Top 4 mortgage mistakes to avoid

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Avoid these top 4 mistakes when taking a mortgage.


  • 1. Top 4 Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

2. It is important to avoid some of these commonmistakes: Not Checking Your Credit Score: A credit history is importantbecause it assesses your ability to repay the loan. Neglecting to Factor in the True Cost of Home Ownership:Theres more to borrowing $250,000 than the principal;getting a $250,000 mortgage for 25 years with a 4.5% interestrate brings the total purchase price to $365,292. 3. Not Shopping Around for the Best Rates: Lot of differentlenders out there that provide loans with special interest ratesand/or other financial products. Skipping the Pre-Approval Process: Its a good idea to seewhat kind of mortgage you can qualify for by getting pre-approved.Getting pre-approved means you can put in aserious offer quickly, and applying for the mortgage itself willalso take less time. 4. will help you find the bestway to pay off your loan quickly and reduceinterest payments.Contact us today!