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Marketing quotes from: Seth Godin Howard Schultz David Packard David Ogilvy Leo Burnett Jef I. Richards Dave Ramsey Sue Naegle Peter Drucker Keith Kakadia


  • 1. Top 10 Marketing QuotesBy Influential Industry Leaders

2. Marketing is a contestfor people's attention.Seth GodinMarketing/Thought Leader 3. Starbucks is not an advertiser; peoplethink we are a great marketing company,but in fact we spend very little money onmarketing and more money on trainingour people than advertising.Howard SchultzCEO - Starbucks 4. Marketing is tooimportant to beleft to themarketingdepartment.David Packard 5. I notice increasing reluctance on thepart of marketing executives to usejudgment; they are coming to rely toomuch on research, and they use it as adrunkard uses a lamp post for support,rather than for illumination.David OgilvyAdvertising Executive 6. Good advertisingdoes not justcirculateinformation. Itpenetrates thepublic mind withdesires and belief.Leo BurnettAdvertising Executive 7. Creative without strategy is called 'art.'Creative with strategy is calledadvertising. "Jef I. Richards 8. People are in such a hurry to launchtheir product or business that theyseldom look at marketing from a bird'seye view and they don't create asystematic plan.Dave RamseyFinancial Talk Show 9. Marketing is designed tobring people into something.Sue NaeglePresident of HBO 10. The aim of marketing is to know andunderstand the customer so well theproduct or service fits him and sellsitself.Peter DruckerManagement Consultant 11. Advertising has to be data driven, inorder to achieve results that are optimal,firms cannot go off of what they think iscorrect!Keith KakadiaAgency CEO 12. VISIT OUR BLOG FOR MOREMARKETING TIPS & QUOTES me on Twitter@Keithsol