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Interesting and essential information about Tithi and Nakshatra in Bhavishya Purana


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    Tithis & Nakshatra Lords: Bhavishya Puarana

    By Shubhangi Naik, India (Submitted in March 2008)

    strology is a Shastra & while learning a Shastra a true learner reads and remembers the subject as per textual references so that when he wishes to refer back to it or pass on that knowledge to others he does so with textual

    reference. Apart from this, in order to avoid personal injunctions and personal theories to creep into astrology one needs to stick to the classics & authorities. It is generally observed in the net world that we students of astrology & even modern day scholars are not aware of the rich knowledge the Puranas have in terms of astrological knowledge and it is for these readers we have from the start brought out the astrological & remedial scriptural knowledge contained in the Puranas often ignored. Some modern day astrologers pass this as parampara or secret knowledge but all this is available in texts if one searches for it. Below are specific remedies the village astrologers in India have used from time immemorial knowing its true significance whereas the city breed astrologers ignore it due to lack of parampara. Until now, this has not been revealed in the net world hence it is deemed fit that it occupies space in the E Mag Saptarishis Astrology Magazine for the benefit of all.

    Bhavishya Purana Chapter 102 Sumantu Muni (Sages are also addressed as Muni) said: O King! Lord Surya (the Sun God) likes all the tithis but Saptami (the 7 th day of the lunar month) is its favorite.

    Shatanik inquired: When lord Surya like all the tithis then why charities, Yagnas done on the Saptami are specifically significant.

    Sumantu Muni said: O King! In the past, Lord Vishnu has inquired on this subject to Lord Brahma, which I now recite to you in the same way as said by Lord Brahma. Please listen..

    Lord Brahma Said: O Vishnu! At the time of division of constellations, Pratipada (1 st day of the lunar month) and other tithis were given to Agni (Fire God) and other Gods respectively and Saptami was given to the Sun God. Whoever was



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    given the tithis became the lords of the respective tithis. Therefore, when such lords are worshiped on their day with mantras they give desired results.

    The Sun God distributed the Tithis in the following manner.

    Pratipada (1 st day of the lunar month) to Agni (the Fire God) Dwithiya (2 nd day of the lunar month) to Brahma (the Creator) Tritiya (3 rd day of the lunar month) to Kuber (the God of Wealth) Chaturthi (4 th day of the lunar month) to Ganesha Panchami (5 th day of the lunar month) to Nagaraj (King of the Snakes) Shashti (6 th day of the lunar month) to Kartikeya (the warrior god, also brother of lord Ganesha) Saptami (7 th day of the lunar month) for Self (Sun God) Ashtami (8 th day of the lunar month) to Rudra (Lord Shiva) Navami (9 th day of the lunar month) to Durga (Universal Mother) Dashami (10 th day of the lunar month) to his own son, Yama Ekadashi (11 th day of the lunar month) to Vishwadev (lord of the world) Dwadashi (12 th day of the lunar month) to Vishnu Trayodashi (13 th day of the lunar month) to Kamadev Chaturdashi (14 th day of the lunar month) to Shiva Poornima (15 th day of the lunar month, full moon) to Moon; And to the Spirits, the pure and pious Amavasya (15 th day of the lunar month, new moon).

    The 15 th tithis are of Moon. In Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon), the Gods immerse themselves in these tithis and they rise again in the Waxing phase from the 16 th

    day onward. However, there is a phase called shodash (16th) which is never destroyed. The Sun God stays in that phase. This way the enlarging and diminishing of the tithis are managed by Sun god itself, so the Sun God is the lord of all the tithis.

    Now I tell you in brief how other gods fulfill the wishes of their worshipers.

    Fulfillment of Wishes

    Worshiping Fire god on Pratipada followed by Havan (The ritual consisting of prayers, chanting, offerings, etc.) gives unlimited grains and wealth.

    Worshiping Brahma on the Dwitiya and feeding the celibate Brahmin makes the person expert in all kinds of learnings.


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    Worshiping Kuber on its day, Tritiya makes the person wealthy and also gets gains and success in all commercial dealings. (Useful for businessmen & job seekers)

    Worshiping Ganesha on Chaturthi destroys all obstacles.

    Worshiping Nagas (snakes) on Panchami frees the person from fear of poison and also gets spouse, sons and the supreme Laxmi (the goddess of wealth). (For those who suffer from Sarpa Dosh)

    Worshiping Kartikeya on Shashti makes the person handsome, long lived, genius, and also enhances ones own fame.

    On Saptami, one should worship Suryanarayan by the name of Chirabhanu, who is the Lord and the Protector of ALL.

    On Ashtami one should worship Shiva accompanied with bull, it gives abundant knowledge and beauty. Lord Shiva gives knowledge, frees from bonding and wins over death.

    By worshiping Durga on Navami, the person willfully passes through all the phases of the life and also gets victory in the wars and success in dealing with the people.

    Worshiping Yama on Dashami, frees the person from all kinds of ailments, prevents hell and death sufferings. (for individuals who are very sick & going through extreme tough times)

    Worshiping Vishwadeva on Ekadashi gives progeny, wealth and land.

    Worshiping Vishnu on Dwadashi, the person becomes victorious and becomes worshipable in the community the way Sun god is worshipable.

    Worshiping Kamadeva on Trayodashi gives good look and desired spouse and all the desires are fulfilled.

    Worshiping Lord of the Lords, Sadashiva, on Chaturdashi, one is bestowed with all the luxuries, plenty of wealth and sons.

    On worshiping Moon with full devotion on Poornima (full moon), the person rules the entire world forever and the ruling is never destroyed.


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    The person should worship the lords of the respective tithis with full devotion and with all rituals by chanting mool-mantra, names, anshu mantra and with japas and homa/havan.

    If the Pitras (departed souls of the ancestors) are worshiped on the new moon day, the persons wealth is protected and gets life & strength. Worshiping the souls even without fasting also gives the same benefits. It is essential for the persons wellbeing that the departed souls are kept happy by worshiping them.

    The person should worship the lords of the respective tithis with full devotion and with all rituals by chanting moolmantra, names, anshu mantra and with japas and homa/havan.

    Worship done this way the person remains happy on this planet and also on other planets. He becomes favorite of the lords representing those tithis and is freed from all unhappiness, obstructions and he becomes handsome, religious and like a King who destroys his enemies.

    Nakshatra Lords

    By worshiping the Nakshatra Lord occupying the specific nakshatras, all of ones wishes are fulfilled.

    Now I tell you about them (i.e. nakshatra).

    Worshiping Ashwinikumar in Ashwini nakshatra, the person gets free from all ailments and becomes long lived.

    Worshiping Yama by blue flowers and camphor in Bharani nakshatra will protect the person from premature death.

    Worshiping Agni (Fire god) in Kritika nakshatra with the garland made of Rakt Pushpa (Red flower) and with homam gives desired fruits.

    Worshiping Lord Brahma in Rohini nakshatra would fulfill all the desires.

    Worshiping Moon in Mrigshira nakshatra gives knowledge and good health.

    Worshiping Lord Shiva in Ardra nakshatra gives victory; the person is blessed on worshiping lord Shiva with Lotus and other flowers.


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    Before starting journey or undertaking any work, one should worship the nakshatra lords to get success in the task, only after which the work should be undertaken.

    Worshiping Aditi (wife of sage Kashyap, mother of Gods) in Punarvasu nakshatra gives protection to the worshipers mother.

    Worshiping Brihaspati (Jupiter) in Pushya nakshatra, then Jupiter is pleased and the person is blessed with wisdom.

    Worshiping Nagas in Ashlesha nakshatra will free one from the fears of Nagas.

    Worshiping the Pitras (departed souls) in Magha nakshatra gives wealth, sons, animals and servants.

    Worshiping Pusha in PurvaPhalguni nakshatra gives, victory, desired spouse and blesses them with good looks & wealth.

    Worshiping Sun God in Hasta nakshatra by Gandha (sandalwood paste) and flowers gives all wealth and luxuries.

    Worshiping Lord Twastha (the celestial architect) in Chitra nakshatra gives a kingdom free from enemies.

    Worshiping Vayu (Air God) in Swati nakshatra gives lots of divine strength.

    Worshiping Indragni in Vishaka nakshatra with red flowers, the person begets wealth and becomes lustrous.

    Worshiping Mitradev (Friend God) in Anuradha nakshatra with devotion and rituals, the person begets Laxmi (goddess of wealth) and long life.

    Worshiping the King of Gods Indra, in Jyestha nakshatra, the person gets strength and becomes rich and superior in wealth, behaviors and karmas.

    Worshiping gods and the departed souls with devotion in Moola nakshatra the person gains heaven and gains fruits of past good deeds.

    Worshiping Aap Jal (water god) in Purvashad nakshatra and performing havan, the person is freed from mental and physical stress. Worshiping Vishawadev and Vishweshwar, in Uttarashad nakshatra with flowers, the person begets everything. Worshiping Lord Vishnu in Shravan nakshatra with Shvet, Pita and Neel

    (white, yellow and blue) flowers the person gains wealth and victory.