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  • 1 - 100This is Scouts real name.

  • 1 - 100What is Jean Louise Finch?

  • This is Atticuss secret skill.

  • 1 - 100What is he is a great shooter of guns?

  • The events of the novel take place during this decade.

  • 1 - 100What is 1930s?

  • The mockingbird motif is associated with this overarching theme of the story.

  • 1 - 100What is loss of innocence or coming-of-age?

  • This character is based on an actual historical figure named Ruby Bates.

  • 1 - 100Who is Mayella Ewell?

  • 1 - 100When Atticus explains that Mayella was beaten by someone who must have led with his left, he is employing this rhetorical device.

  • 1 - 100What is logos?

  • When Atticus says In the name of God, he is employing this rhetorical device.

  • 1 - 100What is ethos?

  • When Atticus begins two consecutive sentences with In the name of God, he is employing parallel structure, as well as this device.

  • 1 - 100What is anaphora?

  • When Atticus ends two consecutive sentences with black man, he is employing this rhetorical device.

  • 1 - 100What is epistrophe?

  • When Atticus suggests that Tom possessed the unmitigated temerity to feel sorry for a white woman, unmitigated most likely means this.

  • 1 - 100What is absolute?

  • 1 - 100Hamlet tries to prove Claudiuss guilt by doing this.

  • 1 - 100What is presenting a play called the Mousetrap?

  • This character immediately acts as a foil for Hamlet, as he also asks for permission to leave Denmark at the beginning of the play.

  • 1 - 100Who is Laertes?

  • When Hamlet argues with his mother, this character is hiding behind the curtain.

  • 1 - 100Who is Polonius?

  • This is the reason that Hamlet does not kill Claudius when he has the chance.

  • 1 - 100What is he does not want Claudius to go to heaven?

  • This is the literary term for when the audience knows something the characters do not know like who is behind the curtain.

  • 1 - 100What is dramatic irony?

  • 1 - 100This is what Hamlet is debating in the To be or not to be soliloquy.

  • 1 - 100What is suicide?

  • When Hamlet mentions characters like Hecuba and Hercules, he is employing this literary device.

  • 1 - 100What is allusion?

  • When Hamlet wishes that the Everlasting had not fixd / His canon gainst self-slaughter, he is suggesting this.

  • 1 - 100What is his wish that God did not forbid suicide?

  • When Hamlet talks about churchyards yawning and hell breathing, he is employing this literary device.

  • 1 - 100What is personification?

  • When Claudius talks to his knees, he is employing a special type of personification known as this.

  • 1 - 100What is apostrophe?

  • 1 - 100Lions and tigers (A) may be identical in size, (B) but the tiger is (C) the fiercer animal and the lion (D) the strongest. (E) No error

  • 1 - 100D. the strongest

  • The decline in science education during the period (A) had two causes: less (B) funding for scientific research (C) with a decrease in jobs (D) related to space and defense. (E) No error

  • 1 - 100C. with a decrease

  • Crabs (A) living in polluted waters will come (B) in contact with large numbers of disease-causing microorganisms because (C) it feeds (D) by filtering nutrients from water. (E) No error

  • 1 - 100C. it feeds

  • The frequent name changes that the country has undergone _________ the political turbulence that has attended its recent history.Argue againstContrast withTestify toJeopardizeSustain

  • 1 - 100C. Testify to

  • Some interactive computer games are so elaborately contrived and require such ______________ strategies that only the most ____________ player can master.byzantineadroitnefariousconscientiousdeviouslackadaisicalonerousslipshodpredictablecompulsive

  • 1 - 100A. byzantineadroit

  • 1 - 100Government by the few, especially a small faction

  • 1 - 100What is an oligarchy?

  • To certify, perhaps with a stamp or a seal

  • 1 - 100What is notarize?

  • Full of or exhibiting servile compliance like Roderigo in Othello.

  • 1 - 100What is obsequious?

  • An extreme form of skepticism that denies existence is real

  • 1 - 100What is nihilism?

  • A half, part, portion, or share

  • 1 - 100What is moiety?

  • Jurgis and his family get taken advantage of in this type of bank loan scam, in which the lenders target vulnerable and ignorant people who need money

  • What is predatory mortgage lending?

  • ********Round One should contain one Daily Double question. To insert the Daily Double Screen, follow these steps:

    1. Select the desired button on this slide by clicking on it. Click on SLIDE SHOW ACTION SETTINGS Make a note of which slide the HYPERLINK is currently set to. In the Action Settings dialogue box, change the HYPERLINK to Daily Double Round 1. Click OK6. Now go to Slide Daily Double Round 1 in this presentation, and follow the directions in the Notes section****************************************************************To Complete the Daily Double Sequence for Round One:

    Click on any blue area on the slide that is currently displayed Click on Slide Show Action SettingsThe Action Settings Dialog Box will be displayed. You will see that the HYPERLINK is currently set to Slide 8Change the HYPERLINK so that it is set to the slide number you made note of previouslyClick OK until the Action Settings Dialog Box disappearsSaveReturn to Slide 8 and select View Slide Show. Test your Daily Double button to make sure it works as you wish it to.


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