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  • 1. Week of 11/4 Campaign Execution Assignment: There have been many successful campaigns for hundreds of brands. Target is no stranger to successful campaigns and strong brand identification. Do a search for the Target Holiday/Christmas campaign. Target has created further integration for this campaign by bringing the crazy Target shopper lady out of the commercials and digital print ads. Find and read the Mashable article from November 17, 2011 entitled: She's Back: Target's Christmas Champ on Twitter. Whats the quote that she planned to take with her to Black Friday that year? Whats the name of the ad agency that handled the social, digital and television aspects? Go to that agencys website. Who are 5 of their clients listed for the New York office? Submit the 5 clients as a list, centered on the page in italicized font as an attachment on an email and send to me at, with the subject RCC. Include your name, todays date and RCC underneath the list of clients. Include the Mashable articles title and link to the article in the body of your email. Emails are due by 8:20 a.m.
  • 2. Week of 11/4 Campaign Execution Case Studies: Case studies give us the opportunity to review an entire situation from the problem to the implementation of a campaign and the associated results
  • 3. Week of 11/4 Campaign Execution LA/HW: LA/HW #9- Identify write a brief analysis of a "Good" (Great, what made it great?) IMC campaign, a "Bad" (Ok but not great, why did it fall short of great? Had potential to be great if) and an "Ugly" (a failed/really bad campaign, what made it ugly and could anything have been done to make it successful?) Provide links or examples of the campaign as back up. Make sure to identify each campaign and which category (Good, Bad or Ugly) you think it falls under. Due: 11/12 (start in class, if not complete by end of class finish for homework. Read Phase 4, Step 9: Evaluation
  • 4. Week of 11/4 Thought of the Day: Our work is the presentation of our capabilities. -Edward Gibbon