top 10 eating hacks that are cheap, easy, and healthyish

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TOP 10 Eating Hacks That Are Cheap, Easy, And Healthyish

Snacks, meals, and strategies for dining hall ninjas and dorm chefs.

1. Get a microwave steamer.

It doubles for both cooking veggies and pasta. Its simple and easy. Those Ziploc steaming bags are also great (and they cook fish too).

2. Hoard the dining halls free condiments to make tasty snacks.

My dining hall had honey packets, peanut butter minis, and low-fat cream cheese minis in the condiment section. I would load up on those and put them in my mini-fridge to use as snacks for late night study sessions. Honey on low-fat yogurt, peanut butter on apples or graham crackers, and cream cheese with celery were my healthy alternatives during the week.

3. Flavor your ramen with soy sauce and garlic powder instead of the included packet.

4. Make slightly healthier choices when it comes to liquid calories.

When you drink alcohol youre getting all the calories with none of the nutrition or satiety, which is why a night of drinking often ends with takeout (more on that shortly). So when it comes to booze, Langer recommends moderating your intake and, if youre interested in weight management, choosing the lowest-calorie options available like light beer or something with a calorie-free (i.e. not juice, not soda) mixer.

5. Have homemade versions of your favorite late-night snacks.

If your Thursday through Saturday nights typically end with a pizza or takeout run, use the opportunity to make slightly healthier choices. You can make your own savory foods like pizza bagels or frozen french fries instead of ordering delivery or takeout, Langer says. SEE MORE: healthy snacks recipes

6. Keep chicken tenders in the freezer for snacks and meal toppers.

You get a ton for no more than $10, and they last forever. Boil them in some water to cook, chop up, and add to ramen or even mac n cheese to give you a heartier meal with added protein.FOR MORE: GLUTEN - FREE CHICKEN RECIPES

7. Keep sweet potatoes on hand for an easy, microwaveable snacks that can be savory or sweet.

Theyre cheap, more nutritious than regular potatoes, and they keep you full! You can throw them in the microwave for eight minutes or so (be sure to pierce the skin with a fork!), add some brown sugar (or whatever, theyre good with butter and salt, too!), and go to town.Healthy Five -Spice Sweet Potato Pie

8. Learn how to make a next level avocado toast thats filling and delicious.

I use avocados with just about every meal. One of my favorite meal preps is to mash up half of an avocado with some salt and pepper until it has a creamier consistency. Then I put it on a piece of pita/flatbread/bread and top it with raw spinach, cut up grape tomatoes, feta cheese, and a little bit of olive oil. Its super quick, easy to make, and surprisingly filling.

9. Stock your room with snacks to fall back on when the dining hall offerings are mediocre.

Langer recommends stocking nuts and nut butters, dried fruit, whole wheat crackers, cheese (if you have a fridge), and chip alternatives like unsweetened coconut chips or kale chips. The idea is to always have something on hand if youre hungry and in a rush or cant face whats being offered at the dining hall. Healthy Oven-fried Sweet Potato Recipe

10. Keep mixed fruit cups in the freezer.

And you have a healthy dessert whenever youre hungry.Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie Recipe: After Workout Smoothie