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There is a series of photos for you to have a better picture of Tibet China.


  • 1. Tibet Impression Travel in Tibet

2. What about Tibet Culture? Special geographic location andfeatured culture makeTibetone of themost mysterious places in the world.High altitude highly demands physical dcondition.Mt. Everesttrip is the fmost adventurous. On this highlandlive the simple and guileless Tibetans. dThey mostly have religious belief finTibetan Buddhism andworshipd Dalai Lama . Intelligent anddiligent Tibetans built the fmajesticPotala Palaceand dingenious monasteries. Currentlytransportation to Tibet is much moreconvenient, more trains and trainsarrivingLhasa. Every visitor camewith admiration and left Tibet with theirlifetime memories. Come and unveil itsmystery with your own insight. 3. Potala Palace 4. Namtso Lake 5. Monks in Jokhang Temple 6. Tibetans 7. Colorful Tibetan Clothing 8. Colors are Respectable in Tibet