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1. Top 5 Food Tips for OLD AGEEating enough is the key ; You need nutrient dense meals 2. FIBERFiber is the most importantnutrient of old age but still it isneglected. Fiber is needed forsmooth digestive functions. Include whole grains, fruits andveggies, oats, all barns in yourhealthy menu. Use modifiedcooking method tosupport chewingproblems. Eg blending , purred,smoothie etc. 3. CALCIUM Include foods like dairy products, ragi, nuts, soybean and products in your daily diet to keep yourself healthy and strong. Calcium is one of the essentialnutrient of old age. It is required tokeep your bone and teeth healthy. 4. WATERKeep yourself hydrated toHave almost 8-9 avoid fatigue and dizziness.glasses of water daily. Include coconut water, lemonjuice, etc. to meet the dailyrequirement of water. 5. FISH Fish is loaded with all the essential nutrients required in old age. Omega 3 fatty acids keep your heart healthy and also protect you from arthritis. Fish is also the best source of first class protein. 6. GREEN TEAA cup of Green tea every morning is a secret toGreen tea also helps boost yourstay young.immunity. Flavanoids from greentea protect the bodyfrom free radicaldamage.