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Top 10 Quick Local SEO Tips

If you are looking for some awesome quicklocal SEO tips, you came to the right place! Are you flying solo as a local business owner and feel you have little time to invest into SEO for your company? Are you unfamiliar with SEO, but know how important it can be to generating business for your local company?

Weve put together ten quick ways to improve promoting your local business on the web. This meansmore money in your pocket in less time! It is so simple and quick to follow these local SEO tips. Check them out!

1. Accurate Category Associations:

Creating accurate category associations for your business is one of the many vital quick local SEO tips. While you are setting up your Google+ Local page, you will be selecting a primary category for your business.

This primary category is the most important category for you to create.After this,you have an optional nine other categories to choose for your businesswhich are all pre-set from Google.

The idea behind this process is very simple. You want your business to show up on Googles local results for searches like Italian Restaurant in Buffalo. Therefore, your company should be categorized in this manner.

2. Product/ Service Keyword in Business Title:

It is understood that having a keyword stating your core product or service in your business can give you advantage to your competitors. This helps not only the reader, but also Google to decipher what your business product or service is.

But heed with caution with particular oneof ourlocal SEO tips. If your business name does not include a keyword, do not simply add it into the Google+ Local listing.

Remember what we said about consistency? If your website shows a different name on different pages, Google will questionyour credibilityGo through the legal process of a name change, and make sure to update every place where the name is located.

3.Owner-verify Google+ Local Page

Now, this one seems so simple and easy, and it is! After the first step of creating your Google+ Local page, the next step you should take is to verify your ownership of the listing.

Typically Google will send a letter to you containing a pin number, which when you enter online will verify you as the owner. This might seem unimportant, but verified listing tend to rankbetter than unverified ones.This is one of the easiestlocal SEO tipsto follow.

4. Physical Address for Search

Your business will most likely appear on Google local results when a search either:Includes the city name where you business is physically located, orComes from a device that is based in the city of your business

For example if you are a dentist in Boston, you will mostly likely appear in a local search result for Boston dentist. Or you will likely appear on a device that is located in Boston with the search dentist. Because of this, it is a good idea to try to rank for searches that are relevant to your city of location.

5. Consistency of structured citations/ NAP.

A citation of your company is any web-based mention of its complete name, address and phone number. This is also otherwise known as NAP. A structured citation is this type of listing on an online local business directory.

Watch out for the following types of inconsistencies:Slight difference in business name (ex. Main Street Photography vs. Main Street Photo)A typo in street address, or any information missing from the address (like a unit number).Different phone numbers, including use of toll free numbersA wrong or different website URL

Although these small inconsistencies might seem unthreatening, they actually lead to ranking difficulties. When Google sees inconsistencies with thisinformation it looses trust in your siteand won't rank it as high.

Inconsistencies like these may confuse your customers as well. So spend extra time to make sure that you are inputting this information correctly.If your business goes through a rebrand or a move this will greatly affect you.It is important to make sure that all of the new information is updated and consistent to avoid confusion as well.

6. HTML NAP Matching Google+ Local NAP

Google is continuously looking for information relating to your business. This includes the webpage that you link to your Google+ Local page.These botscross-reference vast amounts ofinformation, including the simple things such as name, phone number and physical address. This is where inconsistencies again can hurt you.

If all of these things match up on your webpage, you are golden! But, if Google finds that these inconsistencies are present they loose trust for your site, and you will not see good ranking results.So again, take the time to eliminate any inconsistencies with your web presence.This is such an important one of our local SEO tips!

7. Domain Authority of Website

The ranking of a website is largely attributed to by the overall strength of a local business website. Domain Authority is a measure of the strength of a website on a 100 point scale, something you can easily improve with these local SEO tips.The factors making up a websites Domain Authority include the age of a website, the number of quality links that point to it, degree of user-friendliness, the content etc. The moreyou build up your domain authority, the better your local business website will rank, driving business into your pockets.

8. Include City and/ or State in Title Tag

As stated before, your Google+ Local page should include a link to your companys website. Your website encompasses a thing called a title tag. This is a short and important title of your landing page indicating to human users, as well as Google bots, what the page is.

Including your city and state into this title tag not only helps individual human searchers know exactly where your local physical building stands, but tips off Google as well. This helps you rank betterfor that local area!

9. Quantity of Google Places Reviews

It is understood that the number of reviews that your business earns on Google + Local has much more influence on your ranking that other platforms ofreview. Because of this, your site'sranking can greatly benefit from gaining this specific type of review.But be careful, if you gain too many in too short of a time, Google will start to filter them out.Rather than rush your reviews, acquire positive, quality reviews over time, as to not look too suspicious to Google and potential customers

10. Quality/ Authority to Inbound Links to Domain:

An organic signal such as quality links from authoritative sources help improve your ranking, or visibility in search engine results.There are many tools available online to help you keep track of how many quality links your business website currently has pointing to you. For local business the most authoritative sources consist of high profile bloggers, national newspapers, professional industry associations, local business indexes etc.

You did it! Hopefully you take the time to implement these quicklocal SEO tipsto improve your online ranking, making your site more visible on search engine results.

This meansgenerating more business and delivering more money straight into your pocket!For more information check out our websitesource approach.