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This slides are an assembly from my own slides and some coming from partners or shared through Slideshare (where I tried to add the specific IP of each source I captured the input from). They were presented and commented during a Keynote session at an event organized by the MINOC IT press publishing named "Business meet IT" and focused over Digital Workplaces. Through my career spread over business consulting, Information Management strategy and solutions integration, as well as a strong experience in infrastructure underlying, I tried here to wrap up the do's and don'ts of setting up an environment for your users to work remotely in productive environments. Mobility, Collaboration, Communication and Content centric processes are blending altogether to allow being productive from virtually anywhere (and not virtually productive from everywhere !;-).


<ul><li> 1. The digital officeCollaborating on valuable information, anytime, anywhere.23rd October 2012, BerchemYannis NakosChairmanattheboardofDocumentatWork Twitter:@ynakos</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda for this morning 08u45 Ontvangst en registratie 09u30 Inleiding dagvoorzitter William Visterin, hoofdredacteurSmart Business Strategies 10u00 Hot Topic: Yannis Nakos, Document@Work 10u30 Pauze 11u00 Customer-case: Werner De Bie, Taminco 11u30 Customer-case: Boudewijn Laloo, Stad Brugge 12u00 Customer-case: Marc Dewaelheyns, Groep IDEWE 12u30 Walking Lunch 3. Whos your primary target for Digital Workplace?WHO ARE WESPEAKING ABOUT ? 4. The employeedemographics by 2005 5. The employeedemographics by 2010 Balanced &amp;therefore manageable situation with thetraditionnal onefitall workplace. 6. The employeedemographics by 2020a)With 5 generations at work, andamajority ofthem born with aniPhoneorapadin their hands,howwill you servethem their tasks ? b)Howwill yourcustomerbasebe willing tobe served ? 7. What is your 50+% population(by 2020) expecting ? Source:HarvardBusinessReview. 8. One key question: Why is it that in terms of technology I feel so powerful as a consumerand so lame as an employee? Geoffrey A. Mooreat .BYOD, Cloud, Social Media, Collaboration, multi-device strategy, integrated (Unified) Communication means, How many of these are part of your (governed) strategy ? Consumer IT has become more powerful than professional IT ! 9. ChallengesWHAT ARE WECOLLABORATING ABOUT ? 10. Most Business content is unstructured Only 5%-20% of information is structured1 Majority of companies have 2+ repositories, some even 15+! Millions in lost revenue due to time wasted searching for data2 72% of AIIM members state it is harder to find information owned by their organization than information not owned by them3 siloed structures, strict hierarchy, control as a job protection mean, are going against Knowledge Management 86% of companies still do paper-based transactions4 Source: 1) The Economist. Feb 2010. 2) Network World, 2007. 3) AIIM Survey, 2010. 4) Anoto Group, June 2010 10 11. WhatisContent?Images HRinformation Information increases by 200% ContractsHandleidingen every year(ForresterResearch)InstantMessages Email&amp;Forms Unstructured More than 80% of information is Attachments unstructured (Fulcrum Research) StructuredRijenenKolommenPDFsRichMedia DocumentsPaperClaimsWebPagesAudio&amp;VideoXMLInvoicesRecordsSource:DocByte 12. ECMBasics EnterpriseContent ContentServerRepository WorkingwiththeRepository Management(ECM) Images X-rays Problemsassociatedwith ContractsManualsunstructuredcontent: Instant Messages Forms IneffectivelyclassifiedEmail &amp;Attachments Unstructured DifficulttofindStructuredChecks NotsecureRows andColumns DifficulttoverifyPDFsauthenticity Rich Media Documents Unregulated ClaimsPaper Web Pages Audio &amp; Video XML InvoicesRecords Source:DocByte 13. Challenges1 Major part of information needed by the knowledge worker is unstructuredweb Informationwhite papers 40%ofworktimeisusedSOPs product requirementstoabsorbinformation video emails competitive analysisNDA meeting notesMRP project plans Min.25%ofworktimeisusedanimationOrder Unstructuredtofindowninformationback lettersMgmt. invoicesERPphotos 80%ofthatinformationCRMStructured fingerprintsisunstructuredresumes Source:FulcrumResearch Policyproposals Mgmt. SOWs contracts 90%ofthisinformation researchisunmanaged detailed designsmarket requirements specifications presentations scanned documentsforms POs illustrationsSource:DocBytedata sheets 14. Challenges2 Unstructured information is very often unmanaged/unvalued Uncontrolledinformationincreases by36%/year (email,documents,etc.) Informationyoudontmanage,Uncontrolled andthatyoucantretrieve whenneeded,hasnomore/low Controlled valuetoyourorganisation. Thisinformationshouldbegoverned duetolegislation/compliance requirements. 15. Increasing Proliferation of Business Content Informationvolumeisgrowingby50%annually,ofwhich80%90%isunstructuredVelocity90%ofunstructuredinformationis unmanaged VarietyVolumeContentincludesnotonly electronicfiles andemailbutComplexityalsoIM,richHugepotentialincrease media,andinlegalandediscoverysocialmedia costsduetorequirements forcorporategovernance Source:Gartner 16. TodaysbusinesschallengesHowtoReducetimespentretrievingandprocessinginformationFacilitateinformationsharingandcollaborationforvirtualteamsfromanywhere Virtualteamsshouldntproducevirtualresults.Protect andsafeguardEnterprisecontentatanytimeCapture businesscontentforintegrationwithdocumentcentricprocesses(post topre indexingisakeyshifttoallowyourKnowledgeWorkersfocusingonprocess&amp;notindexing)ImproveserviceandresponsivenesstocustomersComply withindustryandgovernmentregulationsReduceoperationalcostsAlignedstrategyofECM/IM+Collaboration+UnifiedCommunication+AppsasaService/Appsvirtualized+DesktopVirtualization+Adaptivedeviceusage+Socialmediatostimulateemployee&amp;customerengagementallowsfacingthatultimatechallengeof:Domore,quicker,better,andatlowestcost! 17. ChallengesWHAT / HOW CAN A MEANINGFULCOLLABORATIVE STRATEGYDO ABOUT IT ? 18. WhatisECM/IM?Thecontentroadparadigm:Source:AIIM.orgIMisaGermanSpeedway:youreallowedtodrivefast,butmostofitisconstantlyunderworks.ThatswhyInformationManagementshouldbeanalignedstrategytopdown!YannisNakos. 19. What still to expect from theECM/IM market now? Never-ending vendor consolidation: what &amp; whos next ? Never-ending discipline extention: BIG DATA, e-CRM, UC Mobility + Ubiquity + Speed = Flexible (digital) Workplace.ECM/IM is becoming a Business Transformation mean(a strategy translating into processes and tools / HW/SW), to helporganizations anticipate or react quicker to business issues,from anywhere, at any time: its about performance, agility,tracability &amp; knowledgeable decision support. 20. Market consolidation, realy ? BPM and analytics (BAM) hasbeen a major trend for ECMplatforms for years Now allowing BIG DATA(bringing to ECM process centricity &amp;predictability+ performance improvement) ECM platforms became a trend, a must-have for IT leaders. ECM BRICKS EVERYWHERE.(if you check top-down youll most likelyfind too many repositories in yourorganisation alreadyWhat about cost, performance, efficiency,maintenability?) 21. Trends as foundation to Digital WorkplaceWHAT ARE THE TRENDS ININFORMATION MANAGEMENT? 22. A (new) new reality for ECM/IMEven morecorporate functionstosupportnow through ECMatcustomers,newbeasts tomanage: eCRM,multichannelMarketingcampaigns,BI,MDM,eDiscovery Blogs, Wikis, ILM, Enterprise Collaboration, (meta)DataWorkflows, Bridge Model, CMIS, to Unified Search, RM,Communication, Moreq2010,Chat, WCMS, DAM, e- Forms, CampaignMgt, e-CRM, CopyrightGartner.2012. 23. This is a corporate program not a project Only part of it is software Filing plan Metadata design Security Do not underestimate the process and procedurespart of the project Four eyes principle Chain of custody Legal: discovery, litigation support, ... Not your typical IT driven project:new stakeholders tend to drive this one Not only about digital content......23 24. BIG DATA (1)Applying Structured DatatechniquestoUnstructured contentforbusinesspredictabilityCopyrightbyGartner.2012. 25. BIG DATA (2) Courtesy ofGartner.2012. 26. Collaboration 2.0 (1) TCOvs TVOCourtesy ofCSC.2010. 27. Collaboration 2.0 (2) Collaboration its not (anymore) aboutdeploying a collaborative platform. Its aboutsetting up a set of means adapted to all your knowledge workers,taking into account their specificities. Its also aboutshifting to more agile strategiesaccomodating multiple devices,IT becoming contextual as you are. That extends ECM/IM into a all new field ofdisciplines such as ILM, Virtualization,Cloud strategies, multi/cross-device ubiquity,Unified Communications, infrastructure 28. Theres a shift happeningDecision cycles reduce, IM must supportdelegation &amp; collaboration anywhere/anytime. 29. Theres a shift happening Agile is impacting the type of services we deploy towards our customers(ex: Advanced Case Mgt./Collaboration) but it will impact more and more the way we deploy them as well.Bridging IM initiatives at various paces, and at different organisationalunits proves a necessity. SOA and ITIL industrialization may help.(re-)Think your ECM/IM offering/strategy, elaborate your methodology, chose forindustrialized solutions/integrations, because youll have less and less time toassemble customer solutions in the future. 30. SoR vs. SoECopyrightAIIM. 31. SoE vs. SoRFrom records to engagement OriginalIPofG.A.MooreCopyrighted material.DesignbyY.Nakos. 32. Strategic Planning AssumptionBy 2015, 40% of large enterprises will have a corporate "Facebook." Do you really think youll escape ?Contains copyrighted material from Microsoft and Gartner 33. Conclusions 5 proposals by AIIM may help prepare your thoughts for a successful digital office: #1 Commit to the cloud. Its about agility. #2 Mobilize everything. Be able to serve your information and processes to mobile users. Theyll soon be the majority of your force. #3 Make the business social. Engage with your task forces &amp; public. Push 2 ways communication, Intranet was about 1 way ! #4 Digitize anything that moves. Paper at the office doesnt allow processing out of office. #5 Prepare for extreme information management. Volumes, formats, sources, &amp; according counstraints wont reduce quite the opposite. Including copyrighted material from Gartner33 34. Thank you.Enjoy the rest of your seminarAnd for next events check here:LinkedIn Group: Group: </p>