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  • Warmly Welcome

    High tech

    Warmly Welcome to

    Suzhou Industrial Park

  • China- World Factory only?China- World Factory only? NOT at all,

    But the world office

  • Macro Environment for China’s Service OutsourcingMacro Environment for China’s Service Outsourcing

    Large-scale Manufacturing Basis

    Modern and Mature Infrastructure

  • Macro Environment for China’s Service OutsourcingMacro Environment for China’s Service Outsourcing

    Strong Policy Support

    Abundant Human Resource high-quality Low Cost

  • 1. Briefing on Suzhou City

    2. Briefing on SIP

  • Highway in operationHighway in operation

    Highway under constructionHighway under construction

    Hi-speed train (ready before Hi-speed train (ready before 2010)2010)

    80km 45 min80km 45 min 130km 1h 30 130km 1h 30 minmin

    A9A9 A20A20






    Municipality AreaMunicipality Area:: 8,488 sq 8,488 sq kmkm City AreaCity Area:: 1,649 sq km1,649 sq km Total populationTotal population:: 10 million10 million City populationCity population:: 2.07 million2.07 million

    Suzhou JurisdictionSuzhou Jurisdiction

  • Rich resources 34 cultural relics under state-level protection 60 classic gardens 9 classic gardens listed as World Cultural Heritage

    - Culture and History Suzhou- An ancient and modern city

  • Suzhou main economic index of 2007 in mainland China

    Utilized Foreign Investment

    G D P



    G D P per capita $12500


    Regional fiscal budget4

    Total import and export

  • 120 Fortune 500 Companies Have Their Presence in Suzhou of which 77 in SIP

    A Miracle in China —Suzhou

  • S ervice outsourcing is boomingS ervice outsourcing is booming 500 various service outsourcing companies with 50,000 staff; Total volume 300 million USD.

    Suzhou Industrial Park is the only “Model Area for Service Outsourcing” in China

  • 1. Briefing on Suzhou City

    2. Briefing on SIP

  • SIP- the unique cooperation between China and Singapore

    Launched in 1994 Launched in 1994 by by Chinese and SingaporeChinese and Singapore governments governments

  • (3) 必需是蘇州市內唯一的 CBD, 其他地區的商業商務 點只能是地區中心或以下級 別 , 體量較小 .

    Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou City


  • Expressway Exit

    Expressway Exit

    Expressway ExitExpressway Exit State Highway. 312

    Airport Highway to Hongqiao Airport

    Jinji Lake

    • A jurisdiction area of 288 sq km

    • A planned population of over 1.5 million

    City SubwayCity Subway

  • • An internationally competitive high-tech industrial park • A modern, garden-like & international city

  • Sector of Sector of Investment Investment

    Investment Investment ScaleScale

    77 77 Fortune 500 Fortune 500 with with 111111 projectsprojects

    8080Projects with Over Projects with Over US$100m InvestmentUS$100m Investment

    Average investment of each Average investment of each project over project over US$ 31mUS$ 31m

    66 Projects with Over Projects with Over US$1b InvestmentUS$1b Investment

    E u r o p e 2 5 .7 %

    U .S .A 2 3 .9 %

    J a p a n 1 1 .5 %

    K o r e a 5 .1 %

    S in g a p o r e 6 .3 %

    O t h e r s 5 %

    H K , M a c a o & T W

    2 2 .5 %

    Foreign Enterprises


    Accumulated Contractual Foreign Capital

    USD33.96 billion

    Accumulated Utilized Foreign Capital

    USD14.55 billion

  • Wuhan




    1 1 pilot area & pilot area & 1111 BPO bases BPO bases




    Suzhou Industrial Park





  • SIP-Paradise for BPOSIP-Paradise for BPO

    • Approved in 2007 By Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Science Ministry of Information

    • First ever in China

    Model Base for Service Outsourcing

  • Current Status: Pilot area for Service Outsourcing Service Outsourcing Association Official website for Service Outsourcing

    2007 Figures: Revenue of service outsourcing: RMB 5 billion Revenue of off-shore outsourcing: USD 220 million More than 400 outsourcing companies in SIP

    Current Development of Service Outsourcing in Current Development of Service Outsourcing in SIPSIP

  • Future Development of Service Future Development of Service Outsourcing Outsourcing

    •ITO - IT service, IC design, software industry, animation design …


    •KPO - R&D, insurance ,statistics processing…3

    4 •CRO - bio technology, pharmaceutical , Nano-meter technology…

    •BPO - logistics, HR management, finance, calling center… 2

  • A Miracle of All Miracles — Suzhou Industrial Park

     Clustering over 300 software companies, focusing on

    software development, software outsourcing

    and system application integration.

     Over 60 software outsourcing companies,

    Pure Software Export in USD80m in 2006;

    10 companies Passed CMMI Certification.

    Software Companies in SIP


  • Wireless Content

    2D Animation

    Digital Effect

    Cookoos Nest TaiShan HongYang TianTang Sandman FeiTian Hanwen TuTeng JinDi TianYi

    Ori Animation Shi Ao Hong En

    3D Animation


    Single-player Game


    Snail Now Game

    9 Network MASQ

    Q-Toy Xin Yi

    Ying You Ling Ge

    Internet Game


    Unbounded Learning

    PepTalk Roboo

    Bo Heng You Go


    ICT Lab

    Ao Jie

    Institute of Suzhou Software Suzhou University Art & Design Tech Institute SIPEDI SIPIVT

    Human Resource

    Venture Capital

    CSVC Kai Yi Xin Xie Yin Ji Yingke

    Suzhou National

    Animation Industry Base

  • 2D, 3D, 2D, 3D, Digital Effect


    Up to 70 R&D companiesUp to 70 R&D companies Strong cooperation with universities/companiesStrong cooperation with universities/companies

    R & D Organizations in SIP

  • Sino-Sin gapore

    Science Hub

    BPO Bio- Nano Bay

    Creative BPO Park

    BPO Hub

    SIP BPO Science park

    Ready built Carriers 2.5 million sqm floor space 1/3 in operation 1/3 available 1/3 in construction

    Ascends Suzhou BPO Center

  • Phase II

    Phase I

    Phase III S&T Plaza

    Service Apartment

    Phase IV S&T New


    Suzhou International Science Park

    SISPark orients at Software Development and IC design based on the requirements of National Software Park and International S&T Enterprise Incubator

    Multiple CarriersMultiple CarriersMultiple Carriers

  •  Located to the southwest of High Education ZoneLocated to the southwest of High Education Zone  Area: 47 hectaresArea: 47 hectares  GFA: 380,000 sqmGFA: 380,000 sqm – 100,000sqm for software outsourcing and animation industry100,000sqm for software outsourcing and animation industry

    Creative Industry Park Multiple CarriersMultiple CarriersMultiple Carriers

  • Bio-nano Park Multiple CarriersMultiple CarriersMultiple Carriers

     86.3 hectare86.3 hectare:: 50% for R&D50% for R&D,, 20% for 20% for ProductionProduction,, 30% 30% for for Commercial & residentialCommercial & residential

     Open at 2007 together with public technical platform and GLP Open at 2007 together with public technical platform and GLP animal experiment centeranimal experiment center

  • High-tech area gathering manufacture, High-tech area gathering manufacture, R&D, habitation, commerce and other R&D, habitation, commerce and other functionsfunctions

    Located in the north of SIP with an area of 4 Located in the north of SIP with an area of 4

    Multiple Carriers Sino-Singapore Science Hub

    Multiple CarriersMultiple Carriers

  • Singapore Ascends Suzhou BPO Park

    • 0.5 sq Km of land • At SIP university campus • First-class BPO facility, with commercial and residential amenities

    Multiple CarriersMultiple CarriersMultiple Carriers

  • Public Platforms IP Protection


    IDC Software Training Center

    Software Testing

    IC Design and Test

    Multiple Incubators and Public Platforms

  • Advantages of S IPAdvantages of S IP

  • Special Government Support