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Implementing the Right Training and Talent Management Technology

Presented by: Lambda SolutionsTop 5 Moodle Plugins to Enhance ProductivityEMPOWER TALENT


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Nimritta ParmarMoodle User

Ben YoungMoodle Expert

We have Ben Young, who is our resident Moodle, and Plugins expert. You may have seen a previous presentation of Bens, he has presented at a number of conferences, tradeshows and events across North America. Despite his busy schedule, he frequently delivers webinars for Lambda Solutions, and we are lucky to have him here today.

My name is Nimritta, Im a Marketing Coordinator here at Lambda. Im also a Moodle user myself, I used Moodle during university, and at a previous company. Ill be here to moderate the webinar, and answer any questions you all have. 2

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House Keeping

Lets go through some housekeeping items. We tested the audio earlier, but if you experience issues with the sound, just let us know in the chat box. This is an interactive webinar, so we do have some poll questions throughout the presentation, wed love if you would participate.We will have a question and answer period at the end of the webinar, so ask your questions as they come, and we will go through them at the end. There will be a post-webinar survey at the end, where you can provide your feedback!3

Agenda 1. Quick introduction to Lambda Solutions 2. How Productivity Tied to Return on Investment (ROI) 3. Top 5 Moodle Plugins to Enhance Productivity + 1 Bonus Plugin


We Reduce the Cost of Learning

A little bit about Lambda Solutions:We are LMS experts and a complete solutions provider we offer everything from the technology, to training and services.

Beyond just the technology, our solutions help you see when, and how, eLearning is achieving goals. Weve developed a reporting and analytics solution to provide deeper insight into your learners, and learning programs.

We have 12 years of experience, over 600 customer implementations, and 1 million active user accounts across most industry sectors.


Industry Leading Clients

We work with some amazing industry leading clients such as TOMS Shoes, Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin and Kodak Alaris to improve their training programs, enhance performance, and reduce the cost of their learning and training management.

One of our Moodle clients we like to highlight is Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin. With the custom Moodle reports we build for them, they were able to save weeks of time, and significant costs.


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$1 goes in $30 comes out18% increase in employee engagement

Productivity & ROI in eLearning

Why is productivity so important? Theres no shortage of answers here, but the one that is going to be most relevant for you is Return on Investment, or ROI.

Productivity proves ROI higher productivity means you are getting an outcome from the income youre spending on learning programs.

A recent IBM study showed every dollar invested in online training results in $30 in productivity this is mainly due to the fact that employees are able to resume their work faster and apply their skills immediately.

Companies that use eLearning technology achieve an 18% boost in employee engagement


User/administrative experienceReporting & analyticsManaging user progress and activityTraining gapsPoll Q: What are Your Biggest eLearning Challenges?

Grade MeAttendanceProgress BarRe-EngagementAtto: Toggle Preview, Styles, Full Screen

6): Course Time Tracker

Top 5 Plugins for Productivity

Plugin # 1: Grade Me

For administrators to see all assignments and questions that have been submitted and still need to be gradedConfigured to work with groups teachers will only see assignments submitted by students in their group

Teachers can see all the assignments and manual quiz questions that have been submitted, and still need to be graded. The block is configured to work with groups meaningteachers will only see the assignments submitted by students if they are both members of the same group. 12

Take attendance, track attendance, and export reports with attendance dataPlugin #2: Attendance

Allows administrators to easily evaluate whether students have attended their courses. This plugin can be used to take attendance, and track attendance. Theres also a reporting function within the plugin that allows you to filter and create reports based on a set criteria these reports are exportable. There are default attendance statuses set, such as Present, Late, Absent, and Excused but they are all customizable. If you go into your settings, you can add new statuses, change old ones, delete ones that are irrelevant, etc. You can also add comments next to each students status (eg. Home sick), and theres even a grading option in the plugin, If youd like to grade students based on their attendance. 13

See student progress in any activity, resource, or course.Teachers have access to overview page where they can see progress of all studentsPlugin #3: Progress Bar

The Progress Bar is a time-management tool for students which visually shows student progress in any course activity and resource. Teachers have access to an overview page where they can see the progress of all students. 14

Plugin #4: Re-EngagementAllows timed release of content and emails users reminders to complete their course activities

Allows timed release of content and emails users reminders to complete their course activitiesEmails are sent in specified periods of time after starting an event this could be enrolment in a course, or completing an earlier activity.If the user has already completed the activity, the email is ont sent. 15

Toggle Preview: Shows a preview of filtered editor content.

Styles: Allows administrators to provide custom CSS classes.

HTML+: Syntax highlighting and code beautification.

Full-Screen: Adds a button to the toolbar that expands Atto editing window to fill entire browser window.Plugin #5: Atto

Toggle Preview is an editor plugin that shows a preview of the filtered editor contentWhen you press the button, content is passed through the filters that youve enabled, and the results are displayed over the editor content window.

Styles allows administrators to provide custom CSS classes, which can later be applied by users to block and inline text in Atto

HTML+ provides a version of the HTML plugin with both syntax highlighting and code beautification. It also provides indentation support.

Full Screen adds a button to the toolbar which will expand the Atto editing window to fill the entire browser window All other parts of the page remain hidden


Yes, we have a reporting solution, and we are happy with it. No, we have a reporting solution, but it doesnt deliver what we needWe dont have a reporting solutionPoll Q: Do you have reporting functions that serve your needs?

Before we get into the bonus plugin, we have one more poll question for you. 17

Plugin #6: Course Time Tracker

Powered By

This is part of a Lambda Solutions Time Spent Learning Plugin Set. The Course Time Tracker Block provides learners with a visualization of how much time has been accumulated into the course, along with options to display required minimum time and maximum time via a course block setting. 18


Want more info on Zoola Analytics?

If you havent heard about our reporting and analytics solution and you would like more details, you can visit We have some great resources and information there for you. You can also see if youre eligible for a free trial! 19


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