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Today's economic climate has lead most companies to be more budget constrained and risk adverse than ever before. As a result, more project strategies and purchase decisions have been shifted upwards. This trend makes it more important to implement marketing programs that enable sales teams to engage and sell to senior level executives directly. Yet these executives are suffering from Frugalnomics more overloaded, skeptical and frugal than ever before plus they are plain busy, making successful engagements harder than ever.In this webinar we will discuss ways you can fight Frugalnomics, and answer the following important questions: How can you overcome Frugalnomics to better reach, engage and sell senior level executives? What techniques work best to break-the-ice and engage with value? What needs to change when traditional lead generation programs aren't yielding the same return?Based on proven methods, implemented by B2B leaders such as HP, IBM and Microsoft, this webinar will present 5 proven and practical ways, with specific case studies, of how to best break through the noise and achieve senior level engagement success.Our speakers will guide you through specific advice and examples to achieve better revenue marketing effectiveness with senior level executives. This webinar is recommended for marketing and sales executives, content marketers and sales enablement teams who need to better connect, engage and sell.


  • 1. Powering B2B sales to economic buyersMari Anne Vanella - CEO/FounderTom Pisello - Chairman & FounderTwitter: @vanellagroup Twitter: @tpiselloTop 5 Ways to Connect, Engage and Sell C-x Level Executives

2. Todays SpeakersMari Anne VanellaTom PiselloCEO & Founder of The Vanella Group Chairman & Founder of AlineanTop 20 Women to Watch in 2011 by the Sales Whos Who in B2B Demand GenerationLead Management Assn. Parallel entrepreneurThe Vanella Group - Teleservices for EnterpriseEx-Gartner Managing VPTechnology Companies Alinean - Leading provider of value-basedDelivers customized, strategic teleservices-interactive content marketing campaigns andbased lead generation solution to energize thediagnostic sales toolspipeline and become a true partner forsuccess. Solutions:Solutions: Interactive White Papers Teleprospecting, identifying active buy-cycles Diagnostic Assessment Toolsfor large deals ROI Calculators & Sales Tools Telenurturing, integrating live communication TCO Comparison Toolswith email or automated communicationFast Facts:Fast Facts: 10 Year milestone in 2011 10 year milestone in 2011 Pioneering work with enterprise technology Over 2000 value-focused campaignsproviders worldwide 42 Rules of Cold Calling Executivesbestseller 2011 Alinean, Inc. 2 3. A New Buyer Requires New Strategy & Tactics 2011 Alinean, Inc. 3 4. Todays Buyer - More Overloaded Rapidly increasing rate of new information available to buyers Calls 15+ a day Email 200+ a day Increase in available channels E-mails, tweets, Internet, webinars, search engines, videos, micro-sites, banner ads, newsletters, magazines, demos, white papers, blogs, Facebook, forums, case studies, research, advertisements, etc.... A low signal-to-noise ratio on most messages / campaigns 62% of B2B vendors need more leadsin order to generate the same amountof sales 72% indicate an increase in sales cycletime over the past 6 months Over past 5 years, average sales cyclehas become 22% longer (SiriusDecisions) 2011 Alinean, Inc. 4 5. Todays Buyer More Empowered Buyers do more research independently and online Arm themselves with ideas, solution, competitive product knowledge Firmly in control of buying process Using online vendor content + 3rd party sources / social groups Inviting sales later, after set strategy, budget and solution roadmapAt Same Time, Perceived Sales Readiness IsOn the Decline Not Prepared Well Prepared29%35% SomewhatPrepared 36% IDC 2010 2011 Alinean, Inc.5 6. Todays Buyer - More SkepticalInternal Events / Triggers Drive Early Stages of Buying Cycle Most oftenselected3rd Parties such as Peers, Analysts & Trade Pubs Most Influence Mid / Later Stages35%30%Internal events/triggers Peers25% Industry analysts20% Trade publications15% Search engine results10%VARs/Partners 5%Consultants Vendors 0%EarlyMiddle LateSource: SiriusDecisions 2010 2011 Alinean, Inc. 6 7. Todays Buyer More Complex Decision Cycle Took more time to research and consider solutions48% Utilized a wider variety of sources to research options36%Did more detailed analysis of costs/ROI of solution before 34%finalizing the process More internal team members provided their input into30% decision processRelied more on live customer feedback/recommendations 21%Fewer internal team members provided their input into16% decision process Demand Creation Specialists B2B Buyer Survey - 2011Multiple Responses Allowed Do More Research From More Sources More Stakeholders, More Financial Due Diligence Taking More Time 2011 Alinean, Inc.7 8. Todays Buyer More Frugal & Value Focused #1 Reason for NOT Meeting Sales Quotas Inability to Communicate Value Messages (27%) SiriusDecisions 2010 Only 38% of sales reps understand the customers issues and can identify how vendor can help Forrester 2010 CFOs responsible for more groups Taking control of strategy + buying-cycle More financial due-diligence on allpurchases 2011 Alinean, Inc. 8 9. Todays Buyer Buyer Frugalnomicus SizeMore Leads to Close Same Executive Scrutiny Reduced Deal Size Amount of Business Longer Sales Cycles Increased CompetitionMore Stakeholders Stalled Deals 2011 Alinean, Inc.9 10. Top 5 Ways to Connect, Engage & Sell to Cx Level Executives 2011 Alinean, Inc. 10 11. Tip #1: Cut Through the Noise Dont make your prospect try to figure out the fit One-size-fits-all messaging tunes out prospects Dont desensitize prospectsRes-ensitize them through point solutionsfor THEIR business Seeking tell me more not stop talking! Ask: Would you listen to YOU? Test the message on yourself Value Added Content / InsightsGreatest resource you already haveyour customers 2011 Alinean, Inc.11 12. Tip #2: Persistence Pays Leads have a shelf lifedont let them expire Typical exec requires 6+ attempts to reach Most sales teams give up at 3 or less3-5 Additional Attempts Needed 7 6Calls to Connect 5 4 3 2 1 0 Reps Execs Attempts Required To Connect After Initial Interest 2011 The Vanella Group, Inc. Proprietary | Do Not Distribute12 2011 Alinean, Inc. 12 13. Tip #3: Engage at Right Time Dont let BANT downgrade good leads Early engagements make a difference Richest form of communicationuse it early and effectively Deal size and decision patterns Effectively hand off the batonbuild systemized lead hand-off 2011 The Vanella Group, Inc. Proprietary | Do Not Distribute13 2011 Alinean, Inc. 13 14. Tip #4: Engage with Right Content 2011 Alinean, Inc. 14 15. Tip #4: The Engagement Path Keep it relevant to their need, not your company Lead them to a conclusion Todays execs scan info and make connections quickly Dont drive them away with making it too hard to learn more Build on each step to keep it moving forward 2011 The Vanella Group, Inc. Proprietary | Do Not Distribute15 2011 Alinean, Inc. 15 16. Tip #5: Appeal to Frugal BuyerProduct Focus Solution Focus Value FocusDiscussion: Discussion:Discussion: Customer knows issue Prescriptive & Quantified Customer knows issues & Tie features / functions todesired outcome Discover Is customerneedsaware of issue? Questions to discover pain Compares product pointsalternatives Diagnose How bad is it? Feature Function Price Recommend solution to Quantify Value of change solve pain Compare Value vs. StatusDrive: Sales Led: Product Drive: Sales Led: Pain-Point Quo / CompetitionDrivenDrivenDrive: Diagnostic Led: Whatis issue & value of change? SolutionVendorTrusted Advisor Provider 2011 Alinean, Inc.16 17. Tip #5: Value Focus a Requirement, But Gaps ExistForrester Sales Enablement Forum- 2011 2011 Alinean, Inc. 17 18. Challenges of Connecting and Engaging Reps are challenged: To engage early / being invited later into cycle On average, not outcome / value focused enough Perceived as not adding enough value in sales process Not incented to develop long-term opportunities / short term focus Buyers are challenged: Overloaded: getting a lot of calls, emailall looks/sounds the same Empowered: More information to help drive decisions Skeptical More Complex Decision Cycle risk adverse / more stakeholders involved Frugal Bottom-line & Value focused Buyers have their own urgent issues and teams to manage Conversations are forgotten without proper documentation 2011 The Vanella Group, Inc. Proprietary | Do Not Distribute 18 2011 Alinean, Inc.18 19. Better Connections & Engagement Yield Significant Value Sales lead expert, Mac McIntosh, found that six months after inquiring, 23% of the surveyed subjects had bought the product or service, from the promoter or from a competitor. An additional 67% indicated that they still intended to buy but they were not ready. According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing are able togenerate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead. According to CSO Insights, companies that excel at lead nurturing have 9% more salesreps make quota, and enjoy a 10% shorter ramp up time for new reps. According to DemandGen Report, nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20 percentincrease in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. According to IDC, a value focused interactive content & diagnostic tools: Deliver 50% more qualified leads compared to traditional content Reduce sales cycles by 20-30% Reduce discounting / increase deal size by 20% Increase competitive win rate by 60% 2011 The Vanella Group, Inc. Proprietary | Do Not Distribute19 2011 Alinean, Inc. 19 20. Questions? 2011 Alinean, Inc.20 21. Next StepsInsights Into Cold Calling 42 Rules of Cold Calling Executiveshttp://www.fightfrugalnomics.com 2011 Alinean, Inc. 21 22. Thank You! 2011 Alinean, Inc.22