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    Reference Manual for T.Y.B.Com Examination

    For all the Commerce Papers

    MHRM (commerce paper III)


    Section - I : Marketing

    1. Introduction to Marketing(A) Marketing - Nature, Importance and Scope. Concepts : Selling Concept,Marketing Concept andSocietal Concept. Role of Marketing Managers in Changing MarketingEnvironment.(B) Market Opportunity Analysis - Marketing Research and MarketingInformation System (MIS) -Concepts, nature and importance in marketing decisions.

    2. Consumer Behaviour and Market SegmentationConsumer Behaviour - Nature and factors influencing it. Consumer'sbuying decisions process. Market

    Segmentation - Nature, importance and basis of segmentation. NicheMarketing; Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM) - Need and importance - Techniques of building CRM.

    3. Marketing Mix : Nature and Importance.(A) product Mix - Product Life Cycle (PLC) - Branding - Brand Selection -Brand Extension - BrandPositioning and Brand Equity.(B) Price Mix - Factors influencing the price - Pricing Methods.(C) Place Mix - Direct and Indirect Marketing - Factors influencing channeldecisions - Managingchannel intermediaries (Distribution Network)(D) Promotion Mix Elements - Role of Advertising, Salesmanship andPublic relations in promotion - Recent Promotion Tools used in IndianCompanies.

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    4. Recent Trends in Marketing :(A) Service Marketing - Special features - Problems in marketing ofservices.(B) Rural Marketing - Nature and Growth - Problems of Rural Marketing inIndia - Measures for effective Rural Marketing.(C) Social Marketing(D) Green Marketing(E) Event Marketing(F) Internet Marketing(G) Telemarketing(H) Retail Marketing

    5. Case Studies

    Section - II : Human Resource Management (HRM)

    6. Introduction to Human Resource Management(A) concept of HRM - its Nature, Importance and Functions - Role of HRManagers in the changingBusiness Environment.(B) Human Resource Planning : Importance and Steps in HRP - Job

    Analysis - Meaning and Uses -

    Recruitment and its sources - Selection Procedure - Employment Tests &Interviews - their roles & types - Importance of Placement and Induction.

    7. Human Resource Development (HRD)Concept and Scope of HRD - Training and Development - Importance,Types and Methods - Performance

    Appraisal - benefits, limitations and techniques of appraisal. 360 DegreeAppraisal, Employee Retention- Compensation and Incentives - Performance related pay.

    8. Human RelationsNature and Importance of human relations - Leadership - Traits andStyles. Motivation - Factors of Motivation- Theories of Motivation - Maslow's Theory, Herzberg's Theory andMcGregor's X & Y Theory. Employee Morale - Nature and Importance.Grievance Handling and Procedure.

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    9. Current Issues in HRM :

    y Human Resource Accounting - Concept, advantages andlimitations


    Human Resource Audit - Objectives and scopey Group Dynamics and Team Building - nature and significance

    y Emotional Quotient and Mentoring - meaning and importance

    y Career Planning and Development - nature and importance Need for succession planning.

    y Empowerment and Participation - meaning and significance

    y Emerging Challenges in HRM - managing workforce diversity-managing downsizing, outsourcing

    y Safety and Security Management - Importance.

    10. Case Studies

    Question Paper Format

    y The paper will consist of TWO SECTIONS of 50 Marks each

    y Each section will have 5 questions, each question of 10 Marks.

    y Questions 1,2, 3, 4 of section I and questions 6, 7, 8, 9 of section II

    will be essay type, having either/or option (internal option)y Q.5 in Section I and Q. 10 in Section II will be on Case Study of

    10 marks each, with option of writing short notes on any TWO out ofFOUR, each carrying 5 Marks.

    y Every essay type question will consist of a term or concept for whichmeaning needs to be written.

    Tips1. The moment you get the Question paper on hand devote at least5 minutes with the paper to select the Questions for which you

    could write the BEST of the answer.2. After selecting the Questions that you are going to attempt fix

    the priority within the selected Questions, in order to attempt inthe order of THE BEST, THE SECOND BEST, THE THIRD BESTand so on.

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    3. This act on your part will not only enable you to complete thepaper on time but also, to gain good impression in the eyes ofthe examiner.

    4. Start Answer to new Question on a new page.5. Allot 15 minutes each for writing the answer to each Question in

    Section I and Section II.6. This will take exactly TWO hours to finish the long answers in

    both the sections. Section I (4X15 = 60 minutes)Section II (4X15 = 60 minutes)

    7. Allot 20 minutes each for attempting Case Study in both thesections. (20X2 Case Studies = 40 minutes)

    8. This gives you 15 more minutes left on hand so, even if, there isa spillover of time for some long answers, the student will find itcomfortable to finish the paper on time and also will be able to

    write quality answers.

    Question Bank

    Section - I

    1. Introduction to Marketing:-Definition and features of Marketing.

    Scope of Marketing.-Importance of Marketing.-Relationship Marketing.

    Role of Marketing Manager in changing marketing environment.-Concepts of Marketing.-M.R. and MIS : meaning, features.-M.R. v/s. MIS.

    -Essential components of MIS.-Role of MR and MIS.-Market Opportunity Analysis.

    2. Consumer Behaviour and Market Segmentation-Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour.-Consumer Buying Decision Process.

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    -Bases of Market Segmentation.-Merits of Market Segmentation.-Essentials of Effective Market Segmentation.-CRM: meaning and importance.-Techniques of CRM.-Strategies to develop Customer Loyalty.-Niche Marketing.

    3. Marketing Mix:-Marketing Mix: definition, nature and importance.-Product Mix: definition and product mix decision.-Strategies at Product Life Cycle.-Meaning of a Brand.-Brand Extension: meaning and types.

    -Brand Positioning and Brand Equity.-Factors influencing Product Pricing.-Pricing Methods.-Skimming v/s. Penetration Policy.-Factors influencing channel decisions.-Elements of Promotion Mix-Role of advertising, PR, Personal selling.

    4. Recent Trends in Marketing:-Services: definition, features, problems in marketing.-Rural Marketing: Factors, problems and measures.-Importance of Social marketing and Green Marketing.-Event Marketing: meaning and recent trends.-Internet marketing: meaning, types, merits and demerits.-Recent trends in telemarketing and retail marketing.

    5. Case StudiesORShort Notes


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    Section II

    6. Introduction to Human Resource Management :

    Conceptual Question:

    1) Human Resource Management (HRM)

    2) Humana Resource Planning (HRP)

    3) Human Resource

    4) Job Analysis

    5) Job Description

    6) Job Specification

    7) H.R.I.S

    8) Job Design

    9) Recruitment

    10) Employment Test

    11) Types of Interviews12) Induction

    13) Placement

    14) Job Enrichment

    15) Job Evaluation

    Long Answers:

    Q1. Explain the nature of Human Resource Management.

    Q2. Describe the importance (Objectives) of Human Resource


    Q3. What are the functions (Scope) of Human Resource Management?

    Q4. Elaborate on the role of HR manager in changing environment.

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    Q5. Discuss the importance of Human Resource Planning.

    Q6. What steps need to be followed in the process of Human Resource


    Q7. Describe the uses of Job Analysis.

    Q8. Explain the objectives, merits & demerits of the sources of


    Q9. What are the steps to be followed in the process of selecting the

    potential employees for your organization?


    Explain the steps involved in scientific selection process.

    Q10. Explain the different types of Employment Test.

    Q11. Describe the role (advantages) played by interview.

    Q12. Explain the need (importance) of conducting Induction Training.

    Q13. Explain the importance of Placement.

    7. Human Resource Development (HRD)

    Conceptual Question:

    1)Human Resource Development.

    2)Training & Development.

    3)Methods of Managerial Development.

    4) Performance Appraisal (Merit rating).5)Techniques/Methods of Performance Appraisal.

    6)360 Degree Appraisal.

    7)Human Resource Accounting

    8)Employee Retention.

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    10) Performance Related Pay

    Long Answers:

    Q1. Explain the Nature & scope of Human Resource Development.

    Q2. Elaborate on the Objectives & importance of HRD.

    Q3. Describe the Importance (purpose) of Training & Development.

    Q4. What are the Principles of Training?

    Q5. Explain the different types of training managerial personnel.

    Q6. Elucidate the Methods of managerial training & development.

    (On-The Job methods & Off-The Job methods)

    Q7. Describe the Benefits & limitations of Personal training.

    Q8. What are the different Methods of personal training? Explain.

    (Traditional & Modern)

    Q9. Comment on the measures that are adopted to retain employees in

    an organization.

    Q10. What are the E