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Normally exams and tests can be a stressful time for most students.


  • 1. Tips to Prepare For Exam Presented By: Nicole

2. Introduction Normally exams and tests can be a stressful time for most students. There are the students who really worried about exam and they dont know how to prepare exam. Here are the tips to prepare for the main exam and how to get revision init. 3. Exam Reviews During the examination, student should review all the subject and review all the question papers. Student also increase their study time and subject were youre in weak. Take a time for studies. Review your subject daily. Take a practice tests. If applicable. 4. Tips for Revision Study in a quiet and very good place away from TV and computers etc., that is both light and comfortable. Create summary notes and anything simple that helps your memory. Get help, ask friends and family to test you. record yourself reading notes and occasionally listen to them instead of reading. 5. Follow Your Guides Teachers have extremely stressful jobs. Many teacher have the student to get better rank for main exam. So involve your mind into studies and work towards your goal. Teachers are very good to motivate the students to get better mark in exams. 6. Steps to Follow Be involved while study for exam, Be volunteer in the classroom, Always attend teacher meetings, Take a guide from teacher and listen her words. If you go home and tell your kids. 7. Conclusion Follow all these steps and clear your exam. Understand the concept. Source from: