todorov's theory of narrative

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Todorov's Theory Of Narrative


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FilmEquilibriumDisruptionResolutionNew equilibriumThe PurgeFamily sitting around a dinner table awaiting the yearly purge to start, they all seem rather calm and in a safe environment. At this point the equilibrium is disrupted by the arrival of these characters. Towards the end of this film everybody returns back their normal every day lives.Insidious chapter 2Recently after their son has been possessed he returns to normal.Just when the family think everything is back to normal josh is possessed.In order to save him they investigate their family history to save the futureTowards the end he is saved and the family a free at last.Begins and everything is calm within the opening scenes of two boats. The antagonist, which is the joker, plants explosives on the boat.Batman finds a way to detonate them without killing anybody.The joker is captured and everything continues as normal.

Eventually an alarm sounds, signifying to the characters within the narrative the yearly annual purge has come to an end.