tips to save money while traveling

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Tips to save money while traveling



2. Buy Cheap Air ticketsThere is no real shortcut for finding cheap airfares, the sooner one starts assessing the airfares thefaster will get the deals and cheaper fares 3. Search various travel websitesTake alternatives from different airports and also differentdates that offer cheaper fares. Avoid last minute bookings. 4. Select week days, Watch price fluctuationFares will be comparatively less for week days, earlymorning and late night flying. Book round trips. 5. Pack Light, Choose right travel insurance, Get instant discountsPack less for the travel as most airlines charge additional fora second piece of luggage. Choose a travel insurance best fitting the budget. Check whether you qualified for instant discounts 6. Choose the right destination, Prefer a package tourPlan a holiday in a beautiful place but have a lower cost of living. . A package tour which includes the air ticket, hotel reservation, visa,transfers and sightseeing is a better option for discount rates. Check last minute hotel deals. 7. Avail public transport, Avoid creditcards for shopping, Get coupons for sightseeingUse public transport for local traveling. Pay cash instead of credit cards while shopping, as transactions charges are more. Get coupons or promotional offers to see the coolest attractions. 8. Now you can enjoy a comfortable andtrouble free travel without a financialcrunch