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  • 1. Written by Tom Ewer on March 12th, 2013

2. Spring is just around the corner -- the birds are singing and theflowers will soon be blossoming. At least, thats how it should be --here in the UK it is currently snowing. Go figure.But weather doesnt affect hardy plugin developer types -- with aroof over their heads and a reliable Internet connection they canget on with their work no matter the conditions outside. And thatbrings me to yet another stellar selection of plugins this month-- with one in particular that I have been a long time fan of (and yetonly has around 1,000 downloads at the time of writing). Enjoy! 3. 10. Drop Shadow BoxesWho doesnt like a bit of clever CSS to spice up their site? It is truly amazing what you can do with CSSthese days and the Drop Shadow Boxes plugin is a demonstration of the possibilities: Wrapping your content is a piece of cake with this plugin and you have complete control over the effect. Although the possible applications of Drop Shadow Boxes are numerous, one great idea would be to use the drop shadow effect to highlight Calls to Action. Download Drop Shadow Boxes. 4. 9. Signature WatermarkThis plugin does as you would expect -- it enables you to overlay your images with a digital watermarkto protect them from theft. You can actually see exactly how Signature Watermark operates by watchingthe following video:As you can see, the plugin is feature-packed and gives you a great deal of control over the appearanceof the watermark.Download Signature Watermark. 5. 8. Ditty News TickerTo quote directly from this plugins page:Ditty News Ticker is a multi-functional data display plugin.Thats a pretty unsexy way to promote the functionality of a plugin so Ill give it a go myself. Ditty NewsTicker performs as you would expect it to: it enables you to create dynamic scrolling and rotatingblocks of text that you can embed within your WordPress site.A still screenshot doesnt really do this plugin justice so check out a demo here if you like the look of it.Download Ditty News Ticker. 6. 7. Related Posts by ZemantaThere are plenty of related posts plugins out there but I like to keep abreast of the latest developmentsand this is actually a pretty good effort. Zemanta claims that related posts are produced using its "world-class semantic service." Now I dont know about that but I do know that the plugin looks pretty good:You can actually includerelated posts from othersites (although Im not surewhy you would want to dothat) and you get analyticsdata. Its certainly aninteresting alternative to thelikes of Yet Another RelatedPosts Plugin.Download Related Posts by Zemanta. 7. 6. WD Twitter FeedAs with related posts plugins, Twitter feed plugins are a dime a dozen. However, WD TwitterFeed sets itself apart with a pretty funky AJAXified display: This means that the tweets are loaded in the background without interrupting the load time of the rest of the page. This is great news considering that many social media plugins are a real drain on the resources and can significantly increase the load time of your site. Download WD Twitter Feed. 8. 5. RDFa BreadcrumbIf youre into SEO then youll know that optimizing how your site is displayed in the search engine resultscan make a big difference to click through rates. By making your site seem more attractive whencompared to other results you can actually increase search engine traffic to your site without increasingyour rankings.RDFa Breadcrumb can help with this by inserting navigational "breadcrumbs" into your site that alsoshow up in Google search results pages:Download RDFa Breadcrumb. 9. 4. FlareMost bloggers have apreferred social sharing pluginbut every now and thensomething comes along thatpotential disturbs what is awell-established group ofpopular plugins. Flare couldbe just that.This plugin has a slickinterface and a bunch ofdifferent options includingthe placement of socialsharing buttons as well asthe display:If youre on the fence as to whichsocial sharing plugin is right foryou, Flare may well be worth alook.Download Flare. 10. 3. Fancier Author BoxAuthor Boxes are underrated; even on single author blogs. Having a little reminder of the face andpersonality behind the words is always a good thing. Engagement more often than not comes from areader feeling like they know the author.Thats where Fancier Author Box comes in -- a plugin that offers a lot in terms of increasing readerengagement. It enables you to place a box at the bottom of posts that can contain everything from aphoto, to a bio, to social media links, to your latest posts: Brought to you by the fine folks over at ThematoSoup, Fancier Author Box is definitely worth a look. Download Fancier Author Box. 11. 2. WP Social StatsSocial media is seemingly becoming more important with each passing day which means that we shouldstudy our sites social performance in the same way that we pay so much attention to search enginetraffic. WP Social Stats lets you do just that by giving you a simple display of how many times each ofyour posts has been shared across a number of social networks:With this plugin you can figure out which of your posts performed the best in terms of social sharingand by extension figure out how to replicate that success.Download WP Social Stats. 12. 1. What The FileFinally we have a plugin that has been on my radar for a long time. Im delighted to feature it heretoday. What The File is a very simple yet very helpful plugin -- it adds an extra field to yourWordPress toolbar that informs you what PHP file is being used to display the current page:For anyone who has been left frustrated and confused by what PHP file is serving up what pageon your site, this is an instant remedy. Its been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion andI refer to it often.Download What The File.