top 11 weight loss super foods

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Healthy diet is a great start to healthy lifestyle. Some fruits, nuts and grains aids in weight loss. Here shared some super foods and it's benefits that helps in fat loss.


  • 1.Top 11 Weight Loss Super Foods

2. Avocado Avocado have a green skinned, fleshy body in pear shaped Oleic Acid in it helps your body to quiet hunger 3. Bananas Bananas are elliptically shaped , sweet and creamy fleshy inside wrapped inside a thick inedible peel. Bananas contains an insoluble carbohydrate called Resistant Starch , it helps in fat burning. Bananas also contains some enzymes which assist and speed up digestion and speeds up metabolism rate. Thus helping to lose weight. 4. Blueberry They are the Reddish-Purple fruit covered in a protective coating known as Bloom. They have sweet taste and little bit acidic. Blueberries inhibit formation of new fat cells by altering lipid metabolism. 5. Grape Fruit The Grape fruit is a citrus one with sour or semi-sweet taste. The fruit is having yellow-orange skinned with white, pink or red pulp. Some Enzymes in Grape fruit lower insulin levels which helps metabolism regulated. Regulated metabolism helps lose weight faster also it balances blood sugar level. 6. Pears There are different varieties of pears available. They are generally sweet , juicy tender inside and skin colors differs according to the varieties. Pears contain low calories, eat pears instead of high calorie snacks. Also it contain a lot of fibre so they keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. 7. Almonds Almonds, the super nut are off-white in color covered by a thin brown skin . Almonds Contain high amount of lean protein, fibre and healthy fats which curb appetite and helps you lose weight. 8. Pine Nuts Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees. They are small elongated ivory- colored seeds from pine cones. The compounds like Pinolenic acid in pine nuts increases metabolism rate 9. Oats Oats is a species of cereal grain grown for its seed and scientifically known as Avena sativa. Oats contains high amount of fibre vanishes your appetite for long period of time making you feel full. 10. Quinoa Quinoa is a grain like crop growm primarily for its seeds, its a pseudo cereal. Quinoa seeds are rich in essential amino acids and vitamins especially Iron and Vitamin B12 helps in weight loss The high amount of protein and fibre make you feel full. Quinoa have low glycemic index and low calorie which also helps loss weight. 11. Lentils Lentils are edible pulse belongs to the legume family. Lentils have Low fat, high in protein, low glycemic value, and high in fibre helps to lose weight. 12. White Beans White beans belongs to the legume family having white or off white color and they are typically oval shaped. Different varieties having slightly different taste and size. White beans blocks the production of enzyme called alpha- amylase in our body. By blocking this enzyme, the metabolism of starches are slowed and the absorption of sugars also reduced. Thus helps in weight loss. 13. Thank You Stay around here for more healthy living tips Presented by, Food Lovers Diet Follow us: