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  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan


  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan




    Co-OwnersColby BredensteinerLauren Richardson

    TOP FOODS MAGAZINE210 W. 19th TerKansas City, MO

  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan



    TABLE OF CONTENTSI. Executive Summary 04

    II. General Company Description 05

    III. Products and Services 07

    IV. Marketing and Competition 10

    V. Marketing Our Business 15

    VI. Operational Plan 18

    VII. Management and Organization 21

    VIII. Financial Plan 22

    IX. Appendices 23

  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan



    I . Executive SummaryWe are Top Foods LLC and we plan to create a food magazine featuring the top foods atany location and for any event you can imagine. We will travel far and wide to find thebest of the best in food. Not only will our employed contributing writers be adding toour magazine, but also the everyday person who will read our magazine. We hope tocause a change in the food magazine industry by allowing our readers the chance to bewriters for our magazine, sharing their stories and love of food with others.

    In order to make a sizzle in the food magazine scene, we will offer a bi-monthlypublished print and digital magazine so any one can experience top foods withwhichever format they desire. We will also offer exciting advertising opportunities foradvertisers in our publications through full, half, and a third page 4 color or black andwhite advertisements. Advertising through our digital publication will include banner

    advertisements and square advertisements measured through cost per thousand (CPM).We are asking for a $1 million loan. We will use this loan to buy equipment, technologyto produce our magazine, and to afford the cost of printing and maintaining ourmagazine. This is a rather large loan, but we are confident that with this loan, covering2 years, we will increase our customers and will then increase our profits

  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan



    I I . General Company Descript ionTop Foods LLC. will be creating a new wave of food magazine named Top Foods. Ourmagazine will be a bi-monthly magazine that will dive into what the top foods are atdifferent locations, as well as the top foods to serve at parties or other events. Thecustomer will become the magazines main contributors, sharing their experiences oftop foods, along with the hired contributors.

    Our Mission

    We want to encourage people to have and share the experience and passion for tryingnew foods.

    Our Vision

    We will be the favorite food magazine go-to. We will continually be searching for thetop foods available for every occasion and experience, and the stories of people on theirown food adventures. We will offer the highest quality experience in print and digitalfood magazines.

    Goals and Objectives

    Our goal at Top Foods LLC is to present a food magazine that will change the way foodmagazines are created and seen. We hope to influence a love affair with food for all ofour customers. We hope to be right up at the top with our top competitors in 5 yearsand we will work non-stop until we get there.

    Business Philosophy

    Our business philosophy focuses on what the people want in a food magazine. Wewant customers to be able to read about and create the top foods in any place orsituation and we want them to have fun and share their experiences in their ownpersonal food journey. We focus on creating the highest quality content and customerservice for our customers.

    Target Market

    Our main target market will be Stay-at-Home moms.


    The magazine industry is slowly declining in print form, but has seen an increase indigital forms. Top Foods LLC will utilize both of these formats to attract all types ofcustomers.

  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan




    Our strengths include a passion for food, and sharing that food with others. We pride

    ourselves in high quality content and customer service. Our biggest competitiveadvantage is allowing the customers to be a part of creating our magazine through theidea of sharing their food stories with us.

    Legal Form of Ownership

    We have decided to be a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) because we are startingour business out small and we would like to keep management flexibility.

  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan



    I I I . Products & ServicesPrint Magazine

    Consumers can choose to buy a single issue or a 6-issue subscription for the printpublication. The print magazine will offer recipes, stories, tips and tricks, and otherfood related stories.

    Digital Magazine

    Digital subscriptions are offered as a single issue or as a 12 month subscription. Thedigital format will offer behind-the-scenes material such as how-to videos, interactivemaps, and an easy way to connect with the contributors through social mediaplatforms. The digital format will also offer more recipes, photos, and other interesting

    facts, not mentioned in the print addition, about top foods.

    Print Advertising

    Advertisers can choose between 4 color and black and white with the option of a fullpage, 1/2 page, or 1/3 page advertisement in our print magazine. Advertisers will bebuying advertising space for a years worth of printing for each space bought.

    Digital Advertising

    Digital advertising is available as either banner advertisements or squareadvertisements. These advertisements are sold by cost per thousand impressions.


    Product/Service Price

    Print Magazine

    Single issue $3.99

    6 issues $18

    Digital Magazine

    Single issue $3.99

    12 month $20

    Print Advertising Full Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page

  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan



    4 Color (6x) $700 $425 $225

    BW (6x) $500 $300 $125

    Digital Advertising CPM

    Banner $4

    Square $2


    Our magazine will be highly creative and will be created with high quality material.

    We will rely on our audience to help contribute to our magazine with experiences oftheir own. We will utilize less expensive advertisement options by advertising ourmagazine through social media platforms. We are passionate and committed tocreating new magazine consumers can enjoy.


    As a food magazine just starting out with highly visible competition, we will have tobuild a fan base and that could take some time. We also have limited experience inrunning a business and will have to learn as we go.

    Technology Analysis Summary

    This list includes the necessary technology and equipment for starting our magazinebusiness, the quantity we need for each item, and the reason why we need them forour business.

    Equipment/Technology QTY. Reason for technology

    27-inch Apple iMac 3.2GHz 2This will be the computer our creativedirector will use to design the templates ofthe magazine.

    HP Compaq Pro 4300 PC 3 The HP Compaq Pro will be the main PC allthe employees will be using.

    HP LaserJet Pro 500 Color 1The HP LaserJet Pro 500 is a color laser multi-functional printer that can both fax and scan.

    Adobe CS6 2This is the best and only software to designmagazine templates.

  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan



    Office 365 2This will allow everyone to create and viewdocuments within the company.

    Wordpress Premium Account 1Wordpress Premium Account will let usbuild and manage our website and digitalmagazine as well as using Google Analytics.

    Mailchimp email 1Mailchump will allow us to send bulk emailsto our subscribers.

    HooteSuite 1HooteSuite allows us to monitor all our socialmedia accounts on one platform as well asallowing us to view all our analytics

    AT&T Home Service & Internet 1

    It features the residential line as well as the

    high speed internet basic.

    4-line AT&T corded phone 3The AT&T 4-line corded phone will befeatured in every one of our offices.

  • 7/28/2019 Top Foods Business Plan



    IV . Marketing & Competi t ionEconomics

    Out of the 5,313 businesses within the magazine industry receives 38.4 billion inrevenue, 1.5 billion in profit, as well as 9.2 billion in wages. As a magazine our targetaudience is demanding for acceptable costs. When looking at the magazine industry,revenue is constantly decreasing each year starting from $50,636 million in 2004 to$38,369 million 2013. So theres definitely room for growth as a business, but overallits been decreasing through the years.

    When looking at the magazine industry, revenue is constantly decreasing each yearstarting from $50,636 million in 2004 to $38,369 million 2013. So theres definitelyroom for growth as a business, but overall its been decreasing through the years. As

    a new company within the magazine industry the toughest barrier well face is theprinting charges due to the low amount subscriptions well print. In order theovercome this barrier well need to continue to grow with more subscribers, themore subscribers the lower the cost per copy will be.

    Constantly having to keep up with the latest technology could be cost effective, butitll need to be done. Could be cost effective and might need to dish out moremoney. If the economy starts to fall people spend less money therefor nosubscribers. When dealing with change