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1L O L I T AP R O D U C T I O N SAnti Tobacco Forum presents The Burning social problem

12Life and Money going up in smoke

23SMOKING LEADS TO CANCER-Tobacco habit is epidemic 9 million tobacco deaths a year

-Tobacco kills more people than all other major diseases put togetherHalf of Indian males over 15 years are smokers34Leaf is dried, cured, treated with chemicals and used as raw material for tobacco products

Tobacco is one of the worst soil depletersStill, India is the third largest producer of tobacco 550 + million tonnes per annum

45Uncured tobacco is highly potent and dangerous.

56Some Addictive Tobacco products.Cigarettes PaanBeedis Gutka

Paan Masala Snuff Khaini Maawwa Creamy Snuff

67Tobacco contains these poisonous substances..Tar (sticky substance used to surface roads) Arsenic (white ant poison) Nicotine (used to kill insects) Carbon Monoxide (dangerous gas in car exhaust) Hydrogen Cyanide (poisons gas used in gas chambers to kill prisoners) Naphthalene (mothballs are made of this) and Ammonia (used in floor cleaning liquids)

78Did he die from Tuberculosis?Smoking is the main cause for Pulmonary TB in IndiaSmoking reduces your capacity to fight germs that cause lung diseasesTB is contagious and when you cough, you will be spreading TB to othersTB and HIV co-existAll TB patients must undergo HIV tests89Our young boys and girls have taken to smoking. This is a dangerous trend


Our body is made up of millions of healthy cells. They are controlled by our body system and control mechanism. When smoke is inhaled, chemical substances contained therein are absorbed by our system and they change the DNA of healthy cells. This change enables such cells to escape from the control mechanism and start growing uncontrollably. This growth is called cancerous growth. Cancer can spread to different parts of the body.

1011What are the symptoms of cancer?Continuous cough or hoarseness of voiceLoss of weight and appetite, difficulty in swallowing, Lump in the breast or elsewhere in the bodyBleeding from a mole or birth mark or itching or change in the color and sizeUlcer or sore that is not healing from a long timeRed patches on genitals or mouth

11121500 to 2000 oral cancer patients are detected annually

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Difficulty in opening mouth

Bleeding Gums

Difficulty in stretching the tongue

Lump in the neck

White patches in the mouth Cauliflower-like growth on tongue1213Pipe smoking increases lung cancer risk five timesSmoking makes you suffer from these - Heart disease -Leukoplakia Osteoporosis - Erythropolakia Colon Cancer -Constricts blood vessels Spinal disorders -Oral sub-mucous fibrosis EmphysemaImpotenceIncreased blood pressure Smokers palate Oral CancerAffects normal functioning of the heart and.Finally a painful death

1314Tobacco users are increasingly becoming victims of LEG ATTACKBurgers disease

1415Women are more vulnerable

Smoking reduces fertilityRisk of miscarriageLow birth-weight childLess intelligent babiesGo through menopause earlier Heart attack/hypertensionRisk of early osteoporosisEarly sagging/wrinkling of skinSociety dislikes smoking ladiesLiving like men cuts womens life expectancy

1516Miscarriage due to smoking related complications

1617India - Third largest tobacco grower in the World 550 + m.kgs. Per annumGreat !??Should India be proud of this dubious distinction?

17Still India proudly produces and distributes 1800 billion bidi sticks and 200 billion cigarette sticks annually It even allows foreign branded cancer sticks to be sold to gullible Indians When will we ever learn?1819GUTKA IS A DANGEROUS FORM OF TOBACCO

Deccan Herald1920HOOKAH Originated in India very popular in northern rural India and has become a fashion statement in urban high society It is also known as Hubble-Bubble, Ghalyan, Waterpipe, has become the latest craze of youth in metros. More than 60 flavors like banana, mango, apple, cinnamon etc., are offered in Cafes, Restaurants and Pubs at Rs.100 + for a 30 minute hookah smoking. Youths are not aware that hookah is more dangerous than cigarette smoking since in order to make a quick buck, hookah providers will be stuffing deadly raw tobacco into the burner.

2021Smokers & Global Warming

2122What the world is doing to combat? Miami Jury verdict 14th July 2000 - Americas largest tobacco company to pay 145 billion dollars as punitive damages to Florida smokers for damaging their health through misleading ads.222321st September 2004 Washington - Major trial of tobacco firms US of America opens $280 billion trial case of top tobacco companies accused of lethal lies, half-truths, fraud, deception, civil racketeering, hiding evidence of the health hazards of smoking, marketing directly to teenagers to win lifelong smokers and lying about safe light cigarettes.232410th March 2003 The Karnataka Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Health of Non-Smokers Act is passed by Karnataka Legislature, which bans smoking in public places.9th April 2003 Indian Parliament passed a comprehensive Central Legislation Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, to cover all forms of tobacco and trade.Half -hearted measuresRevenueCANCERNexusPublic HealthTobacco Lobby2425Ban on Ads of tobacco productsTwo Central legislations Cable TV Network (Regulation) Act and Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of advertisement and regulation of trade and commerce, production, supply and distribution) Act

Prohibit all types of tobacco advertisements But

Surrogate (Indirect) methods of advertisement are thriving on Print and Electronic Media and mega events are being organised by manufacturers under the guise of corporate social responsibility and in the name of encouraging culture/music/sports.2526Gory pictures on cigarette packetsUnion Health Ministry is facing stiff competition to implement mandatory publication of gory pictures on packets - a decision approved by the Union Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister

Politically powerful tobacco lobby is shedding crocodile tears to safeguard the interests of tobacco growers (who are a miniscule compared with the suffering millions) and their livelihood.


Both are great newsTimes of IndiaVasanth27Huge savings of more than Rs.1500 crores per annum possible from ban of tobacco says WHO affiliated body - Indian Society on Tobacco and Health

Govt. of India is spending annually, more than Rs.27,000 crores, to treat tobacco related diseases. Whose money is it? Non-smokers are also being made to pay for curing diseases of smokers!! 2829Savings + Good Health

Your savings simple calculation:If you are smoking 10 cigarettes a day, costing Rs.5 each, you will be able to save a fabulous amount of Rs.3,72,000 in 20 years excluding expenditure on medical treatment because by the time you come to know you have Cancer, it will be too late.

2930Survey points to widespread smoking among city youthPeer pressure 29%Curiosity - 18%Fashion - 16%Frustration - 12%Status symbol - 10%Fatigue - 8%Tension & to improve concentration during exams - 5%Others - 2%

3031Peer pressure ???!!!! How can we allow this to happen in our society?

3132 Another survey

The following was quoted by one of the tobacco industries during a meeting to discuss promotion of its sales:

The teenage years are the most important because those are the years during which most smokers begin to smoke, the years in which initial brand selections are made and the period in the life cycle in which conformity to peer group norms is greatest

3233It is also understood that manufacturers are using special techniques to enhance the effect of nicotine, the additive substance in cigarettes to increase sale of cigarettes. Greatisnt it?Survey contd..

3334Survey contd. September 2004Asian countries have failed to curb tobacco consumption:7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Tobacco - Researchers representing 40 countries have expressed their concern over the increase in the number of teenage smokers across Asia. Though many Asian countries have launched anti-smoking campaigns they have failed to curb this increasing habit among youth.-Governments need to change their strategies and focus more on parents and families in their efforts to reduce smoking.3435How dangerous the smoke is..Research shows tobacco smoke contains 4000 chemical substances, of which 438 can produce cancer, the most dangerous being nicotine, tobacco tar and carbon monoxide

35Why this hypocrisy ??? Have they really done it ??

Think it over

3637THINK IT OVERIs Tobacco NECESSARY for sustaining life?Should tobacco exist on earth when it is proved that its consumption causes cancer?Why adopt dual policies? Earning revenue by levying duties and taxes on tobacco products, pay support price for tobacco growers, make these killer products freely available to gullible people and make an eyewash of health care by allotting some money on research and development of drugs to combat cancer? 3738Addiction is not limited to tobacco alone, it stretches beyond have a