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TOP 10 SEO Tips By Expert SEO Company India Organic SEO Company India

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DESCRIPTION Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the leading method of internet marketing used to attract relevant visitors to your website. SEO techniques ensure that your website is highly ranked on search results for queries related to your business. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


TOP 10 SEO Tips By SEO Company India

TOP 10 SEO Tips By Expert SEO Company India

Organic SEO Company India

Top ranking position in major search engine is always a dream of website owner. High ranking increase a web site traffics and visibility, which can translate to increase your sale or service. So optimizing a web site for search engine should be an integral part from the beginning to the end. For a high ranking, search engine optimization must be considered and implemented throughout a web site planning, designing, development, and marketing and maintenance stages.Search Engine optimization methodology always change depending upon search engine's guidelines. The Expert SEO Company, are trying to listed here some bottom line SEO techniques which are the present times' most appreciate search engine optimization guidelines.

Keyword SelectionBefore starting optimization, it's important to carry out a keyword research to identify most relevant and targeted keywords or keyword phrase. You can use any popularly keyword selection tools (like Google Adwords Keyword Tool) to find out most frequently searchable keywords or keyword phrase. Using keyword phrase instated of single keyword always gives better results.

Optimized Quality ContentContent is the most important part of your web site required for search engine ranking. Good quality, keyword-rich and informative content better for search engine spider when they index a web site. Adding key-word rich content improve keywords ranking and also keep your visitors interested.

Meta Tag OptimizationA major percentage of SEO and ranking success dependents on the Meta tag optimization process. The main three tags field in the Meta section is "title", "description" and "keyword". It is always recommended to write a unique, relevant and key-word rich Meta description for each page.

Image OptimizationSearch engine spider can not read the text written within an image. So if you are using lots of image in designing, every time it is required to adding ALT tag to describe a summary about the image. In Alt tag you can also use keywords or keyword phrases but keep in mind about keywords stuffing.

Good NavigationA web site must have simple and easy navigation. Normally search engine robot will visit the main page of a web site and then look for more links in or out form that page and if robot found those pages, it will follow those pages and add them to the index immediately. Also an easy navigation system will increase your customer's comfort level.

About CSS and java script fileAlmost every web site now a day using CSS and JavaScript for something. Both are great for enhancing web design and user experience but the truth is both can be a cause of keywords ranking failure. One of the factor search engine considers when ranking a web site is the percentage of code relevant to the search terms. So hundreds of code lines in CSS and JavaScript can decrease importance and affect your search engine ranking. By using an external file for CSS and JavaScript and including them in your web page easily by calling the external file, you can reduce hundreds of code lines into one line and can enhance code amount that is relevant to your content.ValidationValidation of a web site generally identifies all the areas of code that are unnecessary, redundant and not acceptable for browsers. By using official W3C Validation you can fix up code error or modified the code structure. It will make a web site more SEO friendly.

About Dynamic URLsDynamic web pages generally contain dynamic content, images etc which change without the page url being reloaded. JavaScript and ActiveX like client-side languages are used to create this kind of pages. Search engine spider fills some difficulty to index this kind of pages and don't rank dynamic

pages with many parameters. So in search engine ranking point of view it will be better and necessary to convert dynamic pages to static page or limit dynamic page parameters not more then two.Link Popularity BuildingLink popularity development or link building can drive more traffic to your web site and increase your search engine ranking. Link popularity factor to determine your relevancy to a search term. Link popularity is simply means who many web sites is pointed to your own web site. But one more thing you need to keep in mind in this case that links must be from relevant web sites. A good systemic link building process can help your web site to achieving top ranking and page rank (PR)

Site MapA site map is a web page that has text links to all the pages of your web site. Making a detail site map can help your user easily to find out the information they are looking for and also help search engines to spider all the internal pages for indexing. Site map page should be link from home page because when a search engine spider comes to visit, they will follow all the text links from the main index page and if it is

found a link to the site map, then the spider will go right to the site map. From site map, spider consequently visits each page you have text linked from that site map.

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