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Augmented Reality Online Review Market

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Augmented Reality Online Review Market

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The Team

Marika Lee

Software EngineerJeff Zhang

Software EngineerDanny Lam

3D Model Artist

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Have you ever…Want to go to a new restaurant and know exactly what to expect when you get there?

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Our solution:An augmented reality Yelp built on an iOS platform. By using new-age technologies, Tolen offers users to…

Experience the restaurant.

See the dishes.

Know what to expect.

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AdvantagesA clickable menu of the restaurant to view dishes as holograms.

360 degrees video of the restaurant.

Restaurants and users can give better impressions of their best-rated dishes.

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ProductSearch by restaurantView the restaurant as a 360 degree video.

Click on the food dish on the menu View a 3D model of a dish via hologram

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Use Tolen to…View 3D models of food as holograms

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Use Tolen to…See a 360 view of the restaurant.

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Use Tolen…For restaurants to showcase their dishes as holograms to the customers before they order their food.

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The Current Market“85% of hungry mobile users searching for food go on to complete a purchase.”

21 MillionAverage monthly Yelp

mobile app unique users

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Business Model Sell advertising package subscriptions to companies that list their businesses on Tolen.

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Contact:Marika Lee [email protected]/in/marikalee

Jeff Z[email protected]/in/jianfu-zhang-a585a424

Danny [email protected]

Github of project: