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Quality cladding from creative design – “TONALITY®” assures finite detail. CREATON – The brand name for creative cladding “ Now up to 1,200mm length” a d v a n t a g e t h r o u g h a n d t h r o u g h o w i n g t o t h e H I G H B A K I N G F A C T O R ®

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Tonality Cladding


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Quality cladding from creative design –“TONALITY®” assures finite detail.

CREATON – The brand name for creative cladding

“ Now up to 1,200 mm length”ad

vantage through and through



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When creative cladding design is soaring to the sky…


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… it’s the new excellent quality of“TONALITY.®”

CREATON is renowned for its demands of quality. A demand

taken on every day used to improve and strengthen our

products. The result is fired clay tiles that – parallel to our

knowledge – are continuously developed and improved.

Starting from the roof, continuing over the façade, down to

the floor. Each new CREATON product is the result of more

than 100 years of experience and commitment in the area

of ceramics. Thus, imaginative combinations of personal

choices of colours combined with superior quality advanta-

ges are emerging time and time again.

In its efforts to achieve quality, CREATON has attained a

high level of excellence. With “TONALITY” we have develo-

ped our cladding range in a unique and so far unpreceden-

ted variety of colours. “TONALITY”-“CLASSIC” blazes new

trails in the unlimited possibilities of cladding design. Dye

penetrated fired clay tiles of the finest colours inspire in a

well thought out system. The user-friendly installation, the

extremely variable design of joints and the sensitive and

subtle selection of surfaces round off the ceramic cladding

system for new buildings and renovations – for outstanding

possibilities of creative design throughout Europe.


two façade programmes are offered. Together, they open a

new arena of choices: in the selection of colours and surro-

undings, in the diversification of installation and applicati-

on, in quality and economic viability.

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The “TONALITY®” creative advantage:

Colour advantage:

● approx. 50 colour shades from two collections

● thousands of individual colour combinations


● full-flush colour down to the smallest detail

through colour-coated joint system

● producing new-tile look even after many years

resulting from complete dye penetration

● creative support in your planning through the

CREATON Colour Studio


The advantage offered to our partners.

Our creative way of cladding gives CREATON partners the

decisive lead. It is in the colour combination

possibilities, surfaces and sub-constructions.

“TONALITY®”– your advantage in creativity and technology.

Surface advantage:

● choice between various surfaces

(naturally, high-grade surface, grooved, pilaster strip)

● ideally Graffity protection

Installation advantage:

● individual construction methods due to three

different systems

● various grid formats for creative solutions to


● simple laying of the tiles

● complete concealed anchorage

● optional protection against


Page 7: Tonality Cladding


The “TONALITY®” technology advantage:

Total system advantage:

● absolutely maintenance free

● resistance to the most constant and aggressive envi-

ronmental conditions

● easy to control structure and installation particularly

in the case of renovations

● insulated external facing to be achieved without any


Architectural advantage:

● the choice for contractors and developers due to

appealing architectural solutions

● problem free repair of damage in case of vandalism

● the choice of colours and formats allows diverse

surface structuring

● open and closed design of joints

Application advantage:

● durable joints due to non-ageing building materials

● unrestricted ventilation due to vertical positioning of

support rails

● perfect fit between tile and sub-structure due to

UV-resistant joint profile

● simple installation and tile extrusion

● minimal wall fastening from 30 mm

Economical advantage:

● minimal weight of the system of less than 35 kg/m2

● minimal installation period for system

sub-construction and tiles

Construction advantage:

● three different sub-construction systems for

installation on to load bearing external walls

● ventilated slot of 3 cm guaranteed to be as high as

the building due to integrated ventilation of the

vertical system on demand larger ventilation possible.

● high quality ceramic lining

Functional advantage:

● optimal heat insulation and water vapour diffusion

● minimized humidity of renovated and

new-built walls

● no thermal bridges possible

● agreeable room climate due to virtually no

temperature exchange with the exterior

● reduces energy consumption good noise insulation

with inner and exterior application

Façade with internalheat insulation

Façade with externalheat insulation

Saturation pressure

Real pressure


Page 8: Tonality Cladding

“CLASSIC”– creative colour designmade to last.

“TONALITY®”-“CLASSIC” –enhanced quality.


Naturally beautiful variety.

This program offers many various possibilities of combi-

ning the available color shades and surfaces. The natural

colors harmonize well with the high-grade surfaces that

give each façade a fine and luxurious appearance.


brick red (finish surface) dark-red copper-red bright-red

light-grey bright-grey


pilaster strip

toscana brick red (natural) pearl-grey

middle-grey dark-grey anthracite

Natural surfaces:

Finishes surfaces with graffiti protection:












es c

an o





ed a



ce a

s pri


d c





er b

e tr









al c



and d

o n







s of




white matteggshellsandcream blue matt

Page 9: Tonality Cladding


“TONALITY®”–creative format.

“TONALITY®”– the new dimension informat and color.

300 mm

150 x 400 mm to 300 x 1,200 mm (Special formats on request)

1.200 mm

150 mm

400 mm

Large variety:With a length of up to 1,200 mm,

“TONALITY” is miles ahead of previous solutions.

Technical data of “TONALITY”-“CLASSIC”

Module size Tile Tolerance Tile Tolerance Tile Toleranceheight width thickness

(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)

150 x 800 158 +/- 2.0 1,192 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1,5

175 x 800 183 +/- 2.0 1,192 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1,5

200 x 1,200 208 +/- 2.0 1,192 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1,5

225 x 1,200 233 +/- 2.0 1,192 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1,5

250 x 1,200 258 +/- 2.0 1,192 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1,5

300 x 1,200 308 +/- 2.0 1,192 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1,5

Longitudinal arch ± 2.0 mm

Lateral arch ± 2.0 mm

Arch for both dimensions ± 2.0 mm

Top edge arch ± 0,25 %

Butt edge arch ± 0,25 %

Deviation from perpendicular max. 2 mm on 200mm

Resistance to pressure according to DIN EN 1304 for highest minimum load

Module size Weight Tolerance

(mm) (kg) (kg)

150 x 1,200 5.5 + 0.2/- 0.5

175 x 1,200 6.4 + 0.2/- 0.5

200 x 1,200 7.4 + 0.2/- 0.5

Module size Weight Tolerance

(mm) (kg) (kg)

225 x 1,200 8.3 + 0.2/- 0.5

250 x 1,200 9.2 + 0.2/- 0.5

300 x 1,200 11.0 + 0.2/- 0.5

Water absorption < 6% weight

Special dimension on demand – all lengths are produced subject-related.

Overview in sizes and surfaces

Tile sizes in mm surface

height length smoth grooved Pilaster strip

150 400– 800 � � �

175 400– 800 � � �

200 400–1.200 � � �

225 400–1.200 � � �

250 400–1.200 � � �

300 400–1.200 � � �

� = Standard

� = on request

Page 10: Tonality Cladding


Resistance is burnt in during the baking process.

The advantage of the CREATON products manufactured in

“KERALIS”-quality already starts with the processing of

the raw materials:


is the result of sintering at approx. 1,200 °C.

● We use only the fine-grained, high-quality

raw materials.

● With a lower bending tensile strength we

achieve a higher strength of materials.

● The system weight does not exceed

35 kg per m2.

Fascinating in and out:

The CREATON – “KERALIS”-Procedure.

With “TONALITY”-“CLASSIC”, CREATON again achieved a

breakthrough in quality advancement which could only

be realized with the new and most modern European pro-

duction lines. The superior processing of our high-quality

“KERALIS”-raw materials as well as the “HIGH BAKING

FACTOR” are the guarantors of this new calibre of quality.

Our cladding tiles obtain a fascinating coloring and

appearance in and out. Double-dried clay is processed to

finest powdered clay, completely dyed in finely gra-

duated ratios of color mixtures and subse-

quently burnt at temperatures exceeding

1,200 °C. For an overall quality of each

and every cladding tile – in the trusted

CREATON roofing quality.

Graffiti protection the way it is supposed to be: Efficient,

lasting and immediately effective, as it is already included

in the CREATON “KERALIS”-baking procedure:

● The “KERALIS”-procedure allows for a fine finishing of


● The “HIGH BAKING FACTOR” is the result of baking tem-

peratures of approx 1,200 °C.

● The graffiti protection will last the entire serviceable life

● The protective effect exists as of the first day, i.e. also

during the building phase. The brightening up or rene-

wal of the protection necessary for conventional

systems is not required.

● “TONALITY” graffiti protection is more effective and


● “TONALITY” graffiti protection costs approx. 11,-# per m2.

Integrated graffiti protection:The “Graffiti Protection Factor”

is invisibly burnt into the tile an constitutesan additional already included finishing.


ALIS”– advantage through and thruogh

owing to the “HIGH BAKING FACTOR®”

Creative colour design made to last.

CREATON graffiti protection – all gone in justone wipe.

With conventional systems, a graffiti protection must be

applied later on and will cost 12 to 15,-# per m2. This pro-

tection consists of a waxlike coat that has a detrimental

effect on the gloss of the tile and often leads to the occur-

rence of specking. In addition, this coat will lose its effect

after approx. 3 years depending on the weather conditions

it is exposed to and must be applied again. Moreover, this

coat must be renewed after every removal of graffiti, too.

Page 11: Tonality Cladding


Expressive as a result of the color, resistant through and through thanks to be

“HIGH BAKING FAKTOR®”A special series with burnt-in resistance.

High quality made in Guttau: the special series “TONALI-

TY”-”CLASSIC” in the colors “bright red streaked” and

“bright blue streaked” is manufactured at CREATON’s new

plant in Guttau and produced according to the tried and

tested criteria of the “KERALIS” quality.

“TONALITY”-“CLASSIC” bright red streaked “TONALITY”-“CLASSIC” bright blue streaked

“TONALITY®”-“CLASSIC”–special production.

“TONALITY”-“CLASSIC” module size

175 x 400 mm 200 x 400 mm

175 x 450 mm 200 x 450 mm

Technical data of “TONALITY”-“CLASSIC” Special series

Module size Tile Tolerance Tile Tolerance Tile Toleranceheight width thickness

(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)

175 x 400 183 +/- 2.0 392 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1.5

200 x 400 208 +/- 2.0 392 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1.5

Longitudinal arch max. 2.0 mm

Lateral arch max. 2.0 mm

Arch for both dimensions max. 2.0 mm

Top edge arch max. 2.0 mm

Butt edge arch max. 2.0 mm

Deviation from perpendicular max. 2 mm on 200mm

Water absorption < 5% weight

Resistance to pressure according to DIN EN 1304 for highest minimum load

Module size Weight Tolerance

(mm) (kg/piece) (kg)

175 x 400 2.2 + 0.2/- 0.5

175 x 450 2.5 + 0.2/-0,5 200 x 450 2.8 + 0.2/-0,5

Module size Weight Tolerance

(mm) (kg/piece) (kg)

200 x 400 2.5 + 0.2/- 0.5

Page 12: Tonality Cladding

“COLOR”– limitless imagination.

Colour harmony due to 31 well-matched

shades originating with the well-known

European colour designer F. E.v. Garnier








Friedrich Ernst v. Garnier

Specialist know-how dedicated to staged


The triumph of variety over monotony: More than 30 sha-

des of “TONALITY”-“COLOR” give free reign to your imagi-

nation. The innovator of this wide creative range is

Friedrich Ernst von Garnier. The ideas and the experience

of this international leader and his influence in the colour

design of our cladding, allows CREATON the realisation of

an innovative cladding system manufactured of high-qua-

lity ceramic. With their system, you can draw on plentiful

resources. The CREATON Colour Studio will be pleased to

advise you and will translate your ideas into technicolor

reality. “TONALITY”-“COLOR” is the creative solution whe-

rever economical issues are in the focus of attention.

“TONALITY®”-“COLOR” –creative color diversity.

Standard production formats of the “TONALITY” - “COLOR” collection is 175 x 400 and 200 x 400mm

(other formats on application).

Page 13: Tonality Cladding












es c

an o





ed a



ce a

s pri







er b

e tr









al c



and d

o n







s of




reference-object Bad Säckingen / Germany

These shown surfaces are glazed.

Plant Grossengottern / Thuringia

FR3 natural-red colored(not-glazed)

Technical data of “TONALITY”-“COLOR”

Module size Tile Tolerance Tile Tolerance Tile Toleranceheight width thickness

(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)

175 x 400 183 +/- 2.0 392 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1.5

200 x 400 208 +/- 2.0 392 +/- 1.0 22 +/- 1.5

Longitudinal arch max. 2.0 mm

Lateral arch max. 2.0 mm

Arch for both dimensions max. 2.0 mm

Top edge arch max. 2.0 mm

Butt edge arch max. 2.0 mm

Deviation from perpendicular max. 2 mm on 200mm

Water absorption < 5% weight

Resistance to pressure according to DIN EN 1304 for highest minimum load

Module size Weight Tolerance

(mm) (kg/piece) (kg)

175 x 400 2.2 + 0.2/- 0.5

Module size Weight Tolerance

(mm) (kg/piece) (kg)

200 x 400 2.5 + 0.2/- 0.5

Page 14: Tonality Cladding

Latest manufacturing technologies make it possible:

Adaptive system.

The bearing profile with variable depth allows for an opti-

mal adjustment to the structural requirements. Even tiles

of different length can be combined on one bearing pro-

file. Joint widths of 2 -30 mm, open or closed joints, reset

or flush executions and various through ventilations can

be realized.


„TONALITY®“–creative anchoragesystem.

The ADS/adaptivesystem for most variable joint design.

Adaptive system (ADS) on vertical sub-constructionPrimary-sub-construction requires structuralanalysis of respective building project

closed joint profile see approvalno: dwg 200-06, joint 9 mm

open joint profile see approvalno: dwg 200-13, joint 9 mm

end profile for border see approvalno: dwg all-01no protection against dismantling

Individual sub-construction.

Our desires to reach perfect solutions go beyond the tile

body. Even in the field of sub-constructions, “TONALITY”

offers many different variations. Have you decided in

favor of an aluminum sub-construction, with open or clo-

sed joints, natural or even color-coated or anodized? The

flexible sub-construction always allows for a joint design

that can be adjusted to the overall appearance or even

for subtle nuances according to your wishes. In respect

of format as well as color design.

Vertikale primary sub-construction

Page 15: Tonality Cladding

The color game.

Especially deserving of mentioning is the color design of

the joints of this system. Aluminum joints in powder-coa-

ted RAL-colors can be matched with the colors of your

cladding tiles or be set in contrast with the tiles at any

time. Whether open, closed, colored or semimachined –

the metal joint profile of CREATON always constitutes a

luxurious and flexible solution that responds to your

building or renovation projects individually.


Adaptive system (ADS) on horizontal sub-constructionPrimary-sub-construction requires structuralanalysis of respective building project

open joint profile see approvalno: dwg 200-13, joint 9 mm

closed joint profile see approvalno: dwg 200-06, joint 9 mm

end profile for border see approvalno: dwg all-01no protection against dismantling

Horizontal primary sub-construction

Page 16: Tonality Cladding


The BAS-Base clinch rail system.

“TONALITY®”– creative anchorage system.

Vertikale primary sub-construction

Convincing arguments.

A minimal construction height can be realized starting from

a construction height of 26 mm. As this is a perfect advan-

tage in the renovation of façades, it will help you reduce the

depth and thus avoids costly connections and reveals. The

installation works on site are reduced as well: Joint and bea-

ring profile are tightly connected to each other already by

the manufacturer. This guarantees a faster installation and

is thus time and cost saving.

The RIVCLINCH connection and jointing technique used in

this context has been proving its worth in aircraft and

vehicle construction for some time now as a high-tech

connection of bearing and joint profiles. It stands for hig-

hest safety and durability, offering clear advantages com-

pared with the conventional connections:

● Higher resistance than with conventional techniques

● Premachining and finishing are not required

● The damaging of the surface of coated materials is

herewith avoided.

Base clinch rail system (BAS)Primary-sub-construction requires structuralanalysis of respective building project

Detail –closed Joint Fuge 9 mm wide

connectionhigh-strength connection of extrudedprofile and joint profile from factory-installed. that saves time and money.

agraffefor hanging up the cladding tiles

safety deviceoptionally with activated protectionagainst dismantling

pressure part for a better adjustment

Page 17: Tonality Cladding


The CLS-Classic profile system – for classic joint design.

Reliability over many years.

Especially where economical factors weight heavily and

are to be coupled with trusted quality, the planners of

façades count on the classic bridge profile. This alumi-

num extruded profile offers optimal values with regard to

structural analysis at a small installation depth. Easy for-

mation of loose and fixed points through adjusted

system components.

Horizontal primary sub-construction

Vertikale primary sub-construction

Neoprene jointprofileCLS on vertical primarysub-construction withneoprene joint profile in black

Neoprene jointprofileCLS on horizontalprimary sub-construc-

tion with neoprene joint profile in black

Classic profile system (CLS)on vertical primary sub-construction

Classic profile system (CLS)on horizontal primary sub-construction

Page 18: Tonality Cladding


The locating pin of theframes will be concealedthrough the simple inser-tion of the ceramic tilesand can be used again ifand when the need arises.

The convex shaped cladding tile allows a perfect creative design managing even curves.

“TONALITY®”– creative construction.

The excitement is in the detail.

An all round system.

We have attached much importance to the perfect interplay

of installation and appearance of the “TONALITY” cladding

system. For if the branded products of CREATON are inten-

ded to transform European building tradition into contem-

porary solutions, our partners must be given latitude for

play regarding every detail. This is the objective of our

new all encompassing system.

Exchange in a blink of an eye.

Each individual tile body can easily and quickly be exchan-

ged. This is allowed for by the simple hanging and unhan-

ging of the system. This considerable advantage compared

to clamped systems prevents the continuous building

deterioration caused by damaged façades. “TONALITY”

equates to farsighted value preservation.

Tile locking system.

With “TONALITY” the quick exchange is additionally

accompanied by a secure protection against dismantling.

This simple protection against dismantling is optionally

available at any time.Simple drilling assures high flexibility and quick installation.

Page 19: Tonality Cladding


Beauty must not be expensive.

Economic viability at the power of four – to make creative building design pay for everybody!

“TONALITY®”– creative economic viability.

1. Investment

“TONALITY” will offer you all the benefits of a high quality

ceramic façade combined with unbeatable value for

money. Series production in the most European produc-

tion lines allows for unprecedented quality and acquisiti-

on costs.

2. Building preparation

The highest possible degree of off-site prefabrication –

away from the building site – will provide optimal prepa-

ration. With the “TONALITY” system, the schedule will be

absolutely flexible. Installation will not be affected by

weather conditions at any time.

3. Installation

Time is money and “TONALITY” installation is quick. Due

to it’s sophisticated construction – and thus only few

anchorage points – the work involved for the positioning

and drilling of the boreholes is reduced considerably. Tile

bodies are inserted without any additional retaining

clamps. Insert them and there you are!

4. Maintenance

If you decide in favour of “TONALITY” you eliminate unde-

sired maintenance costs from your future planning. As

the high-quality CREATON façade requires low maintenan-

ce and is dirt-repellent. Even repairs or the entire redesign

are a simple matter. Each cladding tile can be individually

exchanged by non-destructive means.

Page 20: Tonality Cladding


“TONALITY®”– creative sun and sight protection.

Modern Architecturewith Baguette andLamella tiles.

This is a must.

Truly creative cladding design also offers the possibility to

integrate sun and sight protection into the building design

from the beginning. The “TONALITY”-Baguette tile is the

ideal perfection of the “CLASSIC” cladding tile. It matches

well with the burnt-clay façade and additionally allows for

an appealing architecture even as a harmonious element of

design in combinations with metal, ceramic, glass and pla-

stered façades.

Indoors or outdoors, horizontally or vertically.

The prefabricated elements are available in two standard

sizes and can quickly be installed on the building site.

Whether on the external walls of downtown buildings –

within the protection of historic monuments, for instance

– or used as dividers in the course of the completion of

interiors, Baguette tiles of CREATON excite due to the

popular and aesthetic “TONALITY”-appeal. In the event of

large-scale building projects, we would be pleased to also

offer you the tiles in special formats. It is entirely up to

your creativity, whether you arrange the CREATON

Baguettes vertically or horizontally, lengthwise or crosswi-

se. Even the steel or aluminum sub-construction offers

much room for design – in the choice of colors, shades of

black or the metallic appearance. CREATON lamella and

Baguette tiles are also available ready-made in lengths of

up to 1,800 mm in individual segments.

Most various façadebuilding materials canbe combined with theLamella tile.

260 mm

40 mm

150 mm

70 mm

450 mm

52 mm

62 mm

“TONALITY”-Lamella tiles:installed to vertically

aligned, motor-operated lamellarelements.

“TONALITY”-Baguette and Lamella tiles: standard formates,available in brick-red.

42 mm




Page 21: Tonality Cladding

Quality – guaranteed and long-lived.

All glazed and engobedproducts are, of course,offered in accordance with thetrusted CREATON quality standard, with highest scratchand shock resistance.

Certified Warranty.

● building regulations for “TONALITY” cladding system

approved according to DIN 18516 through the

German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in


● production of the cladding tiles in accordance with

the Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001 and

Environmental Management System DIN EN ISO


Long-lasting color retention without additional


The finest processing of our raw materials secures the

extremely dense structure of the entire tile body, with a

high level of waterproofing being the result. This reduces

the soiling risk of the façade and prevents additional tile

treatment. Resulting in siliconisation not being necessary.


“TONALITY®”– creative quality assurance.

“TONALITY” is produced inthe most modern plants ofEurope.

Plant Wertingen-Roggden/Bavaria

Plant Weroth/Rhineland-Palatinate

Plant Autenried/Bavaria

Werk III

Werk II

Werk I

Page 22: Tonality Cladding

One creative solution to all challenges:

“TONALITY®” stands ready.


Page 23: Tonality Cladding


Page 24: Tonality Cladding

F 0









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ct t

o c



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Info-Hotline CREATON Façade Systems: +49 8223959-358

With “TONALITY®” of CREATON, you make a decision in favour of the practical and everlasting beauty of any project.