top 10 tips for finding best seo service provider

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1. An online search using any of the search engines will reveal thousands of SEO Service Providers and experts many of them self-styled with zero knowledge and experience. How then does one separate the men from the boys? Here are 10 tips to help you find the best SEO Service Provider. Look for the client list an SEO service provider with no client list is one who has no experience. Check Client Website Status - If client list has been provided, do an online search for products sold by each of the clients. The clients website should be within the first 5 pages of search results if not on page one or better still, at the very top. Results on page 5 onwards just dont qualify. Most folks find what they want within the first 5 pages therefore links to websites that are displayed beyond the fifth page are irrelevant. Thousand site submission - Beware of claims about submitting your website to a few hundred or even a few thousand search engines. There are only three search engines that matter, and Apart from these, there are a few regionally relevant search engines. All put together, anyone claiming to submit to more than 10 search engines is just fooling you. Why pay for dubious SEO Services? 2. Dont pay for one night stands. There is an abundance of SEO Service providers who will promise to boost your website Online Marketing Orlando. They are however silent on anything thereafter. True SEO Service is never a onetime affair. Unless the effort is ongoing, any website that received a single boost will soon start slipping the ranks and vanish into oblivion. Is that what you wish to pay for? The Preferred Search Engine - Your website statistics will reveal the search engine that your customers use the most often. Correlate this information with SEO Providers experience. If your customers seem to prefer Yahoo there is no point in securing top SEO rank in or It would simply be a waste of resources. The Methodology Counts Is the Internet Marketing Services Orlando service provider clear on the methodology they are going to use to boost your online presence? Any dubious technique will sooner or later be caught by the search engines and they are pretty quick at penalising defaulting sites. A penalty by the search engine usually means removing the offending website from the search engine results. Type of SEO Service Unless you need a quick boost for seasonal sales, organic SEO is the way to go. Organic SEO is long-lasting and provides better value for money. 3. Words count An SEO Orlando service provider also works with the content of the clients website. Check out their previous client list and visit a few of the websites. Is the language and grammar acceptable? Is there adequate product description, etc, these are things that any good SEO service provider is supposed to look into. Navigation Your clients need to be able to navigate through your website and quickly locate the products or services they need. A good SEO service provider is also required to recast the navigation if required. Site Design A gaudy site repulses customers. Unfortunately, a lot of owners with self-made sites think the world of their own sites. A good SEO service provider on the other hand, is expected to steer the client towards a better design.