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These tips and tricks for Pinterest and Facebook will give you ideas on using these platforms for your business more effectively.


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2. Business is PersonalWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 3. Today Well Cover: The Difference Between Your Personal andBusiness Profiles on Pinterest and FB Why these platforms may or may not work foryour business Best Practices FB advertising Creating contentWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 4. Pinterest By the #s 70 million users worldwide 83% women Accounts for about 41% of ecommerce It can drive highly targeted website trafficWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 5. Pinterest Offers Personal andWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggBusiness Profiles 6. You Build Boards Boards can reflect brand/personality Boards can be product focusedWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 7. How to Set Up BoardsWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 8. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 9. Whats On Your Boards?WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 10. You Can Set Up a SeparateBusiness Account or Convert aWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggPersonal One 11. With Business PinterestYou Get AnalyticsWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 12. Rich Pins: Perfect If You HaveWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggan Online Store 13. Also Called Enhanced Pins They show pricing and connect directly to theitem on your website. They update automatically when you updateyour website (such as price changes) Can drive traffic and increase sales Theres a Wordpress plugin for them or youmay need your developer to helpWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 14. Add from a Website toConnect Your Blog Posts This 3 minute task can increase your visibility,attract more potential clients and help youbring more people to your website.WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 15. How to Upload Your Blog Postfor the Most ValueWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 16. Then, Drop In Your URLWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 17. That Way, It Links Back to YourWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggSite 18. Dont Forget to Participate! Follow, like and pin others pinsIts through participation that youget noticed and build a following.WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 19. Questions on Pinterest?WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 20. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggFacebook Over a billion users One in 5 page views is on Facebook 50% of users log in 5x a day or more 21. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggFacebookPersonal Profile Vs. Business Page. 22. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggAs an Individual: You can join groups like Network Now You can like Business Pages You get to know people as individuals 23. As a Business Page You get Analytics you can see if people areliking your material and how many people seeyour posts You can schedule posts in advance (savestime!) You can like other Pages People can Check in to your real location You can buy Facebook AdsWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 24. There Are Different Types ofWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggPosts Text only Photo Video Text + Link Photo + Link 25. Tag Youre It!WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 26. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 27. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 28. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 29. Who Has a Question About Howto Network on Facebook?WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 30. How to Flip Between Personal andWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggBiz 31. On Your Business Page You CanWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggSchedule Posts 32. If You Have a Physical Location:WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggCheck In 33. Regularly, Review Your MetricsWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 34. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg??? 35. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggFB Ads:You Can Target Your Customer Do you want to reach Central Bucks SchoolDistrict elementary school teachers between35-45 who are married with children and livein Doylestown? 36. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggFB Ads 37. Two Ways to Get StartedWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 38. Promote Your PageWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 39. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggExample of aPage Promotion in the Newsfeed 40. Or, Promote Specific Posts Boost the Post (recommended)WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 41. Its a Cost Effective Way ToReach More PeopleWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 42. Choose Your Best Content toWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggPromote 43. Visibility in the NewsfeedWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggDepends On: 44. The Actions You Take ImpactWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggWhat You See 45. Lets Talk ContentWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 46. Heres a Text Only Post ThatWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggStruck a Nerve 47. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggVia Chris BroganBecoming the brand that people know is NOTabout talking about yourself.Its about helping people, about giving themsomething they need, something they want,something theyll remember. 48. What Kind of Content Can YouWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggCreate? 49. The ROI of Social Media You develop trust You build connections You use FB to bring people back to yourwebsite where you deepen that trustBlogInvite people to sign up for your newsletterWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 50. Social Builds AwarenessWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 51. Your Website Needs a System ToWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggMake Sales Email Newsletter A Reason to Sign Up A Series of Useful Emails Landing Pages Great Content And more. 52. Your Website Action Step Make sure you have an email sign up A reason to subscribe A well-planned email series Useful content that speaks to your visitorsWWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinngg 53. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggWrap Up Choose one platform as your primary tool.Make sure its the one where your audiencehangs out the most Spend the time getting to know both theplatform and your audience Experiment 54. WWrriittee WWoorrddss MMaarrkkeettiinnggLets Connect! [email protected] @jenphillipsapri on TwitterAbout Write Words MarketingA web writer since 2004, Jen helps small to mediumbusinesses and nonprofits drive results online. A petlover, she launched in2004 and grew it to 80,000 organic visitors/month withoptimized web content. Now she writes and consultsfor a variety of small and medium size businesses. Shespeaks on SEO and social media around the country.hhttttpp::////jjeennpphhiilllliippssaapprriill..ccoomm