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Download Toad Tips  Tricks -   Quest Software, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Toad Tips  Tricks Tips for Maximizing Toad Productivity OOUG 2009 Columbus, OH July 16th

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  • 2008 Quest Software, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

    Toad Tips & Tricks

    Tips for Maximizing Toad Productivity

    OOUG 2009Columbus, OHJuly 16th

  • Agenda This is more of a Live-Demo (90 minutes)

    No Paper

    Minimal Slides more demo in tool with Q&A (time permitting)

    Quest web sites offer free Coffee Bite Videos on such topics


    Everyone, regardless of job title or Toad experience, will say:

    I did not know Toad could do that (too)

    Im walking away with 4-6 very useful tips

    Time well spent only wish it had been longer

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    Bert Scalzo Database Expert & Product Architect for Quest Software

    Oracle Background: Worked with Oracle databases for over two decades (starting with version 4) Work history includes time at both Oracle Education and Oracle Consulting

    Academic Background: Several Oracle Masters certifications BS, MS and PhD in Computer Science MBA (general business) Several insurance industry designations

    Key Interests: Data Modeling Database Benchmarking Database Tuning & Optimization "Star Schema" Data Warehouses Oracle on Linux and specifically: RAC on Linux

    Articles for: Oracles Technology Network (OTN) Oracle Magazine, Oracle Informant PC Week (eWeek)

    Articles for: Dell Power Solutions

    Magazine The Linux Journal

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    Books by Bert

    Coming in 2009


  • Couple of Questions (for both our benefit)

    How many people using Toad ( most / over-half / half / under-half ) Toad Oracle 10g Oracle 11g Current on Maintenance Toad Free Information & Collaboration Toad Yahoo Discussion Groups

  • Couple of Cool Facts (for your benefit)

    Toad 9.6 made the PL/SQL Debugger part ofStandard Toad version, thus no longer requirespurchasing Toad Professional just for debugger

    Toad 9.7 gives you a free copy (for the same user) ofour new Toad for Data Analysis the multi-databaseversion of Toad aimed more at people who work withthe data, and who often try to use lesser tools like MSExcel

    There is still a Toad freeware ( were planning a significant update to it in 2009

  • Toad for Oracle 9.7 Developer BundlesToad for Oracle

    The development tool ofchoice for database

    professionals world wide.The essential tool forefficient and accurate

    Oracle DB development,including debugging.

    New for Toad for Oracle9.7:

    Querying and reportingtool (Toad for Data

    Analysis) included inToad installer

    Link to Getting Startedvideos

    Support for SubversionVCS

    Toad for OracleProfessional

    Built with a focus onbuilding code with for

    quality and maintainabilityIncludes all functionality

    in the Toad for Oraclebase edition, plus:

    Code Xpert Export File Browser

    New for Toad for Oracle9.7:

    Data generator forcreating multiple rows of

    data for one or moreOracle tables for testing Top 20 rules list for

    performing a quick codequality check

    Toad for Oracle XpertDesigned for developers

    with SQL tuningresponsibilities thatfocus on database

    performanceIncludes functionality in

    Toad for OracleProfessional, plus QuestSQL Optimizer for Oracle:

    Automated SQLoptimization

    SQL scanning Virtual index generation

    New for Toad for Oracle9.7 SQL Optimizer 7.4

    Better organization andusability in Batch

    Optimizer New options in tuning

    lab Summary report foranalyzed SQL in SQL


    Toad DevelopmentSuite for OracleEnables DatabaseDevelopment Best

    Practices and ensuresthat the best possiblecode is deployed to


    Integrated suite of threetools:

    Toad for Oracle Xpert Quest Code Tester for

    Oracle Benchmark Factory forDatabases Oracle Edition

    New for Toad for Oracle9.7:

    Greater workflowintegration with

    Benchmark Factory forDatabases allowing trace

    files to be pushed toBenchmark Factory from

    Toad to initiate a workloadreplay test

  • Toad for Oracle 9.7 DBA Bundles

    Toad for Oracle DB AdminModule (formerly DBA Module)

    Maintain database health and stability andensure the best possible performance,while minimizing the impact of changes

    on the database environment.

    New for Toad for Oracle 9.7: Database Browser enhancements

    StatsPack and AWR advisories Schema compare and synch

    enhancements Trace File Browser

    RMAN Script templates

    Toad DBA Suite for OracleSimplify common database administration

    tasks and become more proactive in solvingdatabase-related performance issues before

    end users are impacted.

    The suite includes:Toad for Oracle Xpert, with DB Admin

    ModuleSpotlight on Oracle Standard Edition

    Toad Data ModelerBenchmark Factory for Databases Oracle


    New for Toad for Oracle 9.7: Tighter workflow integration with

    Benchmark Factory for Databases allowingtrace files to be pushed to Benchmark

    Factory from Toad to initiate a workloadreplay test

    The DB Admin Module must be purchased with or added onto another edition of Toad for Oracle.

  • Oct 98 Jun 99 Feb 00 Dec 00 Apr 01 Dec 01 Apr 02 Oct 02 May 03











    v7.2Script Mgr,


    v7.3HTML SchemaDoc Generator,Command Line



    Manager,QSR Script


    v7.5Team Coding,Adv data types

    in data grids

    Nov 03

    Jul 04 Jun 05 Oct 05 Oct 06 Jun 07 Nov 07 Apr 08



    V8.0XML Support,Code Xpert,


    Rebranded:Toad for Oracle

    v8.5JIT (external)Debugging,

    Citrix support,RAC support,

    Enhanced10g support

    v8.6Query Builder,

    New ToadFast Reports,Master-Detail


    v9.0Single MergedTabbed Editor,

    New & ImprovedCode Xpert,

    Oracle OEMsASM/ADDM/AWRMgrs and Reports

    v9.1Policy Mgr,

    Action Recall,Toad Tips,

    Vista Support

    v9.5Stats PackBrowser,

    11g Support,PL/SQL Profiler,

    Code XpertBatch Mode,SQL Opt 7.2Integration


    to Standard,HC Vulnerability

    Assessment,Improved DB

    BrowserTDM Integration

    Oracle 8i

    Sep 08

    v9.7App Designer,

    Trace FileBrowser,

    New Formatter,RMAN support,Toad for Data


    Toad vs. Oracle Product Release HistoryOracle 9i

    Oracle 10g R2 Oracle 11g

    Oracle 9i R2 Oracle 10g8.1.7.4


    Oracle 9i >= Toad 9.0 Oracle 10g >= Toad 9.6 Oracle 11g >= Toad 9.7

  • Oracle Client / Server Interoperability Support(See Metalink Document 207303.1)

    Toad may work witholder client talking tonewer databases -but there might bedata type issues

  • Demo Will use Toad (latest & greatest GA version)

    Will try to focus on three different user personas

    Oracle SQL and/or PL/SQL Developer

    Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

    Business Analyst (less technical business user)

    Will show lots of feature breadth for 3 personas

    Will show some feature depth for 3 personas

    Will make sure to say what comes with what bundle

  • Presenters:Bert Scalzo:

    Questions and Answers

    Note: these slides should be available on OOUG web site, butwell also make sure to post them on our companys web site:

    Thank You