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    6 key take-aways from our week with Adaptive Path and Captial One

  • 1Design has the power to shape how we think and feel

  • Irene Au described design as the culmination of intention, values, and principles manifested in tangible form and passed on to another. As catalysts of behavior change, we need to remember what we create shapes the way people experience and interact with the world. Its a huge responsibility. We must be conscious of what we put out into the world, make sure it reflects our values and virtues and that our intention is clear.

    1. Design has the power to shape how we think and feel.

  • 2User empathy results in more informed UX

  • While we cant always run a marathon in our users shoes, we should be able to walk a mile. Knowing how a user wants something to work is crucial to UX success. Go beyond your comfort zone. Live within the restrictions that your users experience everyday, whether thats a restrictive diet, physical impairment, or making decisions based upon a whole new belief structure.

    2. User empathy results in more informed UX

  • 3Take time to reflect on your roadblocks



    Persecutor Rescuer


    Challenge Coach

  • Take a step back and realize whats working and what isnt. We often see ourselves as victims of circumstances out of our control. We tell ourselves, If only the client would listen to me. Stop waiting for someone to rescue you from your persecutor and start creating new ways to overcome your obstacle.

    3. Take time to reflect on your roadblocks

  • 4Inspiration lives in far-away lands

  • Whether youre trying to innovate or improve something that already exists, always look beyond the horizon. Parallel ideas and paradigms can exist in the most disparate places. How can we take cues from other diciplines and use them to transform how we create?

    4. Inspiration lives in far away lands

  • 5Turn off your autopilot

  • Do the opposite of what youd normally do. If you find yourself in a rut or feel like youre backed into a corner, go back and challenge the decisions that brought you there. Drop all your assumptions and start with an open mind.

    5.Turn off your autopilot.

  • 6Diversity + design =

  • Diversity of any form is a key differentiator in any organization. Varying perspectives and backgrounds result in more innovative ideas and higher financial returns. Being surrounded by designers who varied in ethnicity, sexual orientation, and age reinforced the importance of diversity in the workplace, and highlighted how the design industry is leading the charge in addressing diversity issues.

    5. Diversity + design =

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