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Top 10 seo cover letter tips In this file, you can ref cover letter materials for seo such as cover letter samples, cover letter tips, resume samples, types of interview questions, seo situational interview, seo behavioral interview… Other useful materials for seo interview: • • answers • job-interviews • to-face-them • • • • Useful materials: • •

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  1. 1. Top 10 seo cover letter tips In this file, you can ref cover letter materials for seo such as cover letter samples, cover letter tips, resume samples, types of interview questions, seo situational interview, seo behavioral interview Other useful materials for seo interview: Useful materials:
  2. 2. 1.Wasting the subject line Numerous studies have shown that email subject lines influence open rates, i.e. whether or not the recipient reads your email or hits delete without a second glance. Never leave your email subject line blank or type in something dull like, Re: Job Number 12485. Instead, make the most of the space available with a short, articulate sentence specific to the job for which youre applying. For example, you could enter, David Ho, application for # sales manager position. Useful materials:
  3. 3. 2.Not understanding the hiring motives of your audience There are three basic audiences that a job seeker sends his/her resume to: executive decision-makers, resume screeners, and third-party recruiters. Each of these groups has its own hiring motives. Executive decision-makers are looking for candidates who will have a significant impact on bottom-line initiatives, such as time saved, income generated, revenue built, etc. Resume screeners are searching for candidates who directly match the lists of qualifications in the job description. Third-party recruiters are looking for selling points to help position you as a top candidate. Knowing these hiring motives will help you craft your cover letter specifically to catch the attention of your particular hiring audience. By appealing directly to the reader, you are creating an immediate bond that will make you a stronger candidate. Useful materials:
  4. 4. 3.Should address the letter to the specific name of the recipient. Addressing the letter to "Dear Personnel Director/HR Director," "To Whom It May Concern," "Dear Sir or Madam" (or worse, "Dear Sirs") instead of a named individual are all lazy approaches that show the employer that you were not concerned enough to find out the name of the person with the hiring power. It's not always easy to find the name of the specific hiring manager, but try to do so if at all possible. Usually, you can just call the company and ask who the hiring manager is for a given position. Tap into your personal network to learn the names of hiring managers. Let's say a company post an opening online. You know someone who works at the company. Ask your contact to find out the name of the person hiring for that position. Also use the library, phone book, and Internet to track down names of hiring managers. The worst-case scenario is that your letter will begin "Dear Hiring Manager for [name of position]:" It's not the best approach, but if you absolutely cannot find a name, this salutation does at least provide some specificity. Useful materials:
  5. 5. 4. Do not repeat your resume Repeating the exact same things you wrote in your resume is one of the most common cover letter mistakes. No one wants to read the same thing twice. By the time most people have finished writing their resume, they feel that they have run out of ideas and just cut and paste to create a cover letter. Instead, the cover letter should be what sells the reader on your skills. Like the jacket-cover introduction to a good book, the cover letter should give the reader a taste of the great things to come and encourage them to read more. If you are don't have any idea what your top skills are and how they will help the company, neither will your reader. Take the time to craft the right words and statements to make your skills shine. Useful materials:
  6. 6. 5.Do not provide information not relevant to the positionr biggest weakness? Here is a great example. When I want to bring an additional resume/cover letter writer on staff, Im not looking for someone with technical writing expertise, article writing skills, or journalism savvy. Those forms of writing arent relevant to what we do here. I want a writer who has extensive expertise and certification in resume writing. If someone goes on and on in their cover letter (or in the body of the e-mail) about all their other writing experience, they will lose my interest. Instead, I want them to tell me about their most relevant experience as it relates to my needs. I want them to tell me about any resume writing experience they have. Give the hiring manager a brief overview of the most relevant experience you have, appropriate to the position they are trying to fill. This will pique their interestrather than lose it. Useful materials:
  7. 7. 6.Do not use the same cover letter for every job and company Employers see so many cover letters that it's easy for them to tell when you're using a one-size-fits- all approach. If you haven't addressed their company's specific concerns, they'll conclude you don't care about this particular job. It's time-consuming but worthwhile to customize each letter for the specific job and company. Useful materials:
  8. 8. 7.Do not use the same copy for every position One-size-fits-all is not the best option for cover letters. While it requires effort to customize your copy for each healthcare employer, its time well spent. Not only will you avoid sending a document that contains irrelevant information or reads as though you copied it from a template, you can also work in specific keywords found in the job posting. For example, if an ad reads, Demonstrated current competence in diagnostic assessment and provision of psychiatric services to a diverse patient population and ability to work effectively with an inter-disciplinary treatment team, you might want to include diagnostic assessment, psychiatric services, and inter-disciplinary treatment in your copy. Useful materials:
  9. 9. 8.Forgetting To Tell Them Why Youre The Best Fit Let me tell you about one of THE BEST cover letters Ive ever seen: I could tell this person put effort into itand she took the time to specifically and meticulously review our job requirements. She scrutinized our requirements and detailed in her cover letter how she had experience meeting those needs. It was applicable, relevant, and attention getting. It was probably one of the only cover letters that actually made us want to read the corresponding resume. Useful materials:
  10. 10. 9.Should be omitting your top selling points A cover letter is a sales letter that sells you as a candidate. Just like the resume, it should be compelling and give the main reasons you should be called for an interview. Winning cover letter tips include emphasizing your top accomplishments or creating subheadings culled from the job posting. For example: Your Ad Specifies: Communication skills I Offer: Five years of public speaking experience and an extensive background in executive-level report. Your Ad Specifies: The need for a strong computer background. I Offer: Proficiency in all MS Office applications with additional expertise in Web site development and design. Useful materials:
  11. 11. 10.No evidence to back up skills and experience. You should show, don't just tell Too many cover letters from college students and recent grads say the applicant has "strong written and verbal communication skills." Without evidence, it's an empty boast. Give some examples for each claim you make. Employers need proof. This is particular important if the applicant has obvious weaknesses. A good way of doing that is by saying As you can see on my language scores, I am among the top 10% on Odesk. Alternatively, by referring to outside sources that confirms the story in your cover letter. A good profile should have a portfolio, skill-tests and testimonials. Expressing empty opinions about your strengths will generally not convince employers about your suitability for the job. Back up your statements about your assets by referencing a job or role where you successfully employed that strength. For example, in lieu of simply stating "I possess strong writing skills and an outstanding work ethic" try "strong writing skills enabled me to revise a grant proposal and secure $100,000 in additional funding from the Jones Foundation." Useful materials:
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  16. 16. Fields related to seo career: The above cover letter tips can be used for fields as: Construction, manufacturing, healthcare, non profit, advertising, agile, architecture, automotive, agency, budget, building, business development, consulting, communication, clinical research, design, software development, product development, interior design, web development, engineering, education, events, electrical, exhibition, energy, ngo, finance, fashion, green card, oil gas, hospital, it, marketing, media, mining, nhs, non technical, oil and gas, offshore, pharmaceutical, real estate, retail, research, human resources, telecommunications, technology, technical, senior, digital, software, web, clinical, hr, infrastructure, business, erp, creative, ict, hvac, sales, quality management, uk, implementation, network, operations, architectural, environmental, crm, website, interactive, security, supply chain, logistics, training, project management, administrative management The above cover letter tips also can be used for job title levels: entry level seo, junior seo, senior seo, seo assistant, seo associate, seo administrator, seo clerk, seo coordinator, seo consultant, seo controller, seo director, seo engineer, seo executive, seo leader, seo manager, seo officer, seo specialist, seo supervisor, VP seo Useful materials: