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From Planetary positionQuite apart from the outline factors enumerated above, the horoscope is to be and shall be evaluated in detail much like the natal horoscope. The Varga Chakra and other areas will be investigated identically as in the natal horoscope. The Dasha applicable to the Tithi Pravesha Chakra is the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha.With this background information, let me start by looking at your husbands Tithi Pravesha Chakra for the Hindu year 2008. I will combine some of the facets of the analysis for the three years with standout features from the natal horoscopic Analysis so that the fundamental traits of the Karma to be experienced are rendered explicit. The Vedic New Year for Your husband in 2008 starts in late January. The Tithi Pravesha Chakra for 2008 is cast for the following data: (Omitted to protect the privacy of the client)The Lagna/Ascendant rising this year in the Rashi Chakra in the Tithi Pravesha Chakra is Tula/ Libra which is neither a Trikona/ trine or Kendra/ quadrant from the natal Lagna in the Rashi Chakra which is Kanya/ Virgo. It is the 2nd House therefrom. So this year cannot be said to be either outright favourable or unfavourable. If the Lagna was in a Dusthana from the natal Lagna in the Rashi Chakra, that is, in the 6th, 8th or the 12th Houses, then it may be said that the year carries an unfavourable tenor. But this is not the case. So, in view of the ongoing Sade-Sati, this may be said to be a middling year of a temperate nature. The next important determinant in annual horoscopy is the judgments of the various factors relating to the Hora Lord who is akin to the ruler of the year in Hindu annual horoscopy. The Hora Lord for the year 2008-2009 for Your husband is Saturn/ Shani. As Tula Lagna rises in the Rashi Chakra in this years Tithi Pravesha Chakra, Shani is the Yogakaraka planet for the Lagna and is capable for giving Rajayoga on its own. Given the fact that the overall nature of the year is not outright positive, Shani being the Hora Lord and Yogakaraka for the rising Lagna offsets much of the lack of outright benefit. This is a positive feature in the Rashi Chakra for the year. Further, Shani is placed in the 11th Bhava from the Lagna as the 4th and 5th Lord of the chart and can help Your husband advance in order to fulfill his ambitions and desires. Shani is joined Ketu in the 11th Bhava from the Lagna which takes away somewhat from the positive placement of Shani; this is a variant of Jara Yoga and he must refrain from succumbing to an all-suffering attitude as this may interfere with his annual prospects this year. One must point out though that this tendency of checked and curbed at the outset is not likely to prove to be much of an impediment as Shani and Ketu are naturally benefic planets and are considered well-placed in the Upachaya Bhavas denoting natural growth through Parakrama/ self-effort. The 11th Bhava from the Lagna is one such Bhava. The overall indications as to health can be gleaned from the Vara lord. The Hindu weekday on which this years Vedic birthday falls is Ravivar/ Sunday and the Sun is the lord thereof. The sun is placed in the 4th Bhava and is Badhak for Tula Lagna. It may bring unexpected troubles to health but these are very unlikely to be serious. The sun in the 4th House carries the minimum Digbala/ directional strength and therefore, the risk lies in neglect. The symptoms of discomfort must not be neglected this year otherwise this can lead to both visits to hospitals as Budh/ Mercury joined the Sun in the 4th Bhava from the Lagna is the 12th Lord of nursing homes and hospitals. Further, the 4th Bhava from the Lagna is also the 12th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna and trading, stocks, mutual funds and personal health can be sources of significant expenditure.In this regard I would like to reiterate that as pointed out in the Detailed Dual Analysis, the Curse of the Moon must be remedied otherwise speculation will lead to losses. This is what has come about also. Though I was informed, I think, that remedial measures for the Shrapa have been carried out, there was nothing intimated about actual performance of the remedial measures for the Matri Shrapa. You must attempt to perform these as if I recall correctly upon my revisiting the previous work done, the adverse Moola Dasha for Your husband indicating the fructification of the Shrapa is coming to an end and there is no reason at all why the remedial measures should not be done as they will bring unhindered and immediate relief. I am certain that you would also try hard to address the Sade-Sati and what remains of the 7 years period of this life-altering Gochar/ transit of Shani through the recitation of the Sri Rudra Chamakam. Despite these ongoing challenges in the horoscope and also despite the fact that the Hindu year has not promised to be outright positive, it is very clear that if the remedial measures including the Ratna/ gemstones advised previously are adhered to, this year also has significant positives. The Arudha Lagna in the Rashi Chakra this year, showing your husbands manifest personality lies in the 5th House. The 5th House denotes children and new beginnings. The manifest image can be associated with these life areas this year along with associated factors such as expression of intelligence, fame and attainment. The 5th House is lorded by Shani, the Hora Lord and shows the dominant themes for the year. Rahu is placed here in Kumbha/ Aquarius Rashi which it lords along with Shani. The placement of Rahu in the 5th Bhava can show some non-conformist moves this year. Rahu in the Arudha Lagna cautions against anything rash and mired in confusion so let him take important decisions only after careful deliberation. Chandra is the Karaka for all Arudha Padas and Rahu is opposed to the gentle luminary, therefore, even in its own sign, Rahu poses the danger of giving an unpleasant surprise in external, social, financial and manifest life. If the unconventional energies of Rahu are channeled well then the year can bring in enormous bounty. In fact, if these placements occur in a year which is not conditioned by the Sade-Sati, it is certain to be one of financial windfall. The 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna shows the source of gains. Jupiter and Venus are placed in Dhanu/ Sagittarius in the 3rd Bhava from the Lagna, which is the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna. Guru shows gains from consultancy and this is a strong facet as the planet is placed in Dhanu Rashi. This is the best year for your husband to begin the project you have mentioned. Guru is the Karaka for lengthy writing, teaching, wisdom and expression of something meaningful. Guru is placed very powerfully in Dhanu Rashi which is its Moolatrikona sign and the Graha feels as if it would be best served by following the work that it likes. The 3rd Bhava from the Lagna relates to self-expression and to writing in particular as it also shows working with the hands. Shukra placed with Guru adds to the aesthetics and finesse of the work contemplated. Both these planets in the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna sow the seeds for massive gains. There is Rashi Drishti/ sign aspect of other Grahas to this 3rd Bhava from the Lagna which is also the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna.Moon/ Chandra and Mars/ Mangal form the Shashi-Mangal Yoga in the 9th Bhava from the Lagna. This in itself is a great combination for significant wealth. As these planets are in Mithun/ Gemini Rashi, they aspect the 11th Bhava from the Arudha Lagna with Rashi Drishti, adding to the source of gains. Thus real estate and public dealing also shape up as avenues for gains. I cannot stress the performance of remedial measures previously communicated to you strongly enough in the light of these promising combinations. Before I dwell more on these positive combinations from the view point of financial gains, I must pause in the light of some of your specific concerns about your husband. Both the Shashi-Mangal Narayan Dasha Shukra-Chandra Yoga also go by the name of Rudra Yoga. Both of these are adverse for health and specifically cause disturbances in blood pressure. Apart from that Guru governs the blood sugar and it is Shukra who causes imbalances in the ability to handle the blood sugar. Thus diabetes is usually precipitated in the Vimshottari Dasha of Shukra in the radix. Shukra opposes the effective handling of blood sugar because it is naturally inimical to Guru. The Rogapada/ A6 is the manifest expression of illness. The Shashi-Mangal Yoga in the 9th Bhava from the Lagna is conjoined the Shatrupada/ A6 in the 9th House. Symptomatic appearance of both the conditions you have mentioned can happen this year. Guru though in its own sign is placed in the 3rd Bhava which is its Marana Karaka Sthana placement: it is quite uncomfortable there. The Yoga of Guru and Shukra aspects the A6 with Rashi Drishti.There is Gajakesari Yoga formed by the excellent mutual aspect of Guru and Chandra. This can make the year very positive even given the limitations stated at the outset. The year is adverse for the mother as seen from the Rashi Chakra for this instant Tithi Pravesha Chakra. The Karaka Bhava for the mother is the 4th house. The Badhak Surya is placed there with the 12th Lord Mercury. Reckoned from the 4th Bhava as Lagna, Sun is the 8th Lord and Budh is the 6th Lord. This does not bode well for her as seen from Your husbands chart. Chandra is the Karaka for the mother. It shows Your husbands mental experience of the mother this year. Chandra is joined Mars and is aspected by Venus, which forms two Rudra Yogas making this an extremely tough year for her health. Ordinarily, the aspect of Guru could have salvaged the situation but Guru is in Marana Karaka Sthana and hardly able to better the situation. The manifest expression of this facet can be seen from the Arudha Pada of the 4th House, the A4. This is placed in the 6th Bhava from the Lagna and in the 2nd Bhava fr


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