to kill a mockingbird test review. setting maycomb, alabama (small southern town) mid 1930’s

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  • To Kill a MockingbirdTEST REVIEW

  • SETTINGMaycomb, Alabama (small southern town)mid 1930s

  • SETTINGEconomy Great Depression; povertySocial Culture racism and prejudice citizens believed white people over the word of an African-American

  • NARRATORJean Louise Finch(adult version of Scout)


  • CHARACTERSAtticus Finchlawyerfather of Jem and Scout

  • ATTICUS FINCHan independent man with his own beliefs and convictions (who was willing to act in accordance with his beliefs)

  • ATTICUS was called a n..-lover because he defended an African-American man who was accused of raping a young white woman

  • ATTICUSexplained that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird because they dont do anything but make music for people to enjoy.

  • ATTICUSbest shot in Maycomb Countywhen Atticus shot a rabid dog, his kids were very impressed

  • ATTICUSproves in court that Tom Robinson could not have raped Mayella because he had a crippled left arm from a boyhood accident

  • JEM FINCHten year-old son of Atticus Finchbrother of Scoutdisappointed that Atticus wont let him have a rifle

  • JEM FINCHcan be adventuresomeloses his pants escaping from the Radley backyard

  • SCOUT FINCHsix year-old daughter of Atticusreal name is Jean Louise Finchsister of Jem Finch

  • SCOUT FINCHcan be feisty (gets into a fight with Walter Cunningham at school; goes on adventures with Jem and Dill)

  • DILLreal name is Charles Baker Harrisgoing on seven years-oldliked to tell stories

  • DILLhometown: Meridian, Mississippi (lives there during school)visiting his aunt Miss Stephanie

  • BOO RADLEYreal name: Arthurson of Mr. Radleymysteriousnot seen in public for the last 12 years

  • BOO RADLEYBoo stabbed his dad with scissorslegend has it he was locked up in the damp basement of the courthouse and then kept in the Radley homeGOSSIP and Hearsay

  • BOO RADLEYthe children are very curious about Boo What does he look like? Is he a crazy man?

  • BOO RADLEYmends Jems pants secretlyrescues Jem and Scout from the vicious attack by Bob Ewell (Boo kills Mr. Ewell)

  • BOO RADLEYthe children discover that Boo is a kind man who cares about themBoo leaves gifts in the oak tree for the children to find

  • Cunningham FamilyWalter, Sr, and his son Walter, Jr.proud, poor farmershard-working

  • Ewell FamilyBob Ewell and his daughter, Mayellapoor, but not hard-workingBob is an alcoholic and abusive

  • Ewell FamilyMayella lies in court to support her father and protect herselfHer testimony influences the jury to find Tom Robinson guilty of rape

  • Mrs. Duboseneighborhood woman in a wheel-chairnasty dispositionhateful, spitefulAtticus speaks nicely to her

  • Miss Maudienice woman who lives across from the Finch familyshe speaks highly of Atticusshe loves working in her yard and garden

  • Tom RobinsonAfrican-American manunjustly accused of raping Mayella Ewellwrongly convicted of this crime

  • Tom RobinsonTom is shot and killed by the authorities who claimed Tom was trying to escape prison after his conviction

  • Citizens of Maycombhad racist tendenciesmany were poor farmers struggling during the Great Depression

  • FOCUS QUESTIONSWhat does Atticus mean when he tells Scout that she will never understand someone until she walks around in that persons skin?

  • FOCUS QUESTIONSScout and Jem are dynamic characters. How have they changed and matured in their thoughts, values, and actions?

  • FOCUS QUESTIONSThe mockingbird is a symbol for whatever brings beauty and love to life. One theme of this story is that it is a sin to destroy innocent creatures.

  • FOCUS QUESTIONSIdentify some characters that are examples of mockingbirds in this screenplay and in life.Describe reasons from the story that may explain why people destroy mockingbirds