tips for winter hot tub energy saving

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Owning a hot tub is a great luxury to have as it can create much entertainment for the whole family. As you may know it can be quite expensive to own a hot tub as you've got many things to pay for such as hot tub maintenance costs and running costs. Here are our top tips!


  • 1. Tips For Winter Hot Tub Energy Saving

2. Owning a hot tub is a great luxury to have as itcan create much entertainment for the wholefamily. 3. As you may know it can be quite expensive toown a hot tub as you've got many things to payfor such as hot tub maintenance costs andrunning costs. 4. If you're looking for ways to keep the runningcosts down this winter then follow thispresentation on ways to save energy on your hottub! 5. COVERFirst things first is the hot tub cover. This is the mostimportant thing you need in order to keep the heat inand to stop unwanted debris entering the tub whenit's not in use. If it's starting to look old and tatty thenit's definitely worth investing in a good, thick hot tubcover.A good cover will also reduce the need for regularhot tub maintenance. 6. CHANGE THE PROGRAMMEChange the program on your hot tub soyour filter/heat cycles only run at night (thiswill only make it cheaper if you've got a'night-rate' metre) 7. CHANGE THE TEMPERATURECheck your owner's manual to see if yourhot tub controls have a "economy" or"standby" mode, leaving your tub 10-15degrees cooler than your set temp when notin use can really help to save on heatingcosts. 8. QUALITY THERMAL BLANKETInvest in a good quality thermal blanket orsolar cover to help keep evaporation downunder your hot tub cover. 9. INSULATIONIf you own a portable hot tub then you'lldefinitely benefit from a layer of foam boardinsulation under your hot tub. Unfortunatelyportable hot tubs tend not to be very wellinsulated on the floor and a lot of heat canescape through the bottom. 10. BUILD A FENCEPreventing any freezing cold winds fromhitting your hot tub can save big amounts ofenergy. This can simply be done with aprivacy panel or a fence. 11. KEEP DRYKeep your hot tub away from drippingedges, as water and ice start to fall on thecover/cabinet it will drop the temperature ofthe water quicker. 12. SOUTH FACINGThis tip is more for people who haven't yetinstalled their hot tub but positioning yourtub on a South-facing exposure, or in a sun-exposedcorner will help to keep up thewater temperature. 13. PUT THE COVER ONLastly remember to put the cover back overyour hot tub as soon as it's no longer in use.The heat will escape very quickly when thecover is off so you want to make sure you'redoing everything to help keep in the heat.