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  • Top 10 Insider Secret Bridal

  • #1 Wedding Dress Keep it glamorous but keep it comfy!

    Let the attire define You on your Wedding day

  • #2 Make Up:Be camera friendly! Dont keep your makeup too flashy.

    Keep it subtle!

  • #3 Odhani:Choose an Odhani that is light and has delicate and elegant sequins!

    They add charm to the entire outfit!

  • #4 Jewelry:Keep your jewelry understated and in contrast with your attire.

    Choose the pieces that make you look wow!

  • #5 Bridezilla:Drive your wedding planner mad! Be a part of every detail of your wedding.

    Keep it personal and keep it exclusive!

  • #6 Decor:While the bride and the groom bring the warmth to the wedding,

    the dcor adds the charm. Keep the dcor trendy and grand!

  • #7 Sleep Tight:The bride needs her beauty sleep! She is supposed to look O-so-pretty and nothing

    can lend more elegance than a beauty sleep just before the wedding night!

  • #8 Smell Right:It is going to be a long ceremony. Keep yourself fresh and smell good.

    Its your big day!

  • #9 Skin:A bride has to be the prettiest lady of the night!

    So eat right, drink right and sleep right to look amazing on your D-Day!

  • #10 Hands n Feet:Its going to be an Indian ceremony and your hands and feet are going to catch

    the limelight! Keep them well crafted and make them look pretty too!