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  • Easy Tips to Help Your Computer Run


  • Your computer may run slow as it becomes old but there are certainly some easytips to help your computer get back its speed and performance. One of the mostenjoyable things about working on a new computer is its performance and speed.It starts fast, opens applications and programs in a moment and does not evenlet you keep waiting for programs to open for hours.

    There is no doubt that, the more number of years you keep using a computer, theslower becomes its speed performance. You might get tempted to buy a brandnew computer or call for professional computer help but you can avoid these twooptions. You will be able to get back the speed of your computer with a fewsimple tips. They are easy enough to practice and wont even cost you more timeor money.

    From speeding up the start up process to cleaning up the hard drive to runningvirus checking software programs each time, there are many choices available forrestoring the speed of your computer without seeking professional computerhelp.

  • Before you press for expert computer help or replace your computer with a newone, try out our recommended tips to get yours PC running with full speed again.

    Accelerate your computer startup process with programs like Autoruns - The mostcommon type of computer slowdown faced is delay in startup or booting. Initiallynew computers boot fast almost within minutes but after using them for years, theyused to take hours for it. Its because more time is taken by your computer instarting many unnecessary third party programs like printer software, securitysoftware and driver updates during the start up process. You can download freeprograms like Autoruns to prevent certain programs from loading during start up.You can also use another in-built tool in your windows PC , MSConfig and uncheckall those boxes corresponding to the programs you dont like to run and cause delayin computer start up.

    Uninstall programs that no longer in use Go to the control panel through startmenu and consider to delete every single program that you no more use or need.

  • Dont overload your computer with many simultaneously running programs When many programs run simultaneously, they are enough to keep your computeroverloaded and slow. So, you will have to close every other program that ispresently not required. Your computer will start to run with its usual speed verysoon.

    Thoroughly clean the hard drive to remove the clutter From removingunnecessary files and temp files from the hard disk of computer to making theRecycle Bin empty, everything will have to be done using the Disk Cleanup utilityprovided in your PC. It will help release more space in the computer and add to itsspeed performance.

    Continue with regular software updates The latest software updates will have tobe checked and clicked on in order to make your computer run faster and better.Some of these updates are delivered automatically on your computer.

  • Run Antivirus software to scan your computer and keep it safe There are manyfree virus scan and protection software like Glary Utilities and Malwarebyteswhich you can make sure to run before starting up your computer. It willautomatically proceed, scan and fix the issues before allowing you to let work onyour computer comfortably. In this way, your computer can be safe and securefrom virus attack.

    Go for Defragging Defragging is a great option as it checks all the files on yoursystem and reorganizes them economically to save more space on hard drive andbring a boost in speed too.

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