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  • 1. Childhood Maturity Andrea Zapata 9 th Grade English Period 6
  • 2. Intro The topic I chose for this particular project was childhood maturity. This photo essay will show how we evolve throughout life and the challenges we will encounter on our journey into adulthood. As we all know life is not easy, but its those times which are most difficult that help shape who we will become.
  • 3. We come into this world free of sins, worry, and responsibility.
  • 4. Our parents are filled with joy the second they see us.
  • 5. As we get older we start to venture off into the world.
  • 6. We may occasionally get into conflicts, but we always find a way to resolve them.
  • 7. We eventually start the journey that will enrich our minds
  • 8. CAMP! We will go through many fun experiences. These moments will stay with us forever.
  • 9. We start to notice changes that may frighten us, but its a part of life we all go through.
  • 10. Friends may come and go
  • 11. But the ones that matter are the ones that come along and stay by your side. True friends are the ones that will try their hardest to protect you from harm even if it means risking the friendship itself.
  • 12. We start to notice the beauty in others and relationships start to form. They may not last but its the effort we put into them that make it worthwhile.
  • 13. We face several challenges that we need to overcome. Even though these challenges may be tough, we have to get through them by making a choice that we are comfortable with.
  • 14. Despite all the drama we go through we manage to survive our schooling. Then another chapter of our lives begins.
  • 15. The job hunt begins and we start to financially manage our lives. This is going to come in handy because
  • 16. we will meet someone that we want to spend the rest of our lives with and we have to support them. Before you know it, we will have children of our own.
  • 17. Age eventually catches up to us. We reminisce on the good old days.
  • 18. No matter how hard we try to resist, death finds us. A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.- Jackie Robinson
  • 19. Conclusion Throughout this project many thoughts ran through my mind. These thoughts included what am I doing with my life? and have I made a difference in someone elses? In the end, I learned that life is too short to live in the past. We need to let go of things, forgive, and try our best to be happy. Theres no reason why we shouldnt be. We need to remember that in a couple of years, none of this stupid drama thats going on is not going to matter anymore. We all just need to keep moving forward.- Walt Disney
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