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    Title Author

    Twin Towers, The Abbott, David

    Haunting of Derek Stone: Bayou Dogs Abbott, Tony

    Ghost Brother Adler, C S

    Wolves of Willoughby Chase Aiken, Joan

    Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Albom, Mitch

    Tuesdays with Morrie Albom, Mitch

    Ghost Cadet Alphin, Elaine

    Black Cauldron Alexander, Lloyd

    High King Alexander, Llyod

    Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop Allison, Jennifer

    Band of Brothers: E Company; 506th ;!01st Airborne Ambrose, Stephen

    Chains Anderson, Laurie

    Fever, 1793 Anderson, Laura

    Speak Anderson, Laurie

    Twisted Anderson, Laurie Halse

    Strange Case of Origami Yoda, The Angleberger, Tom

    Hollow Bettle, The Appelbaum, Susannah

    Sounder Armstrong, William

    Real Revolution: The global Story Aronson, Marc

    Dont You Know Theres a War On? Avi

    Fighting Ground Avi

    Poppy Avi

    Poppy and Rye Avi

    Seer of Shadows, The Avi

    True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Avi

    Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway? Avi

    Windcatcher Avi

    Tuck Everlasting Babbitt, Natalie

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    Miss Hickory Bailey, Carolyn

    Exploring the Titanic (NF) Ballard, Robert

    Fairy Rebel Banks, Lynne

    Indian in the Cupboard Banks, Lynne

    Farthest Away Mountain Banks, Lynne

    Return of the Indian Banks, Lynne

    Secret of the Indian Banks Lynne

    Fires of Merlin, The Barron, T A

    Mirror of Merlin, The Barron, T A

    Seven Songs of Merlin, The Barron, T A

    Peter and the Shadow Thieves Barry, Dave

    Peter and the Sword of Mercy Barry, Dave

    Peter and the Starcatchers Barry, Dave

    Yhey Called Themselves the K K K Bartoletti, Susan

    Hope Was Here Bauer, Joan

    On My Honor Baur, Marion Dane

    Muckrakers: How Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair Bausum, Ann

    Big Night Out, The Beker, Jeanne

    Humbug Bawden, Nina

    Muggles and Magic: Unofficial Guide Beaham, George

    Turn Homeward, Hannalee Beatty, Patricia

    ArchEnemy Beddor, Frank

    Seeing Redd Beddor, Frank

    Im Going to be Famous Birdseye, Tom

    Brothers of the Heart: A tory of the Old Northwest Blos, Joan

    Gathering of Days Blos, Joan

    Blubber Blume, Judy

    Iggies House Blume, Judy

    Starring Sally J Freedman as Herself Blume, Judy

    Shipwrecked! The True Adventures Blumberg, Rhoda

    of a Japanese Boy

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    Bootleg: Murder, Moonshine, and the Lawless

    Years of Prohibition Blumenthal, Karen

    What I Saw and How I Lied Blundell, Judy

    Prince and the Pauper, The Bogart, Shirley

    FDRs Alphabet Soup: New Deal Bolden, Tonya

    String in the Harp Bond, Nancy

    Shift Bradbury, Jennifer

    Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, The Bradley, Alan

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Brashares, Ann

    Story of Guns: How They Changed the World Brevard, Katherine

    9th Grade Slays Brewer, Heather

    10th Grade Bleeds Brewer, Heather

    11th Grade Burns Brewer, Heather

    12 th Grade Kills Brewer, Heather

    Caddie Woodlawn Brink, Carol

    Wish Giver: Three Tales of Coven Tree Brittain, bill

    Everywhere Brooks, Bruce

    DaVinci Code, The* Brown, Dan

    Once Upon a Crime (Sisters Grimm 4) Buckley, Michael

    Magic and other Misdemeanors, The (5) Buckley, Michael

    Shoeshine Girl Bulla, Clyde

    Day Before Christmas Bunting, Eve

    Incredible Journey Burnford, Sheila

    Little Princess Burnett, Frances

    Secret Garden Burnett, Frances

    Enormous Egg Butterworth, Oliver

    18th Emergency, The Byars, Betsy

    Animal, the Vegetable and John D Jones Byars, Betsy

    Burning Questions of Bingo Brown Byars, Betsy

    Bingo Brown, Gypsy Lover Byars, Betsy

    Cartoonist, The Byars, Betsy

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    Computer Nut Byars, Betsy

    Cracker Jackson Byars, Betsy

    Deaths Door Byars, Betsy

    Disappearing Acts Byars, Betsy

    Night Swimmers Byars, Betsy

    Not Just Anybody Family Byars, Betsy

    Pinballs Byars, Betsy

    Summer of Swans Byars, Betsy

    Trouble River Byars, Betsy

    Wanted Mud Blossom Byars, Betsy

    All-American Girl Cabot, Meg

    Being Nikki Cabot, Meg

    Princess Diaries, The Cabot, Meg

    Princess in Love Cabot, Meg

    Princess in Pink Cabot, Meg

    Princess in Waiting Cabot, Meg

    Katie John Calhoun, Mary

    Beyond the valley of Thorns Carman, Patrick

    Crossbones, The Carman, Patrick

    Dark Hills Divide, The Carman, Patrick

    Into the Mist Carman, Patrick

    Skeleton Creek Carman, Patrick

    Stargazer Carman, Patrick

    Tenth City, The Carman, Patrick

    Id Tell You I Love you, but Then Id have to Kill You Carter, Ally

    Cross My heart and Hope to Spy Carter, Ally

    Dont Judge a Girl by Her Cover Carter, Ally

    Heist Society Carter, Ally

    Only the Good Spy Young Carter, Ally

    Uncommon Criminals: A Heist Story Carter, Ally

    Graceling Cashore, Kristin

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    Behind the Attic Wall Cassedy, Sylvia

    Playmaker, The Cheaney, J B

    Notes From a Liar and Her Dog Choldenko, Gennifer

    White Mountains, The Christopher, John

    Baseball Flyhawk Christopher, Matt

    Basket Counts Christopher, Matt

    Catch That Pass! Christopher, Matt

    Center Court Sting Christopher, Matt

    Diamond Champs Christopher, Matt

    Dirt Bike Racer Christopher, Matt

    Dirt Bike Runaway Christopher, Matt

    Double Play at Short Christopher, Matt

    Face Off Christopher, Matt

    Football Fugitive Christopher, Matt

    Fox Steals home Christopher, Matt

    Great Quarterback Switch Christopher, Matt

    Hockey Machine Christopher, Matt

    Long Shot for Paul Christopher, Matt

    Penalty Shot Christopher, Matt

    Roller Hockey Radicals Christopher, Matt

    Skateboard Tough Christopher, Matt

    Snowboard Maverick Christopher, Matt

    Snowboard Showdown Christopher, Matt

    Soccer Duel Christopher, Matt

    Soccer Halfback Christopher, Matt

    Tennis Ace Christopher, Matt

    Tight End Christopher, Matt

    Wingman on Ice Christopher, Matt

    City of Ashes Clare, Cassandra

    City of Bones Clare, Cassandra

    City of Glass Clare, Cassandra

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    Beezus and Ramona Cleary, Beverly

    Dear Mr. Henshaw Cleary, Beverly

    Ellen Tebbits Cleary, Beverly

    Henry and Beezus Cleary, Beverly

    Henry Huggins Cleary, Beverly

    Mitch and Amy Cleary, Beverly

    Mouse and the Motorcycle Cleary, Beverly

    Ralph S. Mouse Cleary, Beverly

    Ramona and Her Father Cleary, Beverly

    Ramona and Her Mother Cleary, Beverly

    Ramona Forever Cleary, Beverly

    Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Cleary, Beverly

    Ramona the Brave Cleary, Beverly

    Ramona the Pest Cleary, Beverly

    Runaway Ralph Cleary, Beverly

    Socks Cleary, Beverly

    Strider Cleary, Beverly

    Where the Lilies Bloom Cleaver, Vera

    Frindle Clements, Andrew

    Jacket, The Clements, Andrew

    Landry news, The Clements, Andrew

    Lunch Money Clements, Andrew

    Things Hoped For Clements, Andrew

    Things Not Seen Clements, Andrew

    Things That Are Clements, Andrew

    Mollys Pilgrim Cohen, Barbara

    Cat Who Went to Heaven Coatsworth, Elizabeth

    Artemis Fowl Colfer, Eoin

    Artemis Fowl: Atlantis Complex Colfer, Eoin

    Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident Colfer, Eoin

    Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code Colfer, Eoin

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    Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony Colfer, Eoin

    Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception Colfer, Eoin

    Artemis Fowl: The Seventh Dwarf Colfer, Eoin

    Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox Colfer, Eoin

    My Brother Sam is Dead Collier, James

    Catching Fire Collins, Suzanne

    Hunger Games, The Collins, Suzanne

    Mockingjay Collins, Suzanne

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony Colman, Penny

    Crossed Condie, Ally

    Matched Condie, Ally

    Code Orange Cooney, Caroline

    Dark Is Rising Cooper, Susan

    Grey King Cooper, Susan

    Over Sea, Under Stone Cooper, Susan

    Hattie and the Wild Waves: A Story from Brooklyn Cooney, Barbara

    Drivers Ed Cooney, Caroline

    Three Black Swans Cooney, Caroline

    Affirmative Action Cosson, M J

    Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher Coville, Bruce

    Red Badge of Courage, The Crane, Stephen

    Children of the River Crew, Linda

    The Crow Croggon, Alison

    World of King Arthur and