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Toad Tips & Tricks for DBAs

Bert Scalzo, Domain Expert, Oracle Solutions

Copyright 2006 Quest Software

About the Author Domain Expert & Product Architect for Quest SoftwareOracle Background: Worked with Oracle databases for over two decades (starting with version 4) Work history includes time at both Oracle Education and Oracle Consulting Academic Background: Several Oracle Masters certifications BS, MS and PhD in Computer Science MBA (general business) Several insurance industry designations Key Interests: Data Modeling Database Benchmarking Database Tuning & Optimization "Star Schema" Data Warehouses Oracle on Linux and specifically: RAC on Linux Articles for: Oracles Technology Network (OTN) Oracle Magazine, Oracle Informant PC Week (eWeek) Articles for: Dell Power Solutions Magazine The Linux Journal


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Agenda Quick Toad History Toad options & bundles for DBAs How to leverage Toad for DBAs Key Database Admin Interfaces & Utilities Some non-obvious yet very useful tidbits Some slides, but mostly live demo of Toad 3

HistoryOriginal Toad Freeware

Oct 98v5

June 99V6.1

Feb 00V6.3

Dec 00 April 01 Dec 01 Apr 02v6.5 v7.0 v7.2Script Manager, SQL*Loader Wizard.

Oct 02 May 03v7.4Project Manager, QSR.

v7.3HTML Schema Generator, CMD Line Support.

Initial Quest Already has 70 Debugger, SQL DBA Module. Toad Reports. release. distinct Modeler, Oracle 8 Yahoo! Groups and screens. object support. established.

v7.5Team Coding, Data Grid support for advanced data types.

Toad for Oracle Freeware Update July 05

Nov 03 July 04v7.6Session Browser, new toolbars.

June 05v8.5JIT Debugging, Citrix, RAC, enhanced 10g support.

Oct 05v8.6

Oct 06v9.0

Jun 07v9.1

Nov 07v9.5

Apr 08v9.6Debugger into Standard, Schema Browser merged with DB Browser, integration with QCTO and TDM, Vulnerability Assessment in Health Check

v8.0XML Support, CodeXpert, Script Debugger. Rebranded Toad for Oracle

Single Merged Re-designed Editor. Modeler, M/D Brower, New Reporting Engine. Improved

Integration with Policy Manager. Action Recall. SQL Optimizer 7.2 Debugger, Profiler, Toad Tips Code Xpert Vista support. CodeXpert enhancements. integration. StatsPack Browser ASM, ADDM, AWR Oracle 11g Mgt support.

Alternatives1. Freeware 2. Toad for Oracle 3. Toad for Oracle + DB Admin Module 4. Toad DBA Suite for Oracle

Lacks several dozen key DBA oriented features!!!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Toad For Oracle Xpert Toad DB Admin Module Toad Data Modeler Benchmark Factory Spotlight on Oracle!!!

TOAD DBA Suite for Oracle

Tuning Checklist

DB Menus

New DB Browser Eliminates need for most of these!

OutlineOptions General Startup Executables Windows RMAN Templates DB Browser Reload from tnsnames Right Hand Mouse Menu Tree-view of non-schema objects Subset portion of Schema Browser Server & Multi-Select Cumulative Totals

OutlineSession Browser What happened to Kill/Trace screen Configure, configure, configure New top-level Waits tab Wait hyper-links (displays info) Long-Ops Script Runner Organize your scripts Load into Editor Run in place & via Quest Script Runner Place useful scripts into main menu list Combine scripts to create new ones

OutlineHealth Check Can do multiple databases at once New Vulnerability Assessment (VA) New un/select by major category User can adjust the Params Can schedule & email results Log Miner Filter Options -> Undo Operation Send SQL to Editor Use Save As for undo commands ***VERY POWERFUL UTILITY***

OutlineTKPROF Interface Local files & FTP interface Handy but see next item Trace File Browser For those who prefer wait event analysis based upon drilling into Oracle Instrumentation Data Why pay for $$$ for Hotsos Profiler ??? Tree-view into trace file SQL Statement, Explain Plan, Raw Data Query Summary graph Trace file header Open in external editor but why

OutlineStats Pack Browser Nice, simple GUI to massive info pool Offers Wait Event Advice (to 10 events) Can run standard stats pack report Can schedule collections Can manage snapshots AWR Browser Same as above But must have OEM diagnostic pack Must use another screen for reports ADDM/AWR Reports That screen also offers Baseline mgmnt

OutlineUNIX Monitor Database Monitor Database Probe Index Monitoring HTML Schema Doc Generator DBMS Redefinition Wizard Compare Data Compare Schemas Compare Databases SGA Trace Optimization Top Session Finder RAC Toad does ASM & RAC too !!!

Thank youPlease offer any questions or commentsRemember: Like the old Prego spaghetti sauce TV commercial Its in there Toads DBA options & bundles makes Toad = SQL Developer + OEM Test Drive Today: The Evaluation Copy Activates All Toad Features!!!

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