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<p>Top 10 Kid-Friendly Beach Activities</p> <p>Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach sells amazing kites.</p> <p>Low tide is a good time for wading, just watch for drop-offs.</p> <p>You can stop by 4Js Bakery for some bagels to take along. </p> <p>You can check out our Shelling Scavenger Hunt on our website!</p> <p>Our great local surf shops have some fantastic boogie boards.</p> <p>This is a great game especially for your teenagers!</p> <p>Make sure you dont build them too close to the shoreline when the tide comes in!</p> <p>Ultimate Frisbee is a great game, or just toss it back and forth!</p> <p>Perfectly relaxing and tons of fun too!</p> <p>Walking closer to the water can get your toes wet, but its easier walking than on the dry, loose sand. </p>