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On average, only 29% of employees are engaged at an organization. The goal is to help the 54% of employees that are indifferent to gauge organizational fit.


  • 1. To Execute as Promised, Engage More Employees By Lawrence McGlown and Michael Manross

2. The rest are split between people who are indifferent or disengaged. SOLUTION A closer look at employee engagement percentages reveals opportunity. 71% of most organizations employees are not engaged. Thats a big number! Among them, 17% are disengaged providing zero worth, and as such, should be handed their good-luck-in-life papers. Conversely, the indifferent community, 54% of the total employee base, can be reclaimed. How? By helping indifferent employees rethink their fit. Specifically, by sharing insight that helps employees comprehend just how meaningful they are to their organizations. We encounter a fair number of employees who lack clear understanding of their companys business purpose, why it matters, and what they do as individuals to make the business purpose real. Many organizations wait for large budget approvals to attack this challenge enterprise-wide. BIG mistake. The challenges exist and evolve within defined workgroups. Since organizations are made of many sub-cultures, it is more effective to work through each group individually to achieve enterprise-wide engagement. On average, only 29% of an organizations employees are engaged.1 The McGlown Group { 2 } Despite this statistic, profits are being achieved across industries. Organizations can operate in this manner, but few will become anything more than a good organization. Good organizations make customer promises that sound similar to other available options. They do what they say most, but not all, of the time. And so, their reputation, among employees and customers, hovers in the neutral-to-somewhat-favorable space. CHALLENGE Its challenging to craft, let alone deliver, a meaningful customer promise when less than one-third of an executing team is engaged. In many cases, engaged employees are simply outnumbered. To survive, she must balance doing what is right for the customer with doing what will keep her employed. Net, the organization produces moderate innovation, uninspiring communications, and, depending on the touchpoint, a customer experience that may or may not meet expectations. 29% 17% 54% The goal is to help a larger percentage of employees and their customers arrive at specific conclusions with confidence: 1 Source: Gallup Poll EMPLOYEES become better champions. CUSTOMERS become better advocates. I know what we do and why it matters. I know what to sell and how. I can confidently defend my purchase decision. I understand when and why I need you. 3. The McGlown Group helps organizations translate business strategy into messaging tools that clarify what to do as an employee, and what to expect as a customer. The deliverables drive alignment between employee and customer beliefs, while pinpointing when the customer promise is, or is not, made real and what to do about it. To contact The McGlown Group, email or call {317}800-8319. Execute as PROMISED Michaels approach, eliminating complexities, makes brands easier for people to understand and use. Why is Alignment necessary? Employees and customers decide which brands they will work with and advocate for. When their beliefs are aligned, strong relationships are built and grown. Michael Manross STRATEGY DIRECTOR Lawrences approach, shaping brands with beliefs shared by employees and customers, has driven growth across numerous brands. Why is Alignment necessary? To keep employees, who all affect what customers experience, informed on how to execute as promised. Lawrence McGlown MANAGING DIRECTOR ABOUT THE AUTHORS 2013 The McGlown Group All Rights Reserved Entertainment Wine & Spirits Food & Beverage Quick-service Restaurants Education Museums Healthcare Medical Devices Oil & Gas Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting Distribution Technology Retail INDUSTRYS SERVED