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technology from the 1930's to now


  • 1. Technology : from 1930 to Today
    • How technology has changed from the 1930s to today

2. Introduction

  • If you compared todays technology to that of the 1930s youd say we have definitely advanced since then. In agreement with you Id say we have. Though we still use inventions that we used in the 1930s, weve taken them and made them better. Here is a list of the greatest inventions starting from the 1930s to today.

3. In the 1930s the BBC broadcasts a wider range of television programs until the outbreak of World War ll. At that time T.V. stayed off air until 1946. The reason why it stayed off air so long was that many of the technical staff was being used for the development of Radar for the war effort. 1930s New invention 4. 1940s New Technology

  • One of the most useful inventions that helped the human race in 1946 was the microwave, which was accidentally invented during a radar related research project.

5. 1950s New Technology

  • The First Credit card started out as a Diners card, which allowed card holders to use a single credit card at multiple businesses.

6. 1960s Great Invention Internet

  • The internet was invented in the 1960s by the U.S. Military. However, the internet that we know today has many other contributors.

7. 1970s A New Beginning in Technology

  • A big success in technology that evolved during the 70s was e-mail.

8. 1980s Best Invention: Mobile phones

  • Mobile phones started appearing in the 1980s and have been popular ever since. Compared to todays the 1980s phones were huge and bulky.

9. 1990s Useful invention One great invention that came from the 1990s was the DVD, which almost everyone in America has benefitted from.It also replaced the need for VHS. 10. New Technology from Today One of the Latest Greatest inventions that man-kind has produced is the Electric car. A car that does not require gas and runs solely by electricity. 11. Look at the Difference 1930s electric razor Modern Electric Razor 12. Look at how weve evolved 13. Works cited


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