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  1. 1. Tips on Traveling with Pets for Better VacationEveryone loves to travel in different places for different kind ofexperience, so does our pets. And having with pet with you on avacation is much more exciting and cheerful. You will surely bemore proud of your adorable companion when his natural charismaattracts friendly people on greeting and smiling on them that is so muchjoyful. Either getting back to the memorable places youve been orexploring new places, having your pet with you will never be boring. Forthose who already experience, traveling without their pet is not vacationat all and leaving that friendly and sweet face at home is hard.And ensuring their comfort and safety all the time is never too hard withreliable stuffs and tricks for your pet. Here are some tips and things foryour pet during travel.Proper Preparation. When flying with pet, first step is to call the airlinesfor their policy and requirements. You may need special crates or cagethat is allowed by the airline and also ensures the comfort of your pet.Next is a vet check up but not too early, around 10 days before theflight. This is important as some of the hotels are looking for healthcertificate or documentation of your pet before accepting them. Shotsand vaccines should be up to date.Tip: Sometimes an active dog gets stressed on the plane when there aredistractions and unusual noise they hear. Ask your vet about tranquilizerso or sedative but consider your pets respiratory distress when in highaltitude.Pet Friendly Destination. Aside from targeting the pet friendly hotels orinn, check too if there are specialized policies for pets and animals onyour destination, such as quarantine. Plan your routine and destinationthat you and your pet would enjoy and stress free.
  2. 2. Pet Travel with Car. Either long or longer land travel; it is importantfirst that your pet gets used to it and would not experience anxiety ormotion sickness. Usually dogs love to look out and see many things soensure he have the secured seat, straps, harness or barrier for your petand people safety, especially distraction from the driver. For longertravel while your dog needs a warmer bed, look for specialized andportable pet bed warmer that can be plugged on car power outlet.Tips: For energetic dogs, exercising first before carride is advisable so your dog will be more likelyresting. And whether walking under the sunlight orlooking outside the car window, there are eyeprotective goggles called Doggles for dogs againstharsh UV light and debris. Portable water and foodcontainers as well as first aid kit should be packed andalways on his side.Calm and Relax Atmosphere. You as a leader and master of your pet isalways his reference towards the things that are happening. It is veryimportant that from start, during and return home, you give positive andrelax feeling for your pet. Whenever your have to leave your pet on thecabin of the plane, do not give him a feeling that he is alone and mightupset him, leave a praise and encouragement that everythings will befine. Your dog may growl at things or new people and it should be fineas he wants to check out if the environment is under control, still yourpositive atmosphere is needed to keep him relax.For all pet travel needs, call or visit this awesome pet store with greatdeals at Doggles for Dogeye protection