusesCV and Clint will not beDr. Richard Rhodes, president of EPCC, had the visionLocations of the ECHSs

Projected ECHS Student Enrollment at UTEP

100 125 per graduating classFull enrollment at all 6 schools:600 750 graduating ECHS seniors each yearEstimating 75% attendance at UTEP:450 565 incoming students 10% freshmen class

Potential ECHS Student Enrollment at UTEP10

Types of Entering ECHS StudentsTraditional ECHSComplete Associates degree at end of senior year of high schoolComplete Associates degree and High School diploma at the same time60 or more credits Accelerated ECHSComplete Associates degree PRIOR to the end of senior year of high schoolSenior year of high school and junior year of college are taken concurrently11

The 23Fall 2009EPCC GradsHigh School SeniorsUTEP JuniorsHigh School GradsRising UTEP SeniorsSpring 2010Fall 2010UTEP SeniorsApplying to Grad SchoolSpr. 2011UTEP Graduates12

The 23 Fall 2009 Results11 / 23 were registered full time, the remainder part time (5 11 hours)7 students earned a 4.02 additional students made the Dean's ListAverage GPA of the 23 was 3.44All 23 students are registered for spring, most for 12 hours (5 students PT, 18 FT)

Spring 2010The 23 in their second semester at UTEP and their final semester in High schoolThe 42 in their first semester at UTEP and their final semester in High School

Fall 2010The 23 as FTFTF / Senior year at UTEPThe 42 as FTFTF / second semester JuniorsThe 35ish next group of accelerated high school JuniorsEstimated 75% of the graduating Senior class

Things We Had to Figure OutRecruiting6 more high schools in the areaDifferent message than traditional high schoolsOrientationNew Student / Transfer Orientation?Timing ContentParental Involvement


Things We Had to Figure OutDegree PlansArticulation with EPCCProfessional / Graduate School Special IssuesNursingOT, PT, SLP, and other 5 year UG/G programs16

Things We Had to Figure OutEnrollment Coding / Tracking in Banner(First Time Full Time Freshmen with 90 credits?)Financial Aid especially the AcceleratedAcademic Advising - > 60 hoursSocialization ConcernsFaculty Preconceived Notions17

Key PracticesIntegrate across the UniversityCreated an ECHS Advisory Committee with Faculty and Staff representativesFinancial Aid Enrollment ServicesAcademic Advising Faculty in key disciplinesKept Administration current with progress, successes, and issuesTook key personnel to on-site tours, include lunch when possible for immediate processing

Key PracticesWrite Grants to support various componentsNSF GK-12: $2.8 millionBoeing: ECHS Young Women in STEM: $4,000Teachers for a New EraECHS Professional DevelopmentSummer Conference in partnership with the Communities Foundation of Texas and theTexas High School ProjectCase Study of The 23

Key PracticesLearn & Serve with Center for Civic Engagement and College of EngineeringCenter for Civic Engagement, College of EngineeringTiered service learning opportunities for CoEng students in high school classroomsHHMI Summer Research in Residence ProgramTitle V

Key PracticesWrite ArticlesSeries of 5 In partnership with EPCC and ECHS Add a Research elementEncourage Graduate Student theses and dissertationsCase Study of The 23Share the WordCollege Board PreprateTexas High School Project Administrative ForumSubmitting for the Fall 2010 HACU national conference

Key Practices Record what we are doingPolicies & procedures as we figure them outECHS / UTEP Transfer GuideCoordinate with other groups on campusPromote changes in policy that are not aligned with new paradigmsECHS New Student OrientationFTFTF with 90 credits?Financial Aid !!!

Key Practices Financial Aid / ScholarshipsAccelerated ECHS students are not eligible for federally / state based financial aid by HEA lawWe can support them at UTEP byWaiving tuition and feesUsing existing or finding new scholarship dollars

Meet Some Students Roberto Vina-Marruffo4.0088 creditsNovartis Pharmaceuticals Summer Internship

In only three years the Associates Degree was achieved while at the same time going through the regular high school curriculum. Credit for this cannot go to my overwhelming graciousness and good-studentry, assuming such a thing has even existed. The credit goes to the school for making such an opportunity possible, and a miniscule chunk goes to luck. In other words: Im very fortunate to have to come to this school.

Armando GarciaPhysics

The three most important lessons I acquired at MECHS would be with words perseverance, insight, and confidence; never give up on what you want, observe the world from a different angles with understanding, and believe in yourself no matter what others say.Sofia Reyes, Civil Engineering

Future Opportunities?Better links with Career ServicesEarlier connections to 2nd/3rd year application degrees such as Nursing, Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical TherapyMore engagement with Clubs and Organizations, other student support services such as Study Abroad, etc.


Future Opportunities?Expanded 2 + 3 degree plansMaster Degree programsProfessional Degree pathwaysSummer ProgrammingResearchOn-campus residencyStronger support of recruiting and outreach8th grade applicationECHS involvement


Future Opportunities?Financial AidStart an endowmentFind state/other funds for which they are eligiblePetition for modification to the Higher Education Act


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