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To Kill a Mockingbird. Chapters 17, 18, 19. Chapter 17. The trial begins Prosecution = Mr. Gilmer (lawyer), Bob Ewell and Mayella Ewell (witness and victim) Defense = Atticus (lawyer), Tom Robinson (defendant a.k.a. the accused). Chapter 17. Sheriff Heck Tate Called to the scene - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>To Kill a Mockingbird</p> <p>To Kill a MockingbirdChapters 17, 18, 19Chapter 17The trial beginsProsecution = Mr. Gilmer (lawyer), Bob Ewell and Mayella Ewell (witness and victim)Defense = Atticus (lawyer), Tom Robinson (defendant a.k.a. the accused)Chapter 17Sheriff Heck TateCalled to the sceneTestifies that Mayellas right eye was blackened and finger marks all around her gulletNo doctor was ever called.</p> <p>Chapter 17Robert E. Lee Ewell (Bob)if scrubbed with lye soap in very hot water, his skin was white.Testifies he saw Tom Robinson in the kitchen with MayellaHe never ran for a doctor.He is left handed and not ambidextrous.</p> <p>Chapter 18Mayella Violet Ewell19Mayellas testimony is stealthyTestifies that Tom Robinson took advantage of her</p> <p>Chapter 18Tom Robinson no use of his left armCaught in Mr. Dolphus Raymonds cotton gin as a kid</p> <p>Chapter 19Tom Robinson takes the standScout concludes that Mayella must be very lonely and that Tom Robinson must be the only person who was decent to her.Mayella kissed him.</p> <p>Chapter 19Toms mistakeI felt right sorry for her</p> <p>Chapter 19Dill cries and leaves the courtroomWhy?Scout and Dill talk to Mr. Dolphus Raymond</p>