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Top 10 activities in Andalucia, the best things to do in Andalucia, Spain. Kitesurfing, adventure, walking, cycling, scuba diving, horse riding and much more in sunny southern Spain. A presentation by, the Active Travel Guide to Andalucia.


  • 1. Things to do in Andalucia The Top 10 Activities A presentation by The Active Travel Guide to Andalucia, Spain

2. 1 Kitesurfing in Andalucia There are plenty of locations here for kiteboarding and we list them all, but there is this one special placemaybe the best spot in Europe. 3. The best spot ? Tarifa my friends Tarifa is a heaven for kite surfers, a town consistently beaten by the winds due to its location, near the Strait of Gibraltar. Being the southern most point of Europe, from its shores you feel you could just swim to the nearby Moroccan coast, where the African continent begins. Tarifas beaches are long and wide, made of soft white sand washed by the clear blue Atlantic waters; these beaches never feel too crowded. One of the best spots is Playa de Los Lances, which then becomes Playa Dos Mares, with a section of the beach devoted to kiteboarding.The Valdevaqueros beach is another good spot but only when the easterly wind kicks in. 4. 2 Adventure in Andalucia With long summers and very mild, if not warm, winters, Andalucia enjoys the best climate for outdoor activities of the whole of Europe. 5. I was supposed to come here to relax.. In Andalusia there is such a great variety of landscapes that you can do virtually any type of activity. Sea, mountains, lakes, rivers, miles of beaches and cliffs overlooking the Ocean and even a desert create the magic of this region. Andalucia provides plenty of tour operators that, besides the usual sports, also offer different options, such as rafting, canyoning, 4x4, archery, zip-lines, orientation, or caving. Try out adventure trips while in beautiful Granada, a city famous for its Alhambra, but located in a perfect spot for adventure activities. We also reccommend to check out for outdoor activities while in Almeria, another spot full of adrenaline wrapped surprises. 6. 3 Walking in Andalucia Walking, hiking, trekking, you name it, there are so many options to worn out your shoes in this region, you just cannot decide where to go. 7. Lets take the long way home If you are one of those who just cannot stand still, then Andalucia must be your Eldorado. Throughout this territory you will find routes that climb up the Andalusian mountain ranges, the Sierras, or that criss-cross the beautiful countryside, or run beside steep cliffs overlooking the sea. We have selected two walking destinations among the many which Andalucia offers, one in the mountains and one near the sea. The mountain one is the amazing sub- region of Las Alpujarras, a wild area inside the National Park of Sierra Nevada. And the sea side one is Malaga, a city that hides many jewels, with its surroundings well worth a hike. 8. 4 Sailing in Andalucia This is the land where Columbus set sail, a region washed by the Mediterranean waters on the east and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. 9. Soon we will be free Sailing in Andalucia means navigating through waters that have seen many of the most famous explorers and commanders in history, like Columbus, Elcano or Lord Nelson, set sail from these Spanish shores or battle in front of its coast. And who can describe best the spirit of discovery and adventure than Cadiz, located on a small peninsula situated in the Atlantic Ocean, a place full of marine and sailing history, a strategic gateway for the Atlantic crossing. On the Mediterranean side try out the more fancy sailing on the Costa del Sol in Marbella and Estepona, without forgetting you are still near the strait of Gibraltar, with its strong winds and currents. 10. Travelling on a horse with no name Andalucia's parks, natural reserves and mountain ranges, known as Sierras, offer endless horseback trails to explore woods, open fields, pine forests, following the course of rivers or the old tracks of disused railway lines. But this time our choice goes to: El Rocio is a small village, located inside the spectacular Doana National Park.You will be surprised by the towns features. There are no paved roads, but dusty streets, Far West style. Here horseback riding will make you feel you have travelled to a different era, somewhere back in the nineteenth century. 11. 6 Scuba Diving in Andalucia Its not the tropics, but still the waters of Andalucia can be pretty amazing, from WW2 ship wrecks to marine sanctuaries, there is a lot to discover. 12. Underwater the world doesnt look that bad Andalucia is an interesting region for scuba diving. Underwater currents entering from the Strait of Gibraltar provide to renew the Med sea life; divers can find plenty marine reserves such as Cerro Gordo in the Tropical Coast of Granada, the Straits Natural Park marine area, between Tarifa and Algeciras, not to mention the several WW2 ship wrecks around Gibraltar and Tarifa. But our favourite scuba spot goes to the marine reserve of Cabo de Gata, where haddocks, groupers, moray eels, and even triggerfish, can be found swimming around. Here the water is generally calm, and the coastline is dotted with small coves and volcanic caves, and visibility is excellent. 13. 7 Stand Up Paddle in Andalucia SUP or Stand Up Paddle is now something more than a summer fashion, all along the andalusian coast is Sup time 360 days a year. 14. SUP is ready .. and is really nice, thats why more and more people are getting hooked by this sport. In Andalucia, you can always practice SUP, with or without waves. You can choose between the Atlantic coast, which can sometimes be more challenging, and the Mediterranean one, usually quieter but never to be underestimated. This time we pick Marbella, the touristic capital of the Costa del Sol, as the SUP destination. In Marbella there is something about surfing the waves standing on a table with the help of a paddle, that just seems right, considering also that the climate is nearly perfect the whole year. 15. 8 Rock Climbing in Andalucia Andalucias real landmark are its mountains, the Sierras, covering most of the region, so it doesnt come as a surprise that rock climbing here is big. 16. Can someone get me down ? There are a lot of good rock climbing routes in Andalucia, from the Sierra del Torcal and Ronda in Malaga province, to Grazalema and Tarifa in Cadiz, passing from the Natural Park of the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche in Huelva province. But possibly one of the best spot in Spain for rock climbing is El Chorro near the town of Alora (Malaga), The landscape here is marked by three mountain passes: the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, the Sierra de Aguas and the Sierra de Huma, its peak reaching an altitude of 1119 meters. This area attracts climbers from all over the world. You can choose from more than 500 climbing routes, all steep and with a medium to high difficult grade. 17. 9 Windsurfing in Andalucia With steady easterly and westerly winds blowing over the Andalusian coast, this region will offer you fantastic spots for windsurfing. 18. Need some spin? The Costa de la Luz on the Atlantic Ocean, is considered to be among the best places in the world for the practice of this sport, with the highlights being on Tarifa, the Mecca of Windsurfing, not by chance touristically discovered by a group of windsurfers few decades ago. Also El Puerto de Santa Maria, Chiclana and Ayamonte are among our favourites on the Atlantic side. Andalucia's Mediterranean side also offers nice locations and is more suitable for beginners, good spots can be found in Roquetas del Mar and Mojacar on the Almeria coast and Almuecar on the Granada one. 19. 10 Cycling in Andalucia Cycling in Andalucia means a whole variety of ways you can ride a bike from road cycling to mountain biking, cross country and even down hill. 20. I want to ride my bicycle The trails you can ride in Southern Spain are infinite, from Granada up to the Sierra Nevada and down to the Mediterranean Sea, from the many Natural Parks Andalucia hosts to the Atlantic Ocean. Alcala de los Gazules, a village located inside the Natural park of Los Alcornocales, is a great destination, not to mention Casares and Ronda up in the Sierra Crestellina. And if you want to enjoy the monuments of cities like Seville and Malaga, theres no better mean of transportation than an electric bike 21. is a web based, active travel guide for independent traveling in Andalucia. provides lists of locations where travelers can enjoy different sports and activities, together with a directory of local Tour Operators, Sport Centers and Schools who can teach, guide or organize the selected activity. Vayanda will also provide the classic travel guide information for the selected location, such as general info, what to see, how to get there, festivals, food and weather. For a complete Andalusian experience. VAYANDA.COM San Luis de Sabinillas (Mlaga) Andalucia Lab Marbella (Mlaga)