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Weekly news for the timber and forestry industries


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  • Timber&Forestry enewsserves up 16,000 issuesevery week to industry

  • A real sense of fresh collaborationwithin the industry: Ross Hampton

  • Industry loses John Duncan at Christmas

    Best practice in innovation

  • Industry capable of amazing things

  • EUwide plan aims to unlocksustainable forest resources

  • Growing trees tohelp boost profits

  • What a corker! Popping a corkfor New Year makes comeback

  • Strong recovery innew house starts aseconomy brightens

  • Forest industry research poised todeliver thousands of regional jobs

  • Doug well treated at TPAA luncheon

  • 2014 a mixed bag for importers

  • University of Canterbury researchcould revolutionise forest industry

  • The value in charring wood surfaces:Canadians go beyond the visual effect

  • Brutal cold in the US helping todestroy treeeating forest pests

  • Thousands invited to comment onSFI forestry standard improvement

  • New generation Captiva capturesimagination of choosy SUV crowd