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WHAT WE DOTLW Solicitors provide a wide range of legal services to both individuals and business clients. TLW are specialists in the area of financial mis-selling. We are there to assist when people have been victims of negligent or inappropriate financial advice.

Providing a comprehensive range of legal services across the UK,we can assist with financial mis-selling in the following areas:

WHO WE AREBringing together some of the best minds in legal practice, our team is made up of passionate and driven individuals dedicated to providing quality legal representation.

With a wealth of experience, our lawyers focus on providing you with the best advice and support when you need it. Committed to client care; our team of legal professionals are here to help you.

Peter has successfully represented clients in a wide range of areas including personal injury, industrial diseases, professional negligence and commercial litigation. Peter is responsible for managing and overseeing TLWs legal services.PETER MCKENNASenior Partner

Alistair joined the TLW team in 2014. Alistair is a marketing and business development specialist with over 10 years experience in similar roles. Responsible for bringing work into the firm and exploring new opportunities.ALISTAIR MCDONALDHead of Marketing &Business Development

A pension is something that many work their entire lives for and it often forms the basis of your lifestyle into your retirement.

April 2015 saw the biggest overhaul of pension legislation in decades and gave millions of people greater access to their pensions.

Unfortunately with this greater access comes greater risk as many will be exposed to unsuitable, negligent or just totally fraudulent advice which, in a matter of minutes, could cost them what they have worked years to earn.

In recent years, we have seen pension investments and scams which have lost people hundreds of millions of pension funds and sadly those people have no hope of ever recovering their lost money.

As the government makes it easier to access funds, it is our belief that this problem is only going to get worse and you have to ensure that any advice you receive is right for you and is not simply right for the person giving you the advice.

While there is no absolute way of ensuring you do not become a victim of negligent or fraudulent advice, there are some simple things to remember and check when receiving pension advice:

Never deal with anyone who contacts you as a result of a cold call, spam email or text. Just dont!

Many of the most successful pension frauds of recent years have utilised these methods to mass market and then subject those who reply to high pressure, aggressive sales.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Many fraudulent schemes or high risk investments promise high levels of returns, certainly much higher than you would receive from a traditional pension scheme. The reason for this is that either the returns are totally made up to lure people in or the investment is so high risk you have little chance of it ever working.

Is the person giving you advice regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

Many financial advisors are not actually regulated in anyway. This means pretty much what it says, theyre not regulated, they are not accountable, they dont have to adhere to any rules, you have no comeback if something goes wrong with the advice they give you.

You can check if an adviser or a firm are regulated at

Schemes registered with HMRC

Many schemes and investments will point to the fact that the scheme has been registered with HMRC and has a registration number to give you peace of mind. In reality this means nothing! HMRC are not validating the investment, they are not saying they have done full due diligence they are simply putting it on a register and giving it a registration number, this affords you no protection as an investor.

Beware of new or recently formed companies and make sure you know who the company is

Most fraudsters will have only recently setup their company, again you can check the company history

If the company is new or recently formed then despite what they tell you, they have no track record.

Whats in it for them?

Historically financial advisers who were involved in recommending these investments were doing so simply as salesmen and because they received extremely high commissions. For example, many of the investment schemes which have gone wrong in recent years offered advisers 20% 30% of the amount their clients invested as a commission. If someone is recommending an investment which sounds too good to be true, find out why, what are they making out of it.

TLW are specialists in advising those who may have been the victim of negligent or fraudulent pension advice.

If you are concerned about any investments which you may be considering or may have invested in previously.


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